Low on Budget? Here’s How You Can Repurpose Old Content

Repurpose Old Content

At some point, every content marketer undergoes the dilemma of churning out new, engaging content. Coming up with new content ideas is no easy task. Not only is it tedious and time-consuming but it also turns out to be an expensive affair.

Moreover, it’s not always possible to have a constant stream of content. There will be days when your calendar will look drab due to lack of activities or low budgets for the month. However, this should not stop you from keeping your website, blog or social media pages up and running.

Sometimes all that is required is revisiting posts that performed well in the past or didn’t get their dues and look at repurposing them instead of spending your energies on creating content from scratch.

Here are 8 smart and effective ways to repurpose your old content and give them a fresh, new spin –

Convert to Videos

Video marketing is not going anywhere anytime soon because no content format aces storytelling while engaging viewers the way videos do. As per a 2018 HubSpot survey, 54% of consumers want to see more video content from a brand or business they follow which goes to reinforce the importance of incorporating videos in your content marketing strategy.

A great way to start would be to identify blog posts that can be converted into snackable video pieces. Nobody has the time or patience to view long videos. Your videos need to be succinct and engaging while delivering the key message in the first few minutes.

Once the video is ready, share it across your website, blog and social media platforms to get maximum reach and visibility.

Create Infographics

Infographics are a powerful tool owing to their visually appealing nature. They are also easily shareable and linkable making them an important asset to have for SEO.

Revisit blog posts that are heavy on data, graphs, and statistics and convert those posts into infographics to make them a more compelling read. After all, it’s easier for people to read and digest statistical data rather than going through chunks of text. Now, that’s a win-win situation.

Worried about designing infographics? Use free tools such as Canva and Venngage to design beautiful infographics with ease.

Condense into Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories lets you share information with your followers in a fun, light-hearted and engaging manner. Moreover, the fact that they are ephemeral in nature makes them more immersive and striking.

As Instagram is all about visuals, identify blog posts that are visually-led. Condense those posts into visuals coupled with crisp captions and post them on Instagram Stories.

You can also leverage the features Instagram offers such as polls, ‘ask me a question’, links and fun stickers to play around and make it more interesting.

Elaborate on Listicles

One look at your blog archives and there are so many ideas you can take from your own work.

For example, if you have written listicles such as ‘Top 15…’, ’10 Ways to…’, etc. in the past, give them a read and check how relevant they are. Consider listicles that performed well and look at creating individual articles from each of the points on the list.

Listicles are great to get the pulse of your readers. Once you have tested the waters, you can choose to dive deep into each item and expand on it in a separate article.

The reverse works too – you can convert a series of blog posts into a listicle as well. For example, collate the best performing posts of the year and do a listicle on it and interlink those posts.

Publish an eBook

Publishing an eBook might sound like a herculean task but as a marketer who is sitting on heaps of content, converting your old blog posts into a free eBook seems like the next logical step.

eBooks are an excellent marketing tool. They project you as experts in your domain and add to your brand’s credibility. It is also an effective way to collect email addresses, generate leads and reach out to people who would be interested in your product or service.

Start with planning what would you like to write about and start collating content from your archives pertaining to the same topic. While you don’t have to write the content from scratch, it is important to ensure the content is relevant and up to date.

Turn into a Podcast

Podcasts are another effective way to reach a new audience. They are convenient and let listeners consume your content while they are on the go. With the growing popularity of this medium, you must look at embracing it to reach a wider audience if you haven’t already.

You might be having innumerable blog posts, but you need to identify those that will be good for audio. Secondly don’t think just reading your blog post aloud is enough to turn it into an interesting podcast. You need to engage your readers and ensure you stick to conversational language. So, pick out the main points and weave a podcast around it.

You can also build on it further and keep a section towards the end wherein you invite guests to have discussions on the topic.

Incorporate in E-mail Marketing

E-mail marketing lets you stay in constant touch with your loyal customers while creating awareness and sharing the latest updates. Being the marketing tool with the highest ROI, it helps to have a robust content calendar for your email marketing campaigns.

However, what do you do when you are running out of e-mail ideas?

Pick the blog posts that can be customized into the e-mail format, break the messaging down and send it out. E-mails need to be visually appealing, mobile-friendly and meaningful – to make sure the content you repurpose is in line with this for it to be effective.


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Adela Belin

Adela Belin

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