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Digital Marketing Tips for a Modern Marketing Campaign

Businesses today want to run marketing campaigns that are sleek, modern, and original. The way that advertisers, businesses, and consumers all interact...

Modern Marketing Campaign

Businesses today want to run marketing campaigns that are sleek, modern, and original. The way that advertisers, businesses, and consumers all interact with one another has changed a lot over the years, and this has meant that the rules of marketing have also changed. To market effectively in the modern marketing campaign world requires a good understanding of digital marketing techniques and how and when to most effectively use them.

Any business looking to run modern marketing campaigns can benefit from a few simple tips. The following words of advice will help any aspiring marketer to put together a digitally-focused campaign that truly rocks.

Go GoPro!

The GoPro has become synonymous with head-worn miniature cameras. The GoPro’s unique fisheye lens offers a distinctive view of the world – one that has become popular with numerous people. Even a quick glance through the YouTube search results for GoPro will reveal the wide range of situations that the cameras have successfully been used in.

Using a GoPro camera enables you to capture point-of-view footage that you can use in producing your marketing media. POV shots create a level of immersion that doesn’t exist normally. This is because, with POV footage, the viewer feels like they are in the scene, whereas usually a viewer is an external observer.

Get the Right Software

Giving your workers access to the right software will make their job infinitely easier when they are devising your marketing campaign and deciding on the materials to use. This means having the right tools to plan a campaign, to execute it, and to assess how successful it was once it is over. It is important that you don’t overlook the importance of the post-campaign post-mortem, where you will decide how successful your efforts were.

Accomplishing this requires you to give your workers access to the right tools. However, they also need to know how to use these tools. The article from PieSync “Combine the power of Salesforce and ActiveCampaign” is well worth the read if you want to improve the system you’re currently using. This is an excellent example of how the right tools can give you synergy between different parts of your business – in this case, sales and marketing. This synergy amplifies your marketing, making it more effective and allowing you to do more with less.

Organic Social Media

Social media platforms are advertising platforms – that’s the business model. The same is true of most free online services, including YouTube, for example. The purpose of these platforms is to learn about their users and serve them up targeted adverts. Social media marketing is an important component of any modern marketing campaign.

However, you should go beyond simply buying advertising space on social media. If you can have some organic interactions with your social media followers, or just with other users and businesses in general, it can provide some very powerful marketing virtually for free. Just make sure that your social media account is being run by someone who knows who to utilize each platform to its maximum effectiveness. Modern marketing campaign often has a significant digital component. Digital technologies have transformed the way that we produce and consumer marketing, and so businesses need to keep pace in order for their marketing to maintain its effectiveness.


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