Do’s & Don’ts of iPhone App Development in 2024

How many of you have heard that the iPhone app store had about 500 apps on its first iteration in 2008? Hardly...

Do’s & Don’ts of iPhone App Development in 2020

How many of you have heard that the iPhone app store had about 500 apps on its first iteration in 2008? Hardly a few of us. In 2019, Tim Cook stated that there were 20 million+ registered iOS mobile app developers catering to the 500 million app store visitors weekly.

Undoubtedly iOS has covered a long journey since its inception. From the business giants to newbies, all have adopted this trend with open arms. But at the same time, there are 9,999 out of 10,000 mobile apps that fail to last in the app store.

What happens with 1000 mobile apps? How do they fail? How to sort it out? For that, read this blog.

Mobile app development is continually fostering business growth and boosting revenue generation. The latest mobile app survey also states that 48% of daily internet browsing happens through mobile devices. It’s one of today’s most essential truths where a single mistake or disobedience of the guidelines can throw you out of the competition.

Don’t panic; my blog will provide you a better understanding of some critical Dos and Don’ts of iPhone app development in 2024. It will guide you and make your application successful in the long run. 

But before this takes a closer look at the current market stats of the iPhone app. From 42 Matters, I have gathered a few thought-provoking stats of the iOS market. Let’s shed light on these points once.

  • There are 1.79m apps on the iOS Apple App Store.
  • There are 1.36m publishers in the iOS Apple App Store.
  • Out of 1,794,637 apps available on the iOS Apple App Store, 1,538,103 are non-gaming apps.
  • Business apps share the second largest space in the iOS Apple App Store after Gaming applications.
  • Six hundred ninety-nine new apps are launched daily on the iOS Apple App Store.
iPhone App Development

Dos of iPhone App Development

User Experience

Mobile phones are a convenient means to stay in touch with our closed ones. That’s what businesses are leveraging with the help of iPhone app developers. They prioritize user experience before anything else because it’s a whole important thing that binds your user’s interest. 

A good UI UX design is always profitable for the application and its owners. And Apple platform is always known for its best UX design. Here, I have mentioned some parameters that should be taken into consideration while designing the best UX.

  • Use larger visuals and formats for proper alignment and spacing in the content.
  • Always use clear plus high-resolution images in the apps. Low-resolution images impact user-experience negatively.
  • Appropriate text size & style, spacing, etc. are vital for a clear view and better user experience.
  • Use interactive elements like theme, color, icons, etc., for appealing and readable content.

“Best UI UX design is always profitable for the application and its owners. It should always be given special attention with no ifs and buts.”

Do Proper Research For Your App Idea

Have you ever thought that what makes an app fail in the iOS App Store? It’s a lack of research that creates a weak app idea and strategies. For this, you need to concentrate well and spend a particular time on the research part. You need to look for the latest app trends that should be followed and implemented appropriately according to your business domain because strategies may differ but not directions. 

The research part also demands a competitive analysis. So, never proceeds with incomplete knowledge in your iPhone app development process.

“Proper research can bring your app ideas into life and reduce its eighty per cent chances of failure.”

Consider Real-Time Data

The next thing that comes important is real-time data. Yes, considering real-time is also a unique factor in mobile app development. You should gather information from different sources to make your iOS application responsive as well as successful. 

Without real-time data, it can be like distributing sweets at an unknown place with no headcount knowledge. It will either be fewer sweets and more sweets distribution without any unfair deal. In both cases, you will suffer either with your less investment or more and get failed directly, nothing else.

“Real-time data analysis provides the right idea of your target audience and their interests.”

Clear Text Drives Readability & Usability

The text that you present on your mobile application matters a lot and demands special attention too. It’s something that inspires your potential users to choose your mobile business applications. Thus the text should be in the right font that provides easy readability and encourages them to choose your products and services.

“Make sure that the text that appears on the mobile app is in the right plus readable form.”

The Utilisation Of New Technology

New technologies are always welcomed with open arms, and deploying it in your app development process is excellent.

 Do you know how? Let’s take the examples of AI, chatbots, and more, all they have introduced in the app development world in the past few years. Various technologies are popular in the market, and its utilization can benefit your business.

Here, I have prepared a list of the technologies that can determine your iOS application’s success:

Using these trending technologies can give your mobile application+ a competitive edge in the market.

Additionally, users also love to explore new things and advancements. Companies better take their advantage and leverage these tech innovations for better results and exposure in the market.

“Adopting new and advanced technology can give your business a new direction to your app and provide better results.”

iPhone App Development

And Now Know the Don’ts of iPhone App Development.

✘Don’t Build an Application For The Sake Of Just Do.

Doing something just for the sake of formality never benefits any business. Before jumping on the mobile app development platform, know your client’s needs, the interest of your target audience, and more.

It can be like what benefits it will provide, who will use it, and how it will help your business. These are the things that should be taken into consideration while developing applications. In short, well research is required in developing a successful mobile application.

✘Don’t Copy Others

In the billions of iPhone mobile applications on the App Store, your app should be unique, not duplicated, or copied. All the applications out there are easily accessible, and if you do so, then failure is guaranteed.

Building a multi-purpose application centers around the intricate or essential value that includes a short cycle of improvements, and it repeats regularly. Thus innovation is required, but copying others is always prohibited in the iPhone App Store. 

✘Don’t Take Security Lightly

Never take security for the guaranteed, it’s the utmost important thing, and you should never compromise with it at any cost. There are situations when a user’s mobile gets lost which increases the chances of a data breach. It brings the customer data at risk.

Apart from these things, some hackers always look for a chance to use different paths and harm your business. For this, you can take some security measures, and these are:

  • Compose Secure Code
  • Data Encryption
  • Accurate optimization & utilize libraries Wisley
  • Use Authorized APIs Only
  • Create a Tamper Detection method
  • Use High-Level Authentication
  • Offer the Least Privilege
  • Send Proper Session administration.

✘ Don’t Compromise With Primary Users.

Users always accept mind-boggling applications that are acceptable in the App Store. For that, you need to concentrate on your primary users. There should be nothing away from reality. If your users find difficulty with the application or understand your services, your app will unquestionably work out to be a bummer.

What have we learned?

Mobile apps are continually becoming an inescapable piece of innovation, and businesses are eagerly adopting this trend to stay ahead of the competition. Making a single mistake or even missing something is not at all acceptable if you want to make the best use of a mobile application for your business.

iPhone App Development

Better if we do proper research, prioritize user experience, leverage new technologies, and more to make it succeed in the store. Additionally, significant mistakes like duplicate app design, ignoring the primary users, compromising with security, and more should never be made. These are completely unacceptable, and such types of applications are never accepted in the App Store.

Therefore, keep the Dos and Don’ts of iPhone app development in mind well when you are planning for mobile app development. It will give you a better idea as well as you will be able to create better strategies and predict better outcomes.

Final Takeaway

Above, I have shared all the right and wrong points under the Apple iPhone Store’s guidelines. If you want to target the right audience and launch your app successfully, then consulting iPhone app development companies in India will be the right decision. They can help you out and develop a business-ready iPhone application that will grow your business by leaps and bounds.

Written by Shefali Basu
I am Shefali Basu from pixelcrayons. We are a well-experienced team of mobile web app developers. Let us know if we can assist you with anything related to the mobile app and web development.

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