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How Social Media Managers Avoid Account Blocks?

Social media accounts are an excellent tool for online marketing. They offer platforms for attracting, engaging, and converting prospects. They are convenient...

Social Media Managers

Social media accounts are an excellent tool for online marketing. They offer platforms for attracting, engaging, and converting prospects. They are convenient for fetching customer feedback and suggestions as well as for the sending and receiving of product information.

But for most businesses, keeping up with regular posting is always a challenge. It’s for this reason that most companies employ social media managers to operate their accounts. Through outsourcing, a business in the U.K. can hire a social media manager from Asia to oversee its digital marketing strategies. 

In this process, the question about online security always arises. It’s common to experience account blocks if your social media platforms operate from different locations. Social media managers are familiar with the alert for “Suspicious Login Attempt” the first time they log in from a different area.

But thanks to proxy servers, it’s now possible to manage accounts without the fear of getting blocked. Proxies enable social media managers to hide behind a different IP address.

Better still is how your proxy providers can offer IP addresses based on location. If you have various people connecting from different places, then the proxy server can indicate your responses as coming from one geographical area.

How Proxies Work for Social Media Management?

Successful businesses are consistent in their responses. Their responses on social media platforms are fast, with no downtimes. They always play it safe with their choice of social media management tools. Great businesses have a go-between for their requests. They use proxy servers to mask all their online tracks.

What a proxy server does is it hides the social media managers’ IP address with its own. Every time the manager operates your account, only the proxy servers’ IP address is displayed on the receiver’s end. In this way, no one can trace the sender’s location.

There are various proxies that social media managers can use. For example, the sneaker proxies are ideal for businesses that do online shopping. These proxies deliver unique IP addresses for each purchase so you can access unlimited products. This is especially important if you want to access products with purchasing limits.

Another good example is social media proxies. Though most social media proxies work for one channel at a time, some providers allow for the integrating of two platforms. A point to note in this is that your provider will determine how much help you get from social media proxies.

The Relevance of Proxies for Social Media Management

Social media management is all about building connections. Proxies have made it possible for social media managers to grow their following without the fear of IPs getting blocked. Proxies hold great relevance in a business, and here’s how:

It’s Easier to Access Information

Online research has never been as easy as it is with proxies. Proxies are great intermediaries that help you access a competitor’s site. If you are thinking of using social media scrapers, proxies will help hide your identity.

Social media scrapers are relevant if you want to extract massive data. You can check the comments, clicks, or blogs your competitors share. You can easily get information about their social media marketing strategies and what makes them successful. 

Ability to Operate from Different Locations

In most instances, social media managers operate more than one account. If you have high traffic, then you may need different managers for each platform. Most managers will work remotely, and most likely from different locations.

For managers to access your accounts without looking suspicious, they need a proxy server. The proxy server will use its IP address, making it seem like one person is operating the computer. This way, social networks cannot flag your accounts as spam.

Allows for the Speedy Delivery of Requests

Proxies are excellent at improving internet speeds. And, caching site information for subsequent searches is one of their primary functions. Each time a social media manager places a similar search request, the proxy will not need to conduct an internet search again.

The proxies will go through their files and check if they have a similar version of the request. If they do, they’ll fetch the response and send the information to you.

In social media management, caching plays a major role in how much information you can send and receive. Web caching reduces your bandwidth, thus increasing internet speeds. In this way, you have a better chance of reaching a greater audience as well as improving their experience on your site.

Keep Your Information Private

Online privacy is a major contributor to business success. A breach in your privacy could result in the loss of data necessary for your business’s growth.

Think of instances where your IP address is available on a competitor’s website. They’ll mark and report your account for suspicious activities. Your information could also be used by third-parties that could expose your business to cyberattacks. 

To keep your information safe:

  • Use a private proxy server.
  • Ensure that your social media managers play their part in your online security.
  • Make sure that all shared information goes through the proxy server.

Ability to Access Restricted Content

Most social media managers operate remotely. You’ll find a manager in England helping a client in France operate their social accounts. In some instances, the client’s requests may not be accessible from the manager’s location.

But thanks to proxies, you can now bypass geographical restrictions. Proxies help social media managers access restricted information that’s helpful to your business. With proxies, social media managers can go through almost all sites without restrictions.

What to Look for When Choosing a Proxy Server?

24/7 Support System

We all have different work schedules. And because of that, everyone requires a support system that operates 24 hours, seven days a week. Not everyone is tech-savvy, and people will need help at different times of the day.

To ensure work continuity, have a provider that’s available around the clock. Pick one that’s highly experienced in this field. Check for reviews and identify a provider with a reputation for offering stellar services.

Great Security

All proxies are not the same. While some are built for utmost security, others only hide your IP address. As a business, consider the benefits and challenges of a proxy that best suits your needs.

Ensure that the proxy you use does not expose sensitive information to third-parties. If you are to choose between the paid and free versions, always go for the paid. Paid versions guarantee better security for your social media activities.

Reliable Internet Speeds

Proxies are known for improving internet speeds. But unfortunately, not all proxies load faster. Since successful social media management depends on how much information you send and receive, pick a proxy with reliable speeds.

It’s important to research for proxies with short downtimes. Check for providers that guarantee better web caching opportunities that improve internet speeds.

Number of Proxies on Offer

Your preferences may change with time. While a SOCKS5 proxy may be what you need at the moment, you may find a greater need for a rotating proxy in the next. To make sure you don’t keep switching between providers, pick a company with many options. Pick a provider that allows you to make changes when the need arises.

Final Thoughts

Proxies play an essential role in avoiding account blocks. Proxies are what social media managers use to hide their real identity. By using proxies, the managers can operate on multiple accounts from different locations. Proxies are what businesses need to ensure there are no interruptions in company operations.

Written by Dan Martin
Dan has hands-on experience in digital marketing since 2007. He has been building teams and coaching others to foster innovation and solve real-time problems.

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