How to fix your Kodi Exodus not working?

How to fix Kodi Exodus not working?

What is Kodi?

Kodi is an Open Source media player application that was developed by XBMC called Kodi Foundation. This application allows you to enjoy the ultimate home theatre system. You may call it an excellent software in the world.

Everyone is desiring the best way to watch movies and TV shows, and listen to music, and watch all of their favorite sports. Then you can say that Kodi is the best-chosen app for you.

This is the program that was abandoned by Microsoft and it still continually growing and going so far beyond the Xbox.

This was very socking in entertainment views. But some non-Microsoft team thought to develop it and community. This community is now called Kodi and has been built of its own, made up of fans and developers.

What Does Kodi Do?

What Does Kodi Do?

It could be probably easier to describe what Kodi is and what Kodi is not going to do.  Kodi is not provided with any content to you. You can probably think and say that you have to provide all things.

Kodi’s users often installing Kodi on their devices so that they could stream the content they want to entertain. If you have a website you would like to stream some favorite content from their sources.  but your Firestick doesn’t support and it isn’t compatible with the website.

Then what you need to do? This is a very simple answer install Kodi on your Firestick and stream through the Kodi app. You have to install not just the website list but other digital services options that can be added.

You have to keep in mind, while Kodi doesn’t offer its content to you directly, it gives you an option to streaming your media in one place on nearly any device.

List of the Benefits of using Kodi

You know very well that Kodi isn’t just built for computers. It is capable to works on nearly every gadget in your home. You can include it from a smartphone to an Amazon Fire TV Stick too.


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What channels are free with the Firestick?

Kodi Alone can makes the app an appreciated source for audio/video entertainment in the home-like system. You can find a list of varieties of Kodi boxes too.

Kodi App is actually not dedicated to Kodi but it runs other careers well and often carries precompiled add-ons for it. You list one such as NVIDIA Shield for Android TV and pendoo (R) that is too available for Android TV Boxes.

Since you know, Kodi is on a list of multimedia managers for you. With Kodi, you can listen to music, and watch family videos, and even you can enjoy YouTube.

Kodi allows you to add your video, podcasts, and music collection as well. It also accepts tons of third-party content and add-ons that make Kodi very unique and useful. You may see there is nothing that is you need to buy.

You must also keep in mind that anything you want to stream on Kodi can be visible to both your Internet Service Provider and the Media government.

Kodi is not illegal when are trying its official apps. If you will use like third-party such as torrent sites. These can get you into a bowling pot. Kodi apps are not unlawful at all but they depend on you. If you are doing what is unlawful them can be illegal.

Use No copyright owner’s permission.

You may use Kodi by keeping in mind. You are allowed to watching shows and other content by your will which are free and without the copyright owner’s permission.

This is the safe and best way to enjoy your home theater system without any hesitation. It is good to avoid which are not lawful to you while using Kodi App. No one and nothing can make you in trouble. Therefore, This is a useful suggestion to use Movies and TV Shows which are free and without the copyright owner’s permission.

What can you watch on Kodi freely?

What can you watch on Kodi freely?

If you want to install third-party applications that can offer a variety of streaming sources and content that are available and pre-included that available for streaming. There are lot’s of third-party apps which offering you movies, TV shows, sports broadcast, YouTube contents, and social media content, etc.

Can I replace my TV service with Kodi?

You have to remember that Kodi does not provide any content. Therefore, in simple words, I can say technically no. Kodi will not replace your cable service

  • BBC iPlayer
  • PlayOn Browser
  • YouTube
  • British Pathe
  • FilmRise – YouTube
  • Crackle
  • Internet Archive [Video]
  • Classic Cinema
  • Bollywood Movies
  • Sling TV
  • Tubi
  • Popcornflix
  • BFI Player
  • Black and White Movies
  • Documentary Storm
  • Charge! Live TV
  • Comet TV Live
  • Shout Factory TV
  • Amazon Prime Video
  • Netflix
  • Xumo
  • Indy Darlings (Wrestling)
  • Funimation Now
  • Adult Swim
  • National Geographic
  • Vimeo
  • Disney+
  • MUBI
  • Court TV
  • Freeform

Please Note: There are many Addons that you can install. These list have some of the famous addons.

What Causes kodi exodus not working?

What Causes of Exodus Not Working in Kodi?

Exodus always caches media streaming. Therefore, if Exodus trying to open from its cache that is no more available, as it will fail because it has lost the line.

The best practice to use Exodus is constantly cleaning the cache. It can help stop this problem. When you see Exodus has stopped working completely, it could be because a fresh version is ready for you. You must update Exodus regularly to use its feature.

How can you Fix if Kodi exodus not working?

You must follow these steps try in order for Exodus is working perfectly.

  1. Always Clean the cache. If Exodus is not working on Kodi, you can clear the entire Kodi cache. You may be required to install the separate add-on for Kodi Exodus. Although, If you are clean these cache for Exodus, you must follow these steps that are given guide below.
  2. Always Search for New Update for Exodus. Hope you know those split add-on is usually could be a good indicator that can let you update. Then Go to choose Add-on >Go to My Add-on Option > Video Add-on > Exodus, and after that choose to Update to see ready-to-use updates. Select the new one for installing it.
  3. You have to Adjust the timeout settings. Sometimes having trouble is locating streams after cleaning your cache, Start Exodus then go to Tool > Setting. Choose the Open General tab, and move the Provider Timeout slide down to about to set its 30. You can see the Timeout is extended.

You will see the conquered timeout setting will finish Exodus from waiting around for the providers. If the providers are slow then Exodus will just droped it down and moving on to a different source that would be available.

4. You can connect Kodi Exodus completed a VPN to use it. Make sure the device you’re using must be joined to the internet with a VPN. Always choose the nearest server.

5. Maybe you won’t be able to update it as usual. You must Reinstall Exodus easily. Choose Go to Add-on > and Choose the My Add-on Menu > Choose Video Add-on Menu > Choose Exodus, then Uninstall. This option shall uninstall Exodus simply from your Kodi. Choose the Exodus on Kodi, add-ons page again, after that choose the Installing button. You would be able to install Exodus completely.

When you have successfully Installed the Exodus then search for a new switch add-on or repository. Exodus can leave Kodi will become its default home option.

Kodi Exodus Not Working: How can you Clear the Cache for Exodus?

1:- You have to Open Exodus from the Kodi home screen menu

You have to Launch Exodus from the Kodi home menu

2:- Choose Tools in the Available Exodus menu.

Select Tools in the Exodus menu

3:- Choose Cache Functions

Select Cache Functions

4:- Go down and Choose Clean All Cache

Scroll down and select Clear All Cache

5:- Choose Yes and Hit Enter to clear the Exodus cache

Select Yes to confirm and clear out the Exodus cache


This article aim to provide information on guiding you to use when your kodi exodus is not working for you. I hope this article will help you certainly. Do let us know us if you have any further queries in the comments section.

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