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Optimize Your Social Media Presence with PosterMyWall

Social media marketing is the use of various online communication platforms, like Facebook or Instagram, to disseminate a company’s key messaging. Your...

Optimize Your Social Media Presence with PosterMyWall

Social media marketing is the use of various online communication platforms, like Facebook or Instagram, to disseminate a company’s key messaging. Your goal for using this modern and cost-effective marketing technique should be to build brand awareness, increase sales and enhance conversion.

The pandemic has forced more consumers to spend more time online than ever before. Sprout social projected that over 4.41 billion people will use its platforms by 2025. Facebook alone has over 90 million pages for small and medium-sized businesses. With so much opportunity comes an equal amount of competition, with many companies implementing cutting-edge, forward-thinking strategies that ensure they stand out leagues above their competitors. That’s why it’s more important than ever for you to use online tools to create unique content, streamline work and save time and effort in the process.

There are many diverse tools for various reasons, including those for scheduling content, sifting through relevant influencers, and creating cutting-edge content that converts. Some of our favorites include Buzzsumo, Influencity, and PosterMyWall. PosterMyWall is just one of the internet’s best cost-effective, easy platforms available today to transform a company’s social media presence from blah to brilliant. Out of all of the photo and video editing and design services out there, it is the most intuitive way to create stunning images that make a statement. And if you’re still unsure, keep on reading.

What is PosterMyWall, anyways?

PosterMyWall is an online graphic design tool for marketers and business owners alike to make ideas happen – without any prior graphic design experience required. Only a few years ago, professionals without Photoshop experience seriously struggled in creating beautiful, memorable graphics that stood out on the internet. Not only did Photoshop training take time to master and cost a pretty penny, but it can be extremely difficult to master.

Platforms like PosterMyWall understand the importance of creating a professional visual presence that represents a brand’s authentic style well, making it easy to do so even for marketers who are novice designers. Now, the platform offers over 275,000 static image and interactive video templates for social media, web and print. These ready-to-customize templates allow its users to swap in-and-out text and images to create a unique design, without worrying about creating an entire layout. This makes it much easier to create relevant content quickly.

The result? Images that are available to upload in just minutes, helping today’s social media managers to create hassle-free content on-the-go that is consistent with branding. Not to mention, the platform allows users to save these images via the ‘My Stuff’ page and revisit them whenever they want. This allows for other team members to review, revise and approve content before it is posted, with all members able to easily access and make relevant changes where required.

Benefits of the free graphic design tool

If this is your first time hearing about PosterMyWall, there are a few things that you need to know as you consider getting your hands dirty. Here, marketing graphics are made easy but there are a few tricks-of-the-trade that will make your first time doing so seamless. Some of these benefits include:

Free resizing options

Once upon a time, social media managers met the tedious task of creating unique content for each platform. There was no one-size-fits-all option when it comes to resizing. Now, tools like PosterMyWall make it much time-efficient to create beautiful, branded graphics that can easily be adapted to the platform where it is posted.

We all know that a Facebook ad has different dimensions than a Linkedin cover photo. Instead of wasting valuable time creating two creatives, PosterMyWall offers a free resizing option available within the toolbar on the editor. Here, there are over 60 choices for various marketing purposes, to meet the various online and offline needs of marketers today.

Optimize Your Social Media Presence with PosterMyWall

This also makes it easy to repurpose older content. Looking at analytics, social media managers might want to reuse a successful post that reached thousands on Instagram. By simply accessing the ‘My Stuff’ folder then resizing and making a few tweaks to the design, a new image or video is available in less than a few minutes for a completely different platform.

And free image downloads, too

While many online tools force social media managers to pay an arm and a leg for a monthly membership to remove a watermark, this isn’t the case with PosterMyWall. Social media image downloads are free, with many companies mainly relying on this option because there is so much that can be said with a simple image. Not to mention, with PosterMyWall, images can become more interactive with animation, free-of-charge, too. The best part – it is free to download social media posts on the platform.

But what about extra features?

The creation of videos costs a little bit more, with one video costing around $14.95 per video, which can be either generated from millions of stock video templates or created on their own. Video is critical to digital marketing today with Animoto citing that over 93% of companies obtain new customers from video marketing alone. This is reason enough to ensure that we are making the small investment that is equivalent to less than one week of Starbucks coffee to obtain new customers for its business.

While there are more sophisticated pricing options available on the design tool, most social media managers will not need to upgrade to the Premium or Premium Plus plan. The free plan offers access to over 275,000+ templates, 1 million+ stock images, video clips and clipart, high-resolution downloads that fit the various size requirements of social media images, and an easy-to-use online editor.

Publish and schedule content in a breeze

Social media publishing is an integral part of any social media plan, which is why PosterMyWall offers the option to publish and schedule* content directly to Facebook and Twitter – all without leaving the platform.

*Posts can only be scheduled on the Premium or Premium Plus plans. 

What’s next?

The time that people spend on social media is increasing, with GlobalWebIndex stating that most of us spent over three hours per day scrolling through the internet. According to Influencer Marketing Hub, images and videos are now the most popular source of content across the board on social media.

Today’s best online tools make it possible to be as creative as can be, without any prior graphic design knowledge involved. Many of the best options are quick to learn, even for beginners, allowing new and expert social media managers alike the opportunity to quickly create memorable graphics that abide by all brand guidelines.


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Written by Qasim Haider
Digital marketer/editor at PosterMyWall.

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