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How to find someone on a discord without a number?

You will see and hear that Discord is one of the Effective and Good Instant messaging and VOIP applications designed for communities....

discord without number

You will see and hear that Discord is one of the Effective and Good Instant messaging and VOIP applications designed for communities. It is one of the best communication tools that this tool helps when you play games, and it engages in communication with your friends and other sports friends. Before adding anyone to Discord, it is Important to know their Discord Tag. But Even if you want to know how to find someone on Discord without a number? 

Discord has its benefits and features, unlike Instagram and Facebook. Discord users can change their profile, integrate an automated chatbot option, deactivate notifications, and more. You know that finding someone on Discord is a difficult task. Each Discord player will have a unique number and a unique tag number, which helps the player find their friends and other game mates. We will consider different options in this article to find someone without a number on the disorder. Discord application is completely different from other social media sites and other messaging or chat applications. In general, if you are looking for a quarrel, you need to know the username of the first person as well as their tag number then only you will be able to discord the other person.

If you are finding for someone on a Discord or you are trying to find a discord user without a tag. You must know the username and a tag number. If you do not know the tag number of another person, then another option is that you can search for someone without knowing the tag number. This discord application is only available on smartphone devices. Download and install this Discord Application from your Play Store or App Store.

Given below are some steps that will help you how to find someone on discord without number:

  • Open Discord application on your mobile phone.
  • Now press on the hamburger symbol on the left side corner of your device home screen.
  • Now, you should see the Friend symbol on your screen select it.
  • Then, now you tap on the Add Friend button.
  • After this, a search box with a username and tag will appear on your mobile screen by default. Now you tap on the Near Scan option button.
  • It will automatically scan the user disks near you.
  • If this disconnected application has asked for permission for a microphone, camera, Wi-Fi, location, and Bluetooth, then you tap on the permission option.
  • Next, ask your friends to enable the Near Scan feature on your device. It will only work if all users of a Discord app are in close scan mode.
  • Now, you maintain a short distance from your friend, but also remember that if you make more distance from 10 to 12 meters or 30 to 35 feet, this nearby scan facility will stop working.
  • If a new user is identifying then it will be visible on both devices. And then click on the send button and send a friend request to your friend.
  • After accepting the friend request, your friend will also add you to his friend list.


This is the only way, and with the help of it, you can find your friends on Discord without the number. Also, you must know your friend’s username and tag name, and without this, you will not be able to connect with your friends on the Discord application. However, if you do not know your friend’s username and tag number, you can choose to trace the discord tag number using the above methods and then add your friend by following the above steps. The above information about finding someone with a disorder without a number will help you a lot in communicating with each other.

I hope that this post on how to find someone on discord without a Number helped you. Please leave a comment for further queries.

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