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How AI Website Builders Are Creating Hype In Web Development?

Artificial intelligence is changing the spheres of the worldwide market and the online world. Major companies like Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, and Google...

AI Website Builders

Artificial intelligence is changing the spheres of the worldwide market and the online world. Major companies like Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, and Google are making AI a mainstream technology.

In tons and tons of businesses, e-commerce adopted AI fast. The integration of chatbots for seamless, secure, easy, and caring customer support, trend identification, and useful insight predictions are the few best examples of sophisticated algorithms.

The AI today, answers constant innovations and is becoming much more advanced and adaptable.

The one significant business which AI directly advances is the website builder market. The AI website builder markets are today’s most promising tech that creates beautiful and robust websites quickly and intelligently.

Developing a website is not anymore a difficult task, and that’s why software development companies providing CMS website services are making amazing and attractive web designs.

Though there is not any negative impact of AI website builders; however, it has given more competing web builders in the market. We have discussed a decent range of AI website builders in this article.

Therefore, if you love the idea of making websites quickly and easily, then you can use AI website builders, but before that, let me show how these web builders are changing the web development market.

Helps To Choose A Domain Name

Picking up a perfect domain name is quite a hassle. There are over 1.6 billion websites on the internet and we can understand the difficulty level in choosing a domain name for your site. But, many AI-powered domain name generators (quick, handy, and intelligent) nowadays help in this process.

These AI systems come up with a name, check the availability as well as directs you to web hosting services.

Makes Web Designing Fun And Easy

Artificial intelligence is continuously giving sparks to the creative fields of web designing and development. Automated web builders are becoming increasingly powerful, sophisticated, and reusable.

One of the best website builders, Wix, uses AI and AI assistant to guide the entire web designing process. The customization and editing in website builders are even more comfortable.

I feel web designing and development has become revolutionary and is opening up the new opportunities with respect to coding and customizations.

Chatbots Integration

The growing use of Chatbots is prevalent in the e-commerce industry. Today, chatbots or AI-powered bots have 85% of interactions by the year 2020. Thus, enterprises will spend more money on chatbots integration.

“In websites and mobile apps, the chatbot market by 2024 will reach $1.5 billion.”

Although chatbots lack the human touch of interaction, 40% of customers don’t care about their interactions, whether it is with a person or AI-powered bot.

These chatbots are the reason why every service provider is able to provide online assistance to their users, consumers, and new visitors 24X7X365 days.

The implementation of AI website builders brings a significant impact on the general goals for which you set your website; either it was to increase the conversion numbers, increasing the page views or unique page visitors, and decreasing the bounce rates ratio.

Another example is how artificial intelligence automatically runs A/B experiments and tests on your site. After the completion of successful tests, a list of improvements is proposed to you that can benefit the goals you set.

Let’s take a look at the reason why we must use AI website builders.

4 Main Reasons To Use AI Website Builders

Web Development Friendly

The process of website development is much easier as artificial intelligence single-handily automate the development process and saves your time. It creates a mock-up, designing assets, and code page frameworks, while speeds the work.

AI repeats the processing time and again, lets you find the best design. Front-end design and development is a matter of dragging, dropping, and styling the website via widgets.

Additionally, activities in eCommerce websites, SEO, blogging, etc. use AI to its full advantage. In back-end development also, AI does the hard work and keeps the task of content and image editing comfortable.

AI Website Builder Is Futuristic

AI is improving its capabilities with each passing day. Businesses are using the power of AI by incorporating smart predictive algorithms to place web page elements like texts, buttons, images, etc. for increasing user engagement.

AI website builders also help in taking instantaneous decisions via sophisticated deep learning algorithms. We in the world on AI – Internet calls these decision making algorithms as predictive algorithms that create future predictions after understanding user behavior.

Makes Optimization Easy

To achieve set goals, AI-powered websites are easily optimized. Goals like increasing email subscribers, page views, social shares, etc. are the examples of website that are optimizable.

Achieving it by user interface design augmentation helps you to change your website with page sections and multiple variations until it finds the best one lining up with your goals.

Machine learning algorithms in AI-powered sites monitor and analyze website traffic, suggest changes, and takes care to increase return on investment (ROI). Machines also track the website customer engagement metrics within and outside your business site.

By continuously monitoring your site performance, AI, and machine learning detect and drives the combinations to increase ROI.

With AI optimization, business owners always have a website that continues to evolve on its own by analyzing data, suggesting changes for better business and helping to create online businesses successfully.

AI Generate Synthetic Content

Computer vision algorithms classify the sentiments behind contextual and visual data.

Natural Language Processing (NLP) read articles to understand the human tone of language and communication, it is an example of contextual data. For visual data, analysis of images, and videos are done such that the AI-powered website gives you the best personalized visual experience.

The NLP and visual data analysis are the foundation for synthetic content, which further created Generative Adversarial Network (GAN) and Natural Language Generation (NLG).

By using internal and external data sets, NLG and GAN turn data into communicable content such that the synthetic data upon creation mimics the real data. Let me put it simply, NLG and GAN turn data into a plain-language and relevant imagery.

And lastly, AI empowers website builders with data-based optimizations. The AI implementation in website builders undoubtedly will restructure the current way of thinking about the features mentioned above while serving digital products for SMBs.

Due to these technological advancements in website building, Artificial Intelligence is the most excellent tool to create websites. Here are a few best AI – website builders which you can use to create websites for yourself.

The Best AI Website Builders Available

The Grid is the most successful AI website builder, which promises the interface where most of the physical work is dependent on algorithms and equations.

However, three leading AI web builders which people use most today are as follows;


Firedrop builds landing pages than the full websites. By using Sacha AI designer, Filedrop AI website builder accepts your commands and listens to you while you are busy in design your page.

The Grid

I already gave you a small introduction to The Grid and its success. The AI web designer named Molly learns from humans via our voices. The Grid asks for content and creates the website based upon your commands.


Wix ADI is interesting as the users can take a test drive. The Wix ADI pulls out every piece of information about your company from the internet and adds on the information and data into the sections, pages, texts, and more.

The Artificial Intelligent website builders are entirely turning the world of website designing and development. The web building market is making its distance from coding but is advancing customization at a much higher rate.

Does AI Website Builders Provide Value?

Those who like to cut down the amount of work can quickly take on the AI web builders as the best affordable solution. Moreover, not just creating simple sites, artificial intelligent web builders which we discussed above also allows us to make pretty advanced sites, online stores, and mobile-friendly sites.

As long as you are okay in giving up some of the control to others especially a technology which daily faces a number of questions, you are most welcome to use AI web builders and start serving your web needs.

It is quite an open option for each of us, and I would recommend Wix ADI to let you enjoy full customization easiness and flexibility.

AI technology is new but not without flaws.

Though it raises serious questions about our security, privacy, data collections, and its usage, I still feel to be in the game of web development; one must live to the hype which AI website builders are creating in the today’s age of the internet.

Another big question which I think is a bit unwanted is; will AI replace humans?

Undoubtedly, in the future machines will replace humans. However, it is not fair to exclude this revolutionary technology. What are your thoughts on AI website builders and the kind of work they can do in comparison to us?

Don’t forget to mention it in the comment section below.

Written by Piyush
Piyush is a versatile content producer and marketer who also holds a deep experience as a director of operations. She writes extensively on technology and her other preferred subjects include nature, travel, history, and art! She possesses good experience in working with B2B and B2C businesses as a digital marketing consultant with a special focus on content marketing.

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