How To Fix SQLite Error Code 11 Malformed Database Schema?

How To Fix SQLite Error Code 11 Malformed Database Schema?

Do you randomly receive the error message of  SQLite Error Code 11? And don’t know the way out. Then, just sit comfortably and go through this blog carefully. In this blog, I will discuss the reasons and methods that will help the users to deal with this error.

SQLite database files are vulnerable to corruption just like any other computer file. It is seen that whenever the SQLite Database has some problems in its database system, it immediately returns the error code. However, these errors can occur either by human mistakes or by some internal issues. Sometimes it may be important to view the source code of your website as well. These common issues can be:

  • Due to the internal bugs in the SQLite program.
  • If the SQLite database file is overwritten.
  • Issues related to file locking.
  • Inappropriate synchronization process, or failure.
  • If the Storage media fail.

The SQLite Error 11 can arise if the database disk image is deformed or distorted and can result in database file corruption.

Let’s assume, if something goes out of track then immediately the API functions will return error codes that will assist the users to track down the cause behind the error during processing the data. Whenever the SQLite error 11 arises then the user will immediately get a message that simply states: fails to login.

Now, you have little idea related to the topic so let’s go through in the deep and find the reasons and their solutions so that one can fix SQLite error 11 malformed database schema.


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Possible Factors for SQLite Error Code

The probability of Sqlite database corruption is always high in these situations. However, the mode of the SQLite database corruption can be due to numerous reasons as I discussed above. But here, the main reasons are virus infection or due to bad network connections. These issues restrict the user from getting access to the data stored in the SQLite database. So to overcome this problem, I will provide two solutions. In which one will be manual and another will be alternative approaches. So let’s begin.

Manual Solutions to fix SQLite Error 11 malformed Database Schema:

Try to reinstall the Sqlite on the Machine

Users can solve SQLite error 11 by re-installing the Sqlite database and then installing it on the system. This procedure will help the user to solve the database corruption issues.

The SQLite error 11 can be repaired by the following manual procedure that is written below. 

  1. First, reinstall from the good backup. 
  2. Then, generate a new .urd file, and save the entire usable data to the new .urd file.
  3. Finally, Uninstall and reinstall the Sqlite database on the system.

So this is the manual procedure that one can follow to fix this error. To perform this manual procedure, one requires to have some technical knowledge or need expert help. Users are advised to use this manual procedure with care as there is a higher probability of data loss.

In case, if users want to use other approaches that take less time and operate quickly. Then, they can prefer or opt for the third-party tool.

Try SQLite Database Recovery Tool

Users can use SQLite Database Recovery to quickly retrieve the complete SQLite data recovery from the corrupt SQLite databases. This utility is compatible with all major Windows-based operating systems and also with the latest Win 10.


This blog contains the remedies to fix the SQLite Error Code 11. The SQLite error 11occurs due to the internal error of the SQLite database. These types of errors generally can occur due to numerous reasons such as virus infection, network connection issues. Users can use the manual procedure, but it is a very complex and time-consuming process. Therefore, to perform a simple and quick process, it is advised to use the third-party tool.


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    I completely agree with your points that an incorrect synchronization process, presence of internal bugs in SQLite program and other internal issues are the major causes of having SQLite error code ll issues.

    Reinstalling the SQLite on machine and using SQLite database recovery tool are really good ideas and genuine ways to sort out SQLite error code 11 issue.

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