Why SMO is Important these days?

Do you know What SMO is? Are you doing SMO for your Website and Blog? Do you know how to do it?...


Do you know What SMO is?

Are you doing SMO for your Website and Blog?

Do you know how to do it?

If you do not know the answer, then you are reading the right Topic.

These days everyone is using the internet, people are using social networking sites to communicate. There are some major social networking sites like Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Stumble Upon, Tumblr and few more are there which are ruling the internet.

What is Social Media Marketing (SMO)?

Social media is a medium to spread the news about anything.  The Social media is getting better day by day because everyone in the world is becoming addictive to the internet and people are trying to make it better. The CEO’s of the social media like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ and others are making lots of efforts to make it much better. I have been using Facebook from last nine years and have seen many changes made by the Facebook team, you can also judge it yourself, and the latest feature added by the Mark Zuckerberg is Safety feature and recently they have also added the Artificial Intelligence.

How sharing of content on Social media gets Viral:

There are millions of people around the world using social media each day. As people are moving from the source of newspaper and television to the internet because of they can access the news and know what their friends are doing at any time and from anywhere. And the post or the content people share on these networking sites get viral quickly and proves a great help for getting traffic to one’s website easily. As sharing of the content reaches to different people on the social media and they further share it which helps the webmasters. The topics like political news, food, celebrity news, and scandals get shared instantly and reach a lot of people in short time. Moreover, sharing of the funny videos also help a lot, but sharing good content will work the best.

Why People read and share content:

People read that content which is perfect for reading. They read and share which also have unique titles and heading. But also depends on, what kind of news people are looking. You can read my post about why content writing is important.

How has SMO affected SEO?

Over the years, Google has updated its many algorithms namely Panda, Hummingbird, and Penguin. And SEO has changed a lot from beginning to till now. Previously Link building was an important part of SEO whereas SMO had no scope at that time, links use to reign for ranking up the websites. But as soon as Panda was updated, this suddenly changed from link building to content as the King. So, the options left for doing SEO were social bookmarking, Guest blogging and SMO (Social Media Marketing) and some more techniques. Social media marketing is a powerful source of SEO. SMO has become an important part of SEO because it helps to get more traffic and engagements to the Post of the websites which result in better and reliable traffic.

I have collected a list of Social Media Marketing sites which you can use for doing SMO.

How you can use the Social Media:

The use of the social media is easy, just simply use it the way you use your personal accounts.

Create Pages on social networking sites.

  • Get the likes and followers of them, ask your friends for help to get more likes and more followers.
  • Post content to your pages according to the (niche) topic only. Because people like pages to get updated on the topics, they like.
Written by Robin Khokhar
Robin Khokhar is an SEO specialist who mostly writes on SEO. Thus sharing tips and tricks related to SEO, WordPress, blogging, and digital marketing, and related topics.

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  1. Power of SMO in digital marketing is always extreme and will not reduce. Preferring SMO for business marketing will definitely grow the business in a short period.

  2. Hi Robin,
    Truly I am telling you that whenever I search for some topic to learn.Most of the time I’m here in your blog. Excellent post I gathered most from the article

  3. Hello Robin,
    Thanks for the wonderful article,
    Social media optimization or SMO is one of the vast field in the digital marketing platform.
    Above mention article is over all introduction of the SMO and really helpful for all.

    Thanks Again!

  4. Sticking on the appropriate data on a particular topic will definitely impress the readers. Today, SMO plays a vital role as almost everyone has an access to social media on internet

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