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7 Tips for Perfect Instagram Posts

Instagram is a huge part of the brand’s promotion, self-promotion, and daily life, really. Everyone is out there, and it’s not just...

Perfect Instagram Posts

Instagram is a huge part of the brand’s promotion, self-promotion, and daily life, really. Everyone is out there, and it’s not just for wasting time. For brands that need promotion, it’s the essential platform that leads to exposure.

If you still haven’t started using Instagram for marketing purposes, it’s about time for you to start doing it.

Reasons to Use Instagram as a Marketing Platform

When you think of social media, the word negative may come to your mind. When we see teenagers being mesmerized by social media and doing nothing but scrolling down their feeds, the negative consequences of this phenomenon become obvious. When we become aware of the bullying and offensive language that’s not being controlled enough, it’s even clearer: social media platforms are not for everyone.

But when you need to develop your personal brand or sell products/services, these platforms are an inevitable part of the process. At this moment, Instagram has over 1 billion monthly active users. That number is growing!

Maybe you won’t expose your content to one billion users, but you’ll definitely get it out there. When done properly, Instagramming can make you and/or your brand famous.

But many people tried and failed using Instagram for marketing purposes. That’s because the audience is smarter than they think. Instagram users easily see through heavy promotion. If you want to make great things happen, you have to carefully craft each post you published.

That’s what we’re here for today!

7 Important Tips on How to Create Perfect Instagram Posts

  1. Use Great Photos

Instagram is not about publishing random photos you captured with your smartphone. Even casual users don’t see it like that. This platform is all about expressing your creativity through photographs. If you fail to produce original visual content, you won’t grab the attention of your audience.

Since we’re talking about promoting products, you’ll clearly include them in the photographs. You want people to see them and realize what the post is about without even reading the caption. Think about high-end perfumes. They are being presented through gorgeous images that often feature models and the bottle itself.

That’s the kind of composition you want. Depending on your brand’s vibe, you may include the products in lifestyle photos, business surroundings, or anything else that comes to mind. But you have to keep this pattern uniform throughout the posts, so people will start recognizing them.

  1. Use Product Tags

Did you know that you can attract direct purchases via Instagram? All you need to do is use product tags and stickers in your stories and posts. With this, you’ll make it easy for your audience to order the products with a few taps on the smartphone’s screen.

Instagram is all about making things easy. When someone sees a great product and a good description that accompanies it, they want to find out more about it. Instead of copying the product’s name and taking it to Google, they can simply tap the tag.

  1. Don’t Limit the Campaign to Photos

Video content is a huge part of Instagram. Fun videos are great for brand promotion since they hold a user’s attention longer when compared to photos. The video also gives you more space to express a message, so the viewer will understand what the product is all about.

Film great videos and feature them on Instagram! Professional video production will require an investment, but with a well-developed marketing campaign, it’s a beneficial investment!

You can also upload videos in the Stories. These don’t have to be highly professional; just film someone using the product or recommending it through a testimonial.

  1. Textual Content Is Important, Too

If you start scrolling through Instagram, you’ll notice that most users use quotes in the descriptions. That’s a cool strategy if you use a really good quote and you don’t do it too often. But get real: as you scroll down a feed full of quotes, you start thinking: don’t people have their own words to share? When it comes to brands, you expect uniqueness and creativity. Quotes don’t fit in such a description.

So you have to be more inventive. Talk about the products you promote, but make sure you don’t sound too silly. If it’s hard for you to craft perfect descriptions every time, you may collaborate with a writing service like EssayOnTime.

  1. Connect With Your Followers in Real Time

Did you know that you can share a live video with your followers? This is a great way for you to present a product in action. If, for example, you’re selling kitchen utensils, connect with a famous food blogger and film them while using these products. If you’re selling natural soaps, you can show the process of production.

Since the viewers can comment in real time, live videos are a great opportunity for Q&A sessions. You can invite your followers to ask anything related to the products or the brand, and you’ll answer.

See? There are plenty of ideas to come up with. Just get creative and connect with your audience!

  1. Share Behind-The-Scenes Shots

You’ll produce several posts according to classic marketing techniques, which showcase the product in a commercial-like setting. These are beautiful posts that grab attention. But you need to spice up your strategy with something more.

How about showing behind-the-scenes moments? You can capture moments of the production or use of the product. You may show the team who stands behind that product. That’s a great way to build trust since your audience will get to see how serious your business is.

  1. Engage Your Followers

So do you just post photos and videos with descriptions and think you’re done? No; you’re not done until you really engage your audience. You want them to comment. You want a real discussion. That’s the only way for the wider Instagram community to start seeing your posts.

In simpler words, you want more followers and you want them to comment and like. How do you achieve that? Prizes! That’s your answer. Invite your followers to tag a friend in the comments and share their opinion about your product. Set the rules: both the one who comments and the tagged friend should follow your page. As a prize, you’ll offer valuable product packages to random winners. You’ll provide two packages for each winner, so the tagged friend will also benefit from the contest.

This is a smart way to quickly build a base of followers. But you shouldn’t focus your entire energy on contests. Remember: you need high-quality content on a regular basis, and you cannot afford to give out valuable prizes every single day.


Methods to know to stack your Instagram profile.

Are You Ready for Your Instagram Fame?

It’s not that hard to create an Instagram post. You just upload an image, write a description and click send. Wait; it’s not that easy, after all. This has to be a good post since you want it to promote your brand. The above-listed tips will get you there!

Written by Jacob Dillon
Jacob Dillon is a professional writer and distinctive journalist from Sydney. Being passionate about what he does, Jacob likes to discuss stirring events as well as express his opinion about technological advancements and evolution of society. Find Jacob on "Twitter and Facebook.

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  1. Hi Jacobs,

    Great photos and relevant hashtag usage are keys to having a vibrant lively Instagram account which will attract followers. High quality photos gives visual pleasure to your target audience and helps you retain them and get more followers.

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  2. Hi Jacob,

    Instagram has become so popular of late. With innovative and attractive layout, it attracts huge numbers on to their site. Hence it has become important to have an Instagram account and build your followers. Your suggestions are very helpful. I am working on building my followers and I think your suggestions will do a world of good to me.

    Thanks for sharing, have a great weekend. 🙂

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