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Best Instagram Marketing Tips for Your Photography Business

Instagram is an ideal platform to promote your photography business and connect to new audiences. The social media site is visual and...

Tips for Your Photography Business

Instagram is an ideal platform to promote your photography business and connect to new audiences. The social media site is visual and what better way to promote your business than stunning photos and videos?  Instagram is constantly evolving with new and innovative features and options with millions of active users whom you can target to promote your photography skills. You will find many clients among these users who would like to hire you for your exceptional skill sets. So, learn these amazing tips for your photography business.

According to an article published on the entrepreneur, it is no wonder that your venture needs Instagram marketing when the platform has over 500 million users. It is one of the best social media sites to connect with your prospective clients from all corners of the world. Read on to learn about the best Instagram marketing tips to promote your photography skills.

Keep your bios looking simple and tidy:

The main thing your Instagram profile visitors see is your username, profile picture, and description.

The most significant rule for usernames is to make them clear and as short as possible – it can (and needs to!) be used as a hashtag too.

Nobody has time for trying to read something long and hardly legible, moreover, in real-life situations when you or your audience of spectators carry your Instagram to the discussion, it is much easier to pronounce a short and simple username and therefore easier for others to find. Client pictures that have a face on it demonstrated to be more consideration bringing, just as increasingly guaranteed that there is a genuine individual behind the record.

Be that as it may, on the off chance that you recently dealt with marking your aesthetics and structured a logo, feel free to make it your Instagram profile picture!

The primary concern is the more attractive and intelligible your symbol is the better. As for the bio, it’s essential to express your area and your field of photography interests and work. Determine whether your specialty is architectural, landscape, documentary photography, all of the listed, or something entirely unique. Don’t go ever board with emoji and business-irrelevant data.

Divert your record from personal to the business if you haven’t already, so future clients can easily send their requests.


How to know who viewed your Instagram profile?

Share backstage images

You are a talented photographer. You want to make your profile stand out with portfolio-worthy shots and retouched visuals. Then, you need more to your Instagram profile than just this. Bridge the gap with photos, sharing your daily photo shoots, work-life, and your interaction with your existing clients. Use the Instagram Stories feature and post, behind-the-scenes backstage content to make your business look real to your potential clients.

Display new equipment, conduct surveys to let followers engage and involve, spur audience curiosity with sneak peeks of future content, where you are traveling, and what projects you would work on in the days to come. These tactics will help you connect with your prospects and gain real Instagram followers that you can convert into loyal patrons over time. The Stories feature is the best way to pique audience interest as well as show another side of your persona and photography business.

Make your content more visible and discover motivation through hashtags:

Whatever you do, keep away from hashtag mistakes, for example, using restricted hashtags or using ones that aren’t pertinent to your brand or niche. Depending upon what sort of photographs you take, there are explicit hashtags you should consider utilizing to help individuals find your work.

For example, wedding photographers can use: #weddingphotograph #weddingphotographer #weddingphoto #weddingday #weddingmoments

There are even hashtags especially for high contrast photographs and general photography, as well. No matter what you’re capturing, there are hashtags you can use to focus on the right kind of followers – all only a quick search away.

Contrary to common belief, the clearest and prevalent hashtags, such as #photographer #photography #landscape and such are not functioning admirably for permeability since they are as of now way stuffed and the odds your posts will be seen are super low. It’s better to utilize more specialty hashtags and browse the posts containing them for new great hashtags ideas.

Take a look at this list for appropriate hashtags, and find new ones with the assistance of the Combin tool. Launch Combin, make a new hashtag search and insert one of the hashtags from the previously mentioned list. After receiving query results, sort the posts by either number of likes or number of comments to see the hottest content that was uploaded under the chosen keyword.

Next, you have to click on one of the posts with the right mouse button and pick ‘Add a search’ from the drop menu, then click on one of the hashtags. (pic1)

This way, you can not only accumulate new helpful handy keywords but also find new inspiration for your future work by exploring popular photography-related Instagram accounts and posts. 

Such accounts collect and share the most stunning pictures of professional photographers from everywhere all over the platform, they resemble galleries for photography fans and have a huge following. The individuals, who want to be featured, need to use hashtags on their content to get the opportunity.

Pursue the KISS Principle:

KISS means “Keep it simple, sweetie.” That’s actually what you want to do with Instagram. Don’t post long descriptions on every one of your pictures because people won’t read them. Use Instagram mechanization to help faster account growth while you’re dealing with your photoshoots.

It’ll enable you to get more followers, while also giving you a way to plan your posts so you can keep content fresh even when you’re so busy with shoots and editing photos you came home and collapse into bed.

Post your content on time

Choose a few specific and engaging days of the week to post your Instagram content. It could be during the weekends or every alternate day. Always be consistent when posting content on Instagram and never break the pattern. If you are posting on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, but suddenly stop posting for a week or so, you will break the chain and lose with respect to less reach and engagement. Do not overdo it because that may annoy your prospects. You should post three times a week.

Follow the right size when posting photos. Use 1080px and 1350px for vertical photos and 1080px and 566px for horizontal visuals.

Communicate with your customers

Reply to your client’s comments and questions to build a healthy community surrounding Instagram. Just as in real life, brands that are polite, humble, and communicate with their customers are well-liked by users on this photo-sharing platform. Sharing your photography know-how and experience delight existing and potential clients.

Instagram has an informal and cool vibe and therefore, maintains the same in your posts and interactions. These little things help when it comes to Instagram marketing for your photography business. Like and share the comments by your clients to make them feel special.


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Get real Instagram followers through this photo-sharing site for your photography business. Keep these tips in mind and you will benefit.

Written by Pete Campbell
Pete Campbell is a social media manager and has immense knowledge about email marketing and Instagram promotion. He delights his clients by helping them real Instagram likes. He loves to travel, write and play baseball.

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