9 of the Greatest Instagram Marketing Trends You Should Know

Greatest Instagram Marketing Trends

When you think about growing your business, you think about relying on the latest Instagram marketing trends. Knowing how to manage and handle all these things can be very important. You just need to commit to the process and make it work. The results can be astonishing and if you do it right, nothing can stand in your way.

Use Instagram Stories ads

Those appear in between stories on the user feed. That makes them feel very natural and many times that can lead to many conversions. However, this also means you need to create meaningful and creative ads that you will convey in a clever manner. You need them to feel like native content created by other users and that’s when you can obtain the true set of conversions. It’s going to be worth your time and effort, and the payoff alone can be among some of the best. Create a video to showcase your latest product, for example, that would be a great way to expand your business beyond belief with the Instagram Stories.

Make your content interactive

One of the top Instagram marketing trends is to make your content more interactive. People love interacting with others, that’s why they are on social media in the first place. What you want to do is to start interacting with the audience. You can create a poll to see what they believe. And you can also ask questions related to your own products or services. It’s a good idea to be creative here, so try to talk with the audience in any way that you want.

Use Instagram Live

Go live and connect with people. That’s great especially if you want to launch a product or obtain feedback from clients. One of the great things about Instagram is that you get honest feedback. It will help you revamp and improve your website, which in the end can be the right approach so try to consider that. You can also go live during an event so you can make people a part of the experience.

Showcase tweets and memes

People love these, so if you share then they will share your account with others. The idea is to offer access to funny or meaningful content that really works. Motivate yourself and try to commit to grow and value as much as possible. It will certainly help in the end.

Always use the latest features

You should always be on top of your Instagram marketing game regardless of the situation. Trying to show customers that there’s a lot of value and quality to be had in your content is what you want to pursue the most. Ideally, you want to rely on analytics to see trends and what content works. That alone might not be simple at first, but it will certainly be worth the effort. And while there, you should also consider buying Instagram followers from Insta Growing. Once you buy followers you will have more and more people to showcase those new features to. That will help a lot, it will help kickstart your motivation to grow your Instagram and bring in more followers naturally. So yes, rely on the best features and it will totally be worth it in the long haul since it shows off the best features!

Use influencer marketing

What many people don’t realize is that using influencers to grow your business can be totally worth it. Use the latest trends and focus on showcasing those influencers in a meaningful way. It has the potential to really push things to the next level, all while expanding the ideas you have in a wonderful manner. The tactic helps you combine hashtags and influencers, once you do that you are bound to get a lot more views and likes. From here you can really take things to the next level.

Create as many Instagram Stories as you can

Of course, that doesn’t mean overdoing it, but Stories are taking traction. Being able to stay at the top of the feed for a day is huge. And that can say something about your business and your commitment to the audience. It’s always going to help you if you commit to the process and create different, unique stories. Otherwise, it won’t really work as much.

Start posting vertical videos

Vertical videos are mostly seen on Instagram, but they are quite popular and they work really well if you want to share ideas and promote your products. You can also show a tutorial or run a challenge/contest. That’s up to you, the content can be very enticing and immersive.

Instagram Shopping

It might not seem like a lot, but Instagram shopping is actually very impressive. You can add purchase links in the Instagram Stories, so try to show that off. There are also boutiques that use Instagram as a virtual boutique. You can use Instagram as a great way to bring in more leads and customers, and that will certainly convey a very good experience.


It’s very important to try and implement the Instagram marketing trends because they have the potential to help grow your business in ways you would not imagine at first. If you start using these tips early, you will have a great head start and get past your competition. Try them and they can help a lot!


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