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How To Find My iPhone On Android Device?

Recovering your phone is quite easy to do on an android device. In this article, we will have a look at how...

Recovering your phone is quite easy to do on an android device. In this article, we will have a look at how to use different services such as using an android browser, iPhone’s location with Google Maps, and last but not the least tracking an iPhone using the GPS tracker service. The article also elaborates on all presently braced iPhones on any Android devices qualified for running the apps. Look at the following steps to find my iPhone on an Android device:

Steps To Follow For Tracing An iPhone Using Android Browser

Find my iPhone is a substantial tool to find iOS devices. It is quite helpful to have another Apple product, but if you don’t possess an iOS or Mac Computer, to find your iOS you can use an Android device. Adding to it, the proper setting must be empowered timely. Following are the instructions to follow to find my iPhone on Android using the Android browser:

  1. Activate iCloud.com, using your Apple Id.
  2. Select Find iPhone shown in the menu that appears.
  3. Choose the device you want to find.
activating iCloud.com using Apple ID to find my iPhone on android using any Android browser

4. Select one of the three options to find the device:

  • Play Sound to locate the device by an audible signal.
  • Enable Lost Mode to keep the device safe from trespassers.
  • Erase iPhone/iPad to rub out the device’s data faintly.
Using play sound on iCloud to find my iPhone on Android

5. Whether you use the browser in incognito mode, we assure that you log out of all accounts and stop the incognito mode when you are done with your work.

Finding My iPhone’s Location Using Google Maps

It is possible to find my iPhone on android using Google Maps, but triumph isn’t pledged. A certain setting needs to be done before your iPhone goes missing.

  1. With the service of Google Maps location access allowed on the missing device, open any web browser on your Android device, and log in to your timeline.
  2. Choose the date on which your phone went missing, and take a look at places you traveled and visited locations. Nevertheless, you took photos on that day, the images pop up in the timeline and show the place where you used your phone for the last time.

Finding My iPhone On Android Using GPS Tracking App

The use of GPS tracking app is a good tool to use for finding a missing or stolen iPhone. Nevertheless, the app must be pre-installed before the phone is stolen or it went missing.

Use a GPS tracking app suitable for both iOS and Android such as Life 360. Have a friend with an Android device who has installed the same app. Use the app to find your phone if it is lost, or log on to Your Life 360 account from an incognito browser on an Android device to find your phone.


Wrapping it up, I hope the above article will help you if you face any situation like this. Additionally, feel free to share your valuable feedback in the comment section below and we will try to help you with the same.


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