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Search Engine Optimization is the most critical marketing strategy out there in the digital world. If done correctly, it allows your search engine rankings to jump leaps and bounds. It is also extremely useful in increasing your website traffic, boosting your conversion rate, and maximizing your revenue with time. 50% of marketing experts believe that SEO is the most effective strategy for digital business. with the help of SEO tools, you can increase traffic very easily.

However, the key is to do SEO the right way. To make your marketing campaign effective, it is crucial to use several SEO marketing tools to devise a stellar marketing plan. These tools are highly efficient in automating so many processes that you can focus on your business and still make a fruitful campaign.

According to new-survey, 68% of online searches start with a search engine and only 0.78% of users go beyond the 1st page of SERPs. So, check out the list of some of the best SEO marketing tools. They can play an essential role in enhancing your plan considerably. Read on to understand how these tools work, their benefits, and their significance in marketing purposes.

What are SEO Tools?

Before getting started, it is vital to properly understand an SEO tool and its contribution to strengthening your marketing campaign. It is a tool that can help you complete a step in the SEO process. For instance, keyword research is a basic part of optimization, and most experts use keyword tools for SEO to find the most relevant keywords. Other marketing integrations include link building tools, SEO checkers, Serp checker, page speed tools, etc.

SEO checkers are useful SEO analytic tools that provide free reports about the quality of the title tags, page loading speed, analysis of images, and other aspects of your web pages. With these reports, you can find loopholes in your web pages to improve them so that they can rank high in the search engine results pages.

Top SEO Tools To Thrive Digital Businesses

Here, you will gain an insight into what SEO tools do and why marketers can’t live without them.

Google Analytics

This is a handy tool that helps track site traffic, user behavior, conversions, etc. on your site. All in all, it helps do just about anything related to SEO. This tool uses a JavaScript tracking code to drop cookies in the site visitors’ browsers and collect details about how they interact with your web pages.

PPC: Google Ads can be linked with this tool to keep track of marketing success in a platform

SEO: It helps in tracking page traffic affected by web page rankings. This can help determine how you can optimize your web pages with the right techniques.

Web Design: It helps in tracking parameters like bounce rate and dwell time, based on which you can gain important insight into your website design and performance. It is also helpful in tracking your site loading speed. It may also be linked with A/B testing tools to determine which web design would work best on your web page.

Content marketing: It helps determine the amount of time preferred by users to stay on your page. It even gives you an idea about the conversions. This helps you in getting a better understanding of your content’s value.

Overall, Google Analytics helps provide a treasure of useful information that can bring success with your SEO campaign. With this tool’s help, you can determine whether your current marketing campaign is successful or not, so that you can do the needful to decrease or increase your specific website metrics.


Ahrefs is another free SEO audit tool that can be of great help to any marketer. The free version of the program helps you access the top 100 backlinks to your or any other web URL you may want to research. You can see the number of backlinks and find information about their domain rating, referring domains, and URL rating. Simply, you need to plug in any URL to find its metrics.

Ahrefs works by constantly crawling the web and gives you access to useful information to accelerate your marketing efforts. This information includes everything from CPC metrics and keyword difficulty to and domain rating, keyword research volume, and organic traffic. It is also helpful in tracking backlinks, traffic, and keywords with just a few clicks of your mouse button.

With the help of this Ahrefs tool, you can identify keyword gaps in your web content, measure your traffic value, and monitor how you stand against your competition. With this insight, you can improve your SEO campaign to a great extent.

Moz Link Explorer

The free version of this SEO tool provides a great deal of link analysis. With this tool, you can get an insight into the most useful links to your website and the pages you link to the most.

You can gain an insight into the link from and to a site by simply plugging in a web URL. This is one of the most successful management tools that work more than only a link checker. The benefit of opting for a paid version is that it allows you to use several other metrics. Some important metrics include link building opportunities, content that converts, spam score, etc. Since links play a huge role in SEO, this tool helps keep par with the links to and from your site.


How to Use Moz tools and Mozbar for Better SEO?


One of the most critical parts is keyword research. With the right SEO keyword research tools for marketing writing, you will be able to find the right keywords, and your SEO campaign has high chances of falling flat. This is one of the fantastic keyword tools with which you can see the most relevant keyword metrics for your site so that you can decide which are the best ones to include in your web content.

To use this tool, type on keywords relevant to your company, and you will get tons of other keyword suggestions as per their search volume, search trends, ranking probability, and CPC.

Ubersuggest is one of the free marketing tools that automate your keyword research process and give significant metrics so that you can decide which keywords to use. This tool can also be used for PPC campaigns to identify keywords for Google Ads.

Final Note

Without the use of best SEO and marketing tools, you won’t be able to rank well in search engines, which ultimately leads to no traffic, no exposure, and no conversions. According to the latest research, 41.07% of SEO experts believe that premium tools help webmasters to improve their business growth through organic and advertisements. So, to end your search for the best marketing tools for business, keep in mind the pointers mentioned above and get a free one easily. Some tools have paid versions as well, with which you can get even more features and facilities. Find the right tools as per your marketing needs, and get the most benefit from it.

Gnana Sekar

Gnana Sekar

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