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Preview of New Oracle Exam-Labs Certifications This 2024

Looking for new certifications to upgrade your profile and build your resume? Take a peek at some of the newest Oracle credentials...

Preview of New Oracle Exam-Labs Certifications This 2020

Looking for new certifications to upgrade your profile and build your resume? Take a peek at some of the newest Oracle credentials on the market. These badges feature the latest technologies that will help stay up-to-date with your Oracle VCE skills. So, let’s start expounding these revolutionary certifications that may just be the perfect tool for your career growth!

Oracle Warehouse Management Cloud 2024 Certified Implementation Specialist

For those who want to acquire a profound understanding of key solutions involving the Oracle Warehouse Management Cloud, this certification is the answer. Through its Oracle Warehouse Management Cloud 2024 Implementation Essentials or simply 1Z0-1045-20 exam, you will expertly sell and implement its related project features such as configuration, foundation, costing, and reporting. More so, this 120-minute test with 70 questions takes on your ability to handle project reporting and resource management as well as WMS BI Cloud and VBCS Mobile App. Other essential functions include working with outbound orders, inbound processes, and inventory management. Because of the extensiveness of the topics, it’s highly recommended to have recent training and prior work experience. The passing score for the assessment is 67%.

Oracle Cloud Platform Application Integration 2024 Certified Specialist 

If you have a solid grasp of working with Application Integration services, you can further polish your talents by completing Oracle’s very own Cloud Platform Application Integration 2024 Specialist credential. As a whole, this badge is meant to expand your comprehension of Oracle Cloud Application Integration as you will learn more about the basics, along with detailed technologies like OIC, SOACS, and such. Consequently, it’s a must to be technically familiar with the Oracle Application Integration through hands-on experience, either in a leading or supporting role. To earn this credential, you have to go through all the 60 questions provided in the 1Z0-1042-20 exam and get at least 66%. The assessment lasts up to 85 minutes.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure 2024 Certified Architect Associate

Next on the list is the validation suitable for associate-level architects specializing in the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure 2024. Before you kick off your certification path, you should already have a thorough understanding of the fundamental services encompassing the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. If not, you must acquire relevant training and practical experience in OCI beforehand. This Oracle badge leads you to in-depth comprehension of various OCI services that are required to power up infrastructure. Some of the vital concepts covered in the 1Z0-1072-20 exam include Bare Metal, Load Balancer, and Virtual Compute. This is also where you will be adept with advanced database functions like Dataguard, EXADATA, BYOL, among others. More so, the test takes you to more intricate networking concepts such as VPN, Multiple vNICs, and Fast Connect. To pass this assessment, you need to get at least 65% from a total of 60 questions in 85 minutes. 

Oracle Enterprise Data Management Cloud 2024 Implementation Specialist

Another top-rated certification for this year is the Oracle Enterprise Data Management Cloud 2024 Implementation Specialist. To obtain this badge, field experience is required, together with significant training related to EDM solutions. If you’re already equipped with the right technical background, you can now track down the 1Z0-1086-20 exam. This test primarily discusses your administrative skills involving data and metadata. It also digs into EDM Cloud so you will hone your adeptness in optimizing data governance and change management. In addition, 1Z0-1086-20 cracks all imperative EDM tasks including recording apps, creating alternate views, building associated data chains, working with subscriptions, sourcing in and out of data, and more. The Oracle 1Z0-1086-20 exam consists of 70 questions, with a time limit of 120 minutes and a passing score of 69%. 

Oracle B2B Service 2024 Certified Implementation Specialist

This list wouldn’t be complete with the new Oracle B2B Service 2024 Certified Implementation Specialist certification. This particular credential helps you understand everything involving service request management, which covers initial cloud setup, entitlement concepts, productivity features, and omnichannel communications. Likewise, this certification aids you to become a specialist in DCS as well as SR and KM Management. To support your exam preparation, it’s advisable to be well-informed of the ins and outs of engagement cloud service. The corresponding assessment for this badge is 1Z0-1064-20, which requires the completion of 70 questions within 120 Minutes. The passing rate is 63%. https://www.examsnap.com/

Some Tips to Get Certified Easily

If you have decided what certification you want to earn, you can now start with your preparation. Oracle provides a set of training materials to help you study proficiently. You can take your pick from the lavish collection of online courses, classroom sessions, and self-paced resources. Since these are official materials given by Oracle, you simply won’t go astray with your certification path. 

Do take note that Oracle certs are considered valid and binding for up to 18 months upon acquisition. Therefore, before the expiration of your credential, you have to recertify with the latest exam updates to ensure relevance to your career. With a valid Oracle certification, you can maximize the use of Oracle logos, digital badges, e-Certifications, and such. Oracle Cloud certifications, in particular, are annually updated to guarantee the incorporation of recent releases into their certification program. 


With Oracle’s global influence, no wonder its certification program is always in demand. All their credentials are a tangible identification of your professional credibility. So, if you want to have a practical investment while having a competitive edge in the tech industry, don’t miss the new breed of Oracle badges that highlight the latest and more relevant technologies!


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