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How Quora can help you get more traffic?

Are you looking for ways to increase your website traffic then Quora can be a good source to increase your traffic? And...

Quora can help you get more traffic

Are you looking for ways to increase your website traffic then Quora can be a good source to increase your traffic? And in this post, we are going to talk that How Quora can help you get more traffic to your website or blog?

It is something really that will disturb a blogger that the day-night hard work paid off absolutely nothing as no one was even interested or can say aware that something was put up on the internet for reading purpose. This scenario can be related to a politician that is trying to address his people in a ground, where there are no people. It is quite general that one could pull some traffic to the blog as the content love will hereby maximize. Even if the promotion is done at an extreme level, at the end of the week you will need to start all over again. It is really tiring. But surely now bloggers could be on a hunt on how to get the maximum traffic for the most recent stuff you just posted. It surely strikes one’s mind that is the similar method was impactful as guest blogging in order to pull more and more traffic. One can surely take help and support of Quora as it is a name that a major chunk of the population is familiar with.

Knowing Quora

Quora can be explained as a platform where people who are curious about some of the other things which may or may not be trending and similarly people come back with most relevant answers to those questions. More like a Q&A panel of people. Most of the expert people form a community regarding the topic they are interested in. Though Quora is something that is only a decade old but has made its mark already. Let it be a 9-5 executive, MIT professor and even the president of the US have surely taken their time to reply to the questions asked on Quora. If is it so that you ever used Quora once you may come to know up to what extent it may help a blogger while getting the maximum audience exposure. It is something hard to believe in as Quora leads to the major puller of traffic for most of the bloggers all around the world.

Let’s talk numbers

It may be something astonishing that some of the posts 1B and millions of likes and shares also it features a number of interesting topics to go through while it will soon hit a mark of the 2B audience base. This number or audience mark was hit most recently in just 180 days. The biggest advantage of using Quora is it is a place wherein you can come across the people with the sharpest mind and with the most valid revert to your query. It is more of a virtual space where bloggers can with the help of their expertise and knowledge a platform for one to support people and communities with head-scratching questions. However, a blog is mostly about those questions that usually are encountered in day to day life while these are posted in a Q&A pattern in the genuine manner of being a handout to the people who come with their problems.

The Advantages of using Quora is as follows:

1. Quora can offer traffic for a longer period

The above-mentioned info entails that how Quora can be useful for driving the maximum traffic as on top of that the other advantage obtained is the traffic that never stops coming right at the blog even though the post was months back published. So does not matter if the blog is not in trend or the question is not something people have come across so far. Even if the blog post now and if it is relevant to people’s search query it will show up years after it was ever first published. Quora’s clever algorithm also shows how many times it has been viewed by the audience. Unlike any other solution for a blogger, it surely has a long-lasting presence over the internet.

2. Quora helps you let the world see you as “The Authority”

Anyone would like to be considered as the most distinguished writer in the topic area. That is what the Quora helps in making self-improvements a topic which is seriously competitive. Posting every once in a while is something that could help a blogger but the while should not be much longer. People in a period of mere 2 years have become product managers who started a rookie or freelance writer. Also, Quora does provide badges for topics for the best writers. And these badges is something that could be seen right by your name in Quora.

And as and when a writer starts being featured in the top list of the writers and starts off with his badges then people who ask to answer some questions of their very own choice. This questions when answered means you will be featured somewhere or the other website itself. That means that you have the authority now and this is something really great a blogger may look forward to.

3. A great handout to be acknowledged by Big Publication house

Go on and never stop writing on Quora while there are great chances of being hired or contacted by a bigger publication house or publication site like Forbes. The reason is publication houses are now looking at the best blogging platforms to pick on the content written by some of the most distinguished bloggers and loved and appreciated by a major chunk of the audience. A huge number of small-time blog writers have with the help of blogging platforms like Quora has successfully featured on renowned magazines like Forbes, Huffington, TIME, Business Insider and so on.

How to get started with it?

1. Make a profile which is Traffic inflated

The writers who just started their way off with Quora don’t take long to get themselves a profile quickly. But that is something which is not recommended at all as it will not help you to stand out from the other nations of writers on Quora. A remarkable profile begins with the bio which is difficult to forget. So giving yourself a headline in the profile bio which may be a show stopper which will be featured right below the Quora Profile name.

2. Continue your search for the evergreen questions

This is the most important aspect to be paid attention to when talking about Quora and writers may miss this completely as there is a bigger difference between grabbing just 100 and 2000 views for the answers. Before writing it is strongly recommended that prior to writing one needs to look for the questions which has the most answers and a great count of views for it while keeping the audience engaged. Therefore it is recommended by beginning with a much-related topic. One could look for the topics with the highest views and high interest on Quora itself in order to get the maximum traffic pulled and views from the community

3. Answers should be created with the utmost care, research.

The only thing which counts the most on Quora is getting the answer which is the most appropriate as there is no such recipe for perfect answers but one can do an intense search for the bigger chances of the answers being correct for the audience. This can only be achieved by two things one is mentioned above and the other is practice. As for any writer it takes time to become a mature writer it will take time for the answers to become more and more perfect.

There are some tactics which could be very effective. It totally depends upon how you use and implement it

1. Narrate Tales

Stories are something which is very forceful and has a great influencing power. Also, it can bring about a drastic change in the minds of the customers or potential readers that are going across the sites reading random stuff. Also, it is a technical fact as well that when we listen to a tale the brain all of a sudden activates some portions which start to reimagine the things as if we are in it.

2. Pick some good visuals

In recent research the Buzzsumo in between going through 2 million blogs which clearly stated as the image inserted in the post after every 75-100 words, the shares count almost doubled as in comparison with the articles with lesser images inserted. The best example of how much we appreciate images/visuals can be seen on Instagram. The number of Instagram users, active users, new ones joining in everyday show how nuts we go when we are talking about images.

3. Try to make the research intense

When a question is approached one should be able to get the best or ideal revert for the particular answers. So absolutely meaningless in coming up with an answer that is nearly 200-300 words long. Instead, prefer writing answer that is concise (Short and Sweet). So it usually takes some time to come up with answers that are long so one could be preferred researching deep but get back with answers as soon as possible


Search Questions: To Boost your blog traffic.


Every blogger is looking for more and more traffic while the rest of them are looking it on Quora. And it is something so big that it cannot be neglected. Let’s talk something good here as there is always something good about the bad. As anyone could leverage that thing on Quora. So get yourself an account and get yourself a decorated profile and look for the big thing while creating a bigger Quora repo. The earlier you begin with it and the sooner it will yield as once done, traffic will soar really high.

And Possibly we would love to hear your response about How Quora can help you get more traffic. Please Feel free to share your opinion.

Written by Robin Khokhar
Robin Khokhar is an SEO specialist who mostly writes on SEO. Thus sharing tips and tricks related to SEO, WordPress, blogging, and digital marketing, and related topics.

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