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Key Tips On Boosting Your Conversation Rate With Content

Business owners need to have a website. They need one to ensure that they’re able to communicate with their potential customers in...

Boosting Your Conversation Rate With Content

Business owners need to have a website. They need one to ensure that they’re able to communicate with their potential customers in a medium which is convenient for everyone. A website can also serve as a platform for customers to express their concerns about a particular product or service, making it easy for a business to determine which to improve. A website can basically give several benefits to a lot of people, and being a business owner yourself, you’re now thinking that a website can help you gain customers, and earn a profit. You believe this will be your approach to compete with players in the market. And while all of that might be true in the long run, you still have to make sure that your website can convert visitors to customersand you can do that with your content. In short, we are going to discuss Boosting Your Conversation Rate With Content.

With the number of websites today, you need to make sure that yours stands out from the rest. You need to offer something so potential that customers will actually do business with you, and not just browse through your website. This is when content plays a very big role in your business. Once planned properly, your content can become your solution so your business can thrive. To achieve that goal, here are some:

Tips which can help boost your conversation rate with content:

  1. Understand your audience: Before you start thinking about what kind of content you should produce for your website, your audience should come first, In short, if you know your audience you can run boost your business. This will serve as your guide on what to write and probably what not to write about. Think about who will buy your offerings, what problems they’re going through and how your products and services can help. For example, if your business’ audience is working moms, you should post content which is relatable to them. Topics on how to make money at home or pregnancy woes can be excellent options. In this content, you should do your best to inject your offerings and prove that when they purchase from you, their problems will be alleviated.

As a neophyte in content marketing, never attempt to write for the general public. This can be very easy to do but this doesn’t guarantee any customers. When you write something that’s too general, online visitors might have a hard time relating to it. They’ll end up thinking your offerings aren’t any good for them.

  1. Avoid vagueness: Keep in mind that online visitors open your website to learn something new, and not waste time reading content that leads nowhere. This is the reason why you should provide them with clear, concise and specific information. Use simple words and never try to impress them with your jargon. If you think a certain topic or concept needs to be explained thoroughly, do so. In this phase, you should assume your online visitors don’t know anything about you and your offerings, and you’re someone who’s making things easier for them.
  2. Headlines are essential: The first thing your online visitors will see is your content’s headline. And when they read something which is either too long or gives away too much information, they’ll immediately close your website. They already know what the content is all about so why should they continue reading? This is something which you don’t want to happen. Carefully think about your headlines and make sure that it can capture the attention of your online visitors. It should excite them to read more of your content and eventually do business with you. It should be short but enticing at the same time.
  3. Add visuals to the content: This is a tip which can be very useful especially if your business has a specialized niche or if you’re providing an explanation of a certain issue. Instead of posting content which purely has texts, add visuals. This will break the monotony visitors usually get from reading too much. Visuals can also entertain your online visitors while they’re on your website. Additionally, visuals can also help them understand a complex topic easier (chart and infographics). You just have to make sure that you’re choosing high-quality images and not going overboard with it.
  4. Think about your format: No one in this world has the time (and ability) to read content which is 3-pages long. Online visitors can never retain that much information. But how your content is formatted can change that. When you use bullet points, for example, your online visitors can easily scan through the content and still be able to understand the gist of what they’re reading – unlike when you just dump everything into one text document. I would request you to read “how long should an article be?”.
  5. Create a clear Call To Action: At the end of your content, clearly, indicate what you want your online visitors to do next. If you want them to subscribe from your business newsletter, provide forms with no more than six fields. If you want them to purchase products and services from you, create a button which leads them to your offerings. Call to action buttons will serve as a guide for online visitors throughout their entire journey in the sales funnel. When you don’t give them instructions on what they should do next, they’ll probably browse through their social media account instead of staying on your website.

Everything Is A Learning Process

Understanding how to come up with the best content and how conversion works for your business can be challenging, especially if you’re still new in the business arena. It requires time and effort so you can fully understand how these two are interdependent with each other. The information from this article can make this process more comfortable for you while making sure your website can gain positive results. Aside from these, you can also try to reach out to professionals such as a CRO Agency to help you out.

Written by James Spittal
James is the founder of Conversion Rate Optimisation and A/B testing obsessed digital marketing agency, Web Marketing ROI. They help brands with high-traffic websites optimize their conversion rate using A/B testing and personalization."

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  1. Hi, very useful article, we all need to hire a website designer who knows what things can distract visitor on landing page such as navigation bar. And listing the feature of your product is important but it is even more important to tell users how your product will help them and solve their problem.

  2. Hi James Spittal
    really a good article on conversion rate. Right now struggling to convert my content into my customer. Hope these points will help me to boost my productivity. Keep in touch and thanks a lot for this wonderful article.

  3. Not sure if you realize or if it was intentional (don’t think so) but the title and other parts of the article talk about conversation rate when it probably should be conversion rate.

    One way to avoid a bad conversion rate though is to know what you’re talking about.

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