Video Marketing Strategy For An Ecommerce Store

Marketing Strategy For An Ecommerce

E-commerce market competition is growing day by day. Everyone tries their own techniques to gain traffic, more customers, and conversion. Video marketing is one of them. Many online retailers want to use this strategy but do not get the best results because of their lack of knowledge. Video marketing is one of the best techniques to increase your customer strength. It is helpful to enhance the on-site customer experience.

Focus On Your Video Strategy:

Firstly, starting with a small amount means creating and uploading only a few products video on your product page and seeing the results. According to the results, make a strategy, make some changes, and then make videos of all products and upload them on your web page. If your conversion is increased by 3 to 4%, there is a big impact of videos on the traffic.

Select Videos that change your visitors into your customers:

You should start video marketing with a thought, what you want to show your customers about your products. What are their requirements, and what questions can they ask when they watch your video?

According to all questions, select a video and then upload. You can upload many types of videos about your products that can be attention-gaining like.

  1. Upload your product review video. This will increase your customer confidence to purchase.
  2. Upload video when you unwrap or unbox a product. That is really awesome, and customer stops and looks that. This creates a desire in your visitor’s mind to purchase your product.
  3. Create videos that show how you can use this product and how you can maintain it.
  4. If you have a genuine and latest product, then you can create the video of the comparison between old and new model.

Use Create, Branded, UGC And Sorted Videos:

  1. You can create your own original videos of your products. If you create your own videos, it will help to increase your brand trust. This will give you long-term relationship with your audience. Create the unique video of your products, show your customer and increase engagement.
  2. You can use sorted videos that are made by professionals. Use brand videos because they are made by experts and high-quality. In present time UGC is more popular if you use curate videos from social media that really helps to increase your visitor trust on your brand.

You can use create and curate both videos. According to your customer behavior, you can use these videos for your on-site better customer experience.

Track Your Video Performance:

Tracking every marketing technique in E-commerce is very important. Track your matrix after using video marketing. Analyze your traffic and conversion. Check which type of video gives you the desired result and use the same strategy for all products.

Your Videos Is Surely the Same Tune With Your Website Experience:

Your site structure of an E-commerce store should match the content of your videos. Videos should be in the proper place. Your content of the video should appear quickly. And one most important thing is your video should be well optimized and responsive.

Use all these tips and create your product videos to get more conversion and traffic. Create professional and high-quality videos—upload videos according to customer demands. If you focus on your strategy, then you must get a better result.


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Robin Khokhar

Robin Khokhar

Robin Khokhar is an SEO specialist who mostly writes on SEO. Thus sharing tips and tricks related to SEO, WordPress, blogging, and digital marketing, and related topics.

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7 thoughts on “Video Marketing Strategy For An Ecommerce Store

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    Hey Robin, you’ve mentioned some key facts here on video marketing and I absolutely agree. Another thing is that businesses find video marketing time consuming, but let’s all admit that it provides one of the best conversion rates when it’s done right. You don’t need long, useless videos. You need short, on-point content!

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    Hi Robin, Amazing points.. Video Marketing is growing and being in a trend for many businesses.

    We can also observe many white board animation videos all around the YouTube. Those look really interesting too. Though, as you mentioned how to use, Genuine Reviews has the potential to turn the viewer into customers. Thanks for the valuable spread.

    Have a great day ahead!


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    Video marketing is really a great contributor to increase a business. It may be blog, app, ecommerce site etc.

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    Great advice here Robin! I am so all over this one! thanks for sharing my friend! Chery :))

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    Hi Robin,
    Initially , I was skeptical about using videos to gain popularity and visitors, but your step by step guidance like making a product review and so on, indeed has eased my tensions.
    Will surely upload a video too 🙂