Top 5 Niches for Affiliate Marketing

niches for affiliate marketing

Being an internet marketer, we all know that the main source of earning is through AdSense or Affiliate Marketing.

I have seen a lot of people struggling when it comes to choosing the niches for affiliate marketing. It’s not the problem that only beginners face, but this issue is even a big hurdle for top-notch internet marketers.

There are a lot of niches but choosing a low competition, high volume and good commission niche is the best option. To find that you have to be updated all the time and do a rigorous research. So, before we jump into the top affiliate niches. Let’s discuss the important points that one has to keep in mind.

Important Points before choosing an affiliate niche

  • Trends: This is one of the key factors that every affiliate marketer should prioritize. Something selling in the past, might not sell in the future. Something that’s not trending in the present may turn out well in the future. So you have to anticipate the market what’s the best option only then you have to venture into it.
  • Competition: If you are a beginner, it’s better not to go for a very high competitive niche. There is a possibility that you might keep on working hard and never get ranked for it. So competition is also a critical factor that you have to take care before diving into it.
  • Affiliate Commission: Affiliate commission entirely determines how much you are going to the bank once you rank. If you have low paying affiliate niche. You might not make Good money online. So, it’s recommended better go for high paying affiliates, because a single sale of high paying affiliate commission pays better than hundreds of sale of low paying affiliate.

Today, in this article, we would be discussing top 5 niches that one has huge potential in term of affiliate marketing that one can have a look on.

If you have any questions regarding the same, you are welcome to share your comments below, and we would be happy to help you out.

List of The Niches for Affiliate Marketing

1- Gaming Affiliate: As we know, gaming has its own craze among people. There are a lot of gaming consoles that one can choose as an affiliate as they pay off very well. If we talk about ps4 and Xbox gaming consoles, there are around more than 100 million users.

Apart from these gaming consoles, every month you would see, there are a lot of games coming in the market and becoming popular. So you don’t have to choose the exact high competitive keywords. You have to filter out your searches and find the exact one in which you can compete with. And Even You can create you own gaming WordPress websites with just a few clicks and start your affiliate programs there.

2- Books Affiliate: Books is really an untapped market for many internet marketers. There are already thousands of best-selling books on Amazon that sells very easily. This is actually a very low competition niche, especially for some books.

So you can sell books available on Amazon, eBay and even on click bank. Apart from working as an affiliate in books. The best option is to create your own eBook and sell it directly as a vendor that most affiliate marketers actually do. So Before working as an affiliate on this niche, you have to check the on-going trends as well. Because of something that selling in the past, might not sell in the future. So your effort might go in vain.

So it’s very important to do a proper research considering all the important aspects before you dive into it. Otherwise, you might feel like being victimized later on.

3- Exercise Machines Affiliate: This is one of the highest paying affiliates in the market that Very few are aware of. To be honest, this is a bit competitive and takes some time but pays off very well. There are many machines like concept two rowers, elliptical machines, spinning bikes could be a good option to start with.

So, if you are expert in internet marketing and rank for bit high competitive keywords, this niche is certainly for you. You can do affiliate with the different e-commerce websites, or you can also do direct affiliate with the product specific brands as well.

4- Coupons Code: This is one of the most interesting affiliates that I personally love. It has very high CTR rate as it plays well with the psychology of yours. People love to search more and more for it. They tend to scroll down till four-five pages of top results don’t work them.

You won’t get a lot of commission out of it. But you can rank higher very easily for it. As Every month ranking changes and trends changes. You can go for FMCG like pizza coupons code, Beverages Coupons code as they have hundreds of thousands of searches every month.

5- Clickbank Affiliate: This is the best affiliate network in the world. They are having unique products ranging from eBooks to Softwares to Medicines of incurable diseases.

What I love about Clickbank Affiliate is that their products are unique and have good affiliate commission. But there are a lot of factors as well that you have to consider like gravity, rebelling rate and other. Below are the top Clickbank affiliate products that one should go with.

  • Medical Products: Marketing is all about understanding the psychology of masses. When it comes to medicines of really incurable diseases, it has a very high conversion rate. Because here money is not the priority, health comes first.
  • Women Cosmetics: Women have better conversion rate than men. So you can also work as an affiliate when you can market to the female gender. Women easily get emotionally attached to the things they like, and that’s why they have higher conversion rate.
  • Unique Products: Clickbank has a lot of unique products that are very useful that you would not find anywhere else in the world. So you can encash these unique as affiliate products as well.

These are the top five affiliates that one can go for. These trends might vary with time to time. Your expertise in a particular niche also plays a very important role. So before choosing any niche, it’s highly recommended to do a proper research considering all the important aspects. Till then…


Some more steps to choose an affiliate program.

Happy Affiliate Marketing!!!!!

You can ask your questions in the comments below. We would help you out as soon as possible.

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4 thoughts on “Top 5 Niches for Affiliate Marketing

  1. Avatar

    Nice article, Rajdeep. Affiliate marketing can earn you millions of bucks and if you hit the right spot. Focusing on one niche is extremely important. You got to build up subscribers. Having a YouTube channel can help a long way. Niches related to Medical, Fitness, books, Clothing are tried and tested. They can churn out millions of subscribers depending on your content.

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    Cool breakdown Rajdweep. I am an Amazon Affiliate but open to being an affiliate for different niches too, if each niche aligns with my blogging brand. Gotta have a match to make things pop on the sales side of things.

  3. Avatar

    Hey Rajdweep,

    People often don’t know where to start with when it comes to Affiliate Marketing. It’s so broad and confusing to many. I recommend however for people to start by promoting what they are using. That converts quite well as they have first hand experience from which to sell the products.

    Thanks for the useful guide bro

  4. Avatar

    Hi Rajdeep,
    I have seen bloggers earning hugely through medical products….the keyword related to health topics like weight loss have high CPC…even with adsense bloggers make nice money…the other niches shared are also good…affiliate marketing are really good to make good money even with less traffic…!!thanks for this helpful post…!!!