Top 10 Money-making Apps You Need to Download Now

Top 10 Money-making Apps You Need to Download Now

We all could use a little extra cash. Right? Money-making apps are an awesome idea to earn.

Well, lucky for you, many moneymaking apps are available for download. 

We will discuss the top 10 moneymaking apps you need to start using today! These apps will help you earn extra cash by completing simple tasks or taking surveys.

1. Survey Junkie

This is one of the most popular money-making apps out there. Survey Junkie pays you to take surveys because your opinions and thoughts are valuable for brands.

It’s possible to earn as much as $40 per month if you complete three surveys daily. Plus, you can get paid via PayPal or gift cards once you reach the $5 payout threshold.

This way of making extra cash is a trusted one because Survey Junkie enables you to take control of your information. Its operations are safe and transparent.

2. Acorn

If you’re looking to start saving your money, Acorns is a great app to download. It’s an automatic saving and investing app for beginners that rounds up your purchases to the nearest dollar and then invests the difference into a diversified portfolio.

Acorn has about 350+ retail partners, and you can earn extra money when you shop with them. You need to link your credit or debit card to your account and start the adventure.

This is a great way to start building your savings without having to think about it too much.

3. Ibotta

Ibotta is another popular moneymaking app if you love shopping. You can earn cashback on your groceries, as well as other everyday purchases.

How does it work?

The app allows you to earn cash or purchases you are making. It has a few ways to help you earn cashback. The list includes shopping online through the app or putting a photo of your receipt. Plus, you are able to supercharge your earnings by just completing partner offers.

Also, note that Ibotta made it very easy to get your cash back as you can redeem your earnings on Venmo or Paypal payments, plus as gift cards.

4. Upwork

Upwork is one of the most popular platforms for freelancers and students to find work and start their careers. You can sign up for free and start bidding on jobs that interest you.

Once you’re hired, you simply complete the task and submit it back to the client. It’s a great way to make money on the side, and if you have a full-time job, you can set your available hours so that it doesn’t interfere with your day job.

Upwork saves you past successes, and the more you use it and collect a portfolio, the more offers you get from employers. The quality of your work is also increasing, so over time, you start to earn more and more daily.

5. Fiverr

Fiverr offers another freat platform where freelancers can show their services and get hired to complete them. Clients browse the marketplace, find the service they need and contact the freelancer.

Services can be anything from writing, design, video editing, and more. Once you complete a task and deliver it to the client, you will receive your payment through PayPal within 24 hours.

Fiverr is a great side income while not demanding a commitment and controlling your time. It’s a platform where you can build your network with businesses all around the world.

6. TaskRabbit

TaskRabbit is a task-based app that connects people who need help with odd jobs or errands with people in their local area who are looking for work.

You offer your services, and for each service, you need to write a short pitch to “sell” your service and persuade people to choose you.

Tasks can range from simple things like grocery shopping to more complicated tasks like cleaning out a garage. The tasks with the highest demands are running errands, making deliveries, helping at a party, or even waiting in a queue. Sounds fun, right?

7. Field Agent

Field Agent is another task-based app similar to TaskRabbit. With this app as well, which describes itself as an on-demand platform, you can complete tasks and receive payments for doing so.

It’s one of the easiest ways to earn money, as the app is very simple to use, and your job includes tasks like mystery shopping or doing market research.

Why do they need your service? Field Agent works with other companies and gives them information about their customers by collecting the work you did.

8. Zaarly 

Zaarly is one of the newer moneymaking apps. You can use it to find gigs in your area or even online. Once you complete the gig, you get paid through the app. 

It’s a home service platform where you post your skills what services you provide, and homeowners are searching for services they need. And who knows? If what they need and what you offer are matching, you will be the one they choose.

If you’re the lucky one, clients will contact you directly to work out the details. Payment is usually handled through Zaarly’s secure payment system.

9. Gigwalk

Gigwalk is another of the best money-making apps out there. You can earn cash by completing short tasks in your local area. This app is perfect for people looking for more flexibility. 

The tasks can be like taking pictures, checking the prices, or even inspecting displays or promotions. You can easily see the list of jobs available and choose whichever you want, and it depends on how much time you are willing to give daily. 

10. Poshmark

Poshmark is an app for perfectionists and those who also want to earn money with that. So, if you’re going to clean your closet, you should also find a way to get rid of clothes you don’t need.

Poshmark allows you to sell your clothes, shoes, and accessories. You can also buy items on Poshmark and save money that way.

Poshmark is great because it takes a very small commission from each sale, so you keep most of the profits. They also provide shipping labels at a discounted rate, making it easy and affordable to ship your items.

So, as you see is relatively easy to earn extra cash. It depends on how much time you are willing to put into it and how you present what you have to other users.

To sum up, if you’re looking for a way to make some extra cash, plenty of moneymaking apps are out there that can help. We’ve highlighted a few of our favorites here, so be sure to check them out and see if they could work for you.

And remember, the more apps you use, the more opportunities you have to earn! So get started today and start putting some extra cash in your pocket.


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