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Website Optimization On Photography Blogs for Photographers

So you are a photographer who likes to shoot on different occasions whether it’s a wedding or a portfolio or fashion shows...


So you are a photographer who likes to shoot on different occasions whether it’s a wedding or a portfolio or fashion shows and you want to engage all your viewers. You must be posting your works on different social media or even on the search engine to get your photos recognition. Every photographer tends to show their work so their viewer can appreciate the hard work. For that, every photographer should have the knowledge of SEO for photographers that would help them to reach a wide range of audience. It will also help you to grow your business and users from all over the world can see your content.

What is SEO and how it can help you to gain more viewers and increase your photography business?

You type something on Google and various results pop up showing the type of search you did but have you ever thought why few links are always on the top of your search. SEO is Search Engine Optimization which will help to show your content on the top of the search engine like Google so anyone can discover you, and for photographers, it’s an important task to showcase their work to the viewers. So now you would also like to be discovered on the top of the search result so viewers could see your work without scrolling much.

Things to keep in mind before posting your photos on the search engine

Find The Right Keywords

The first thing anyone does while searching is to type the correct keywords that will show the results for your search. Users always type the words that are similar to the kind of results they have been looking for. So to keep in mind what type of content you posting should have a definite keyword so the users can see your blogs on the top while scrolling down Google. Finding the right keyword will not only help you to give your photo a new description but will also help you to get discovered on the search engine more easily. It will help you with your business, find a unique keyword that will describe your photo.

Use The Right Format for Your Photos

Raw, JPEG, or GIF every photo have a different size and resolutions choosing the right format would help your photo to get located easily on the search engine. Keeping in mind that the size also varies on different photo formats so compress before posting to load it much quicker, no one wants to wait forever just to see a photo. JPEG images load a lot quicker than other images. It will help the users to save time and will also help you to optimize your browser link.

Create a URL

If you’re not familiar with the URL then you may not be able to make it to the top. URL is described as Uniform Resource Locator which is simply used to locate anything on the World Wide Web using an HTTP. Every content has a special URL that makes it easy to locate on the search engine. Creating an URL for your photos will help the viewers to locate your images much easier. Keep it short but informative and put your keywords in it.

Clean Contents

Put yourself in the place of viewers would you like to see the same old boring content everywhere, no? right, no one wants to see the same kind of images on the same topic everywhere. Everyone is looking for something new, you have to engage your viewers on your posts, give them a reason to see your photos, create a story with proper description. That will help you to make your space on the top if you are creating something different than others it will help you to grow your business.

Happy Mobile Users

More than 70% of the users are using mobile phones to search and browser not everyone is going to carry a laptop everywhere, Best SEO For Photographers should keep in mind that how important it is to keep your website open for mobile users. It would make it a lot easier for everyone to visit and search for the information they are looking for on their mobiles.


You visited a website that keeps annoying you with popups and ads and you just close all the tabs and never visited that site again. Yes, popups and ads can make your website a bad reputation because viewers are only searching for the information they need not unwanted ads. Keep it ad-free or try to keep it minimum as much as possible this will help your website to reach a sudden height.

Broken Links

You shared a link and people tried to open it but an error pops up saying link not found, it’s a common type of error but you can’t neglect it because it can make your website fall below in the search engine and may disappear soon. Keep a check on your links before sharing it with anyone if it’s broken or working. Modifying your website with proper hyperlinks and URL will help the website to stay user friendly.

Keeping in Touch with Your Viewers

Social media is a great platform to stay in touch with your audience and engaging them in your post and can get feedback. Posting on Instagram and Facebook will help your viewer with the type of content you post and they can even interact. Instagram and Facebook show the kind of posts you are interested in with your recent search engine it will help your website to increase trafficking from your social media.

Catching The Pace

Your website page speed matters the most no one wants to sit and wait to load a single page for eternity. A good page loading speed should be under 4-5 secs. Keep in mind that loading speed plays an important role in SEO for photographers as your viewers will look at the photos and keep clearing the old photos from your website that are no longer in demand for a fresh and compatible viewing experience.

Shareable Content

Google allows your website to share your content so that you can get more viewers and trafficking. Make your page shareable with good content so more people can reach your site and you are noticed on the search engine. And even your photos may be used for various purposes and can create links for your images with proper description.

Now you would like to optimize your search engine to improve your website, In the end, you have to be patient you can’t just make it on the top in just a day you have to engage your viewers and give some time, sharing valuable contents on your website will help you to reach your goals. It’s a process you have to be devoted to and be consistent with the work you do. Google is changing its policies and setting every day so you have to be aware of how to improve your website to make it on the top of the search engine so people can experience something new from your content and you can grow your business. Keep your site run smoothly and user friendly. Hope these tips will surely help you on your way of optimizing your page.


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