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10 Ways To Increase The Security Of Business

Do only large businesses need to worry about their security? Is your business safe and secure if it is a small business?...

increase security of business

Do only large businesses need to worry about their security? Is your business safe and secure if it is a small business? or searching for ways to increase the security of your business. Well, that’s what we need to discuss and clear the misconceptions regarding the “cybersecurity” that leads to the “cybercrimes”.

The wave of ransomware and sniper attacks online is hitting every kind of business irrespective of being small or large. These attacks can leave your business compromised, cripple your computer, destroy your data, and much more. Read further to know how you can protect yourself from being a victim and take proactive measures beforehand. 

There are several risks and threats that come along and can cause extensive harm and in most cases, destroy the system completely. It is of utmost importance that you are aware of such threats and take preventive measures to protect your business and organization.

10 Best Ways to Boost Your Business Security

Let’s briefly discuss the 10 ways to increase the security of your business. 

1. Keep your operating system updated

In time, we use technology for every aspect of life and to store important files and data as well. Therefore, the first and foremost thing is to keep everything updated on your computer. If you are using a PC then you must be running Windows and similarly, if you are using Mac then you must be running Mac OS

So, you can simply search on Google for the latest version. If it’s XP (for Mac) or Windows 7 (for PC), you must upgrade your system as soon as possible, accordingly. 

2. Also, update your Antivirus Software

Can we even talk about security without including antivirus software in it? Keeping your antivirus software updated is no less important than updating the OS. Similar to the last point, you can simply search for the latest version and information about your antivirus software and consider its upgrading. 

In case, if you do not have antivirus software installed on your computer, you should get this done especially if you are running Windows.

3. Passwords need to be changed

How many of us use the same password for everything? Yes, we do!

Passwords can be stolen and cases like these are already surfing regularly in the headlines. Therefore, it is prime important to keep your passwords strong. You should change them at a regular interval.

Keep a verification password for every single access. Two-factor verification can be used to make it at least difficult if not impossible to hack your accounts. You just cannot take this lightly.

4. Data Encryption

In the most simple language, encryption means converting the readable form of data into code format. Similarly, decryption stands for the process of converting the coded form of data into a readable form. 

You get FileVault installed already on your computer if you are using Mac. BitLocker is the default encryption service in Windows. There are just a few simple steps you need to know to use FileVault and BitLocker, and it will prevent the access of data by any third party.

5. Backing Up Data? No, we cannot move ahead without this point

Keeping data secure and safe is important. But what if it still gets stolen? You cannot take any risks when it comes to your business. There comes data backup in play.

You should make a backup of your files in another location or an off-site secure location. If you get into trouble, but you have your data backed up and encrypted, then you will be able to resolve the issue easily.

6. Do you use the Public Wireless Internet?

In coffee shops, hotel lobbies, or any other such place, when you use a public wireless internet server you are sharing your information with many other people who are using the same connection.

Haven’t given it a thought? It’s high time to think about it and stop sharing your information over the public internet connection. You can change the settings in your devices and also enable firewall settings for the same.

7. Stop getting fished!

Do you receive random emails and links frequently? No, wait! Do not click on those links unless you are sure. They take you to unsecured pages and hackers can get access to your data easily.

This is a trap and to stop yourself from falling into it, you should consider making your entire staff and employees aware. You can hold regular meetings to educate your staff about online threats and how they can be avoided.

8. A Security Team to work specifically on the issue

What else would be better than having a separate team that has command over this specific purpose?

When you have professional people around, you are stress-relieved. These people are going to manage everything related to the security of your business and you can always keep a check. Whenever you will have any threat, you will be able to start resolving instantly.

9. SDL: The Sustainable Security Culture

Secure Development Lifecycle (SDL) includes things like security tests, requirements, threat modeling, etc. The sustainable security culture already has a wave in the market.

If you do not have an SDL program, you might consider Microsoft’s SDL program as they have released most of their information free of charge. Here’s some advice: If you do not have a security team and office, think twice before investing in the SDL program as it lives within a security office. 

10. Build a Security Culture

When talking about the security of your business, your entire staff must be included in it, not just you. Regular meetings and training sessions would help you in building a security culture and spread awareness across the entire staff. Make everything fun so that your staff tends to get engaged in different things.

Wrapping Up

Security is the utmost important thing for an eCommerce app development company as their product engages with a thousand customers in a single go. Therefore, you can’t take it lightly as it can cost you immensely. All the suggestions discussed above would help you in getting your business secured and you can consult us for more information regarding the same.


Importance of Cyber Security for Today’s Society.

Written by Anup Kumar
Mr. Anup Kumar is the Co-Founder of TechGropse Pvt Ltd. He has long-term experience in the Software Industry and holds his expertise in many different technologies. Also, Mr. Anup has authored many blogs on different topics of the industry such as flutter app development, Wearable app development, blockchain, etc

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