4 Tips for Creating Better Pillar Pages

4 Tips for Creating Better Pillar Pages

Unsurprisingly, our world is highly digitized; therefore, changes have begun to occur in different aspects. Businesses aren’t excluded either, as owners need to find new ways to keep up in the industry or risk losing out to rivals. That’s why some of them turn to content strategy to bail them out. However, having a content strategy without first creating an excellent pillar page is risky, and that’s why we’ll be discussing what they’re all about.

Describing a Pillar Page

One of the first things that comes to mind as a business owner when preparing a content marketing strategy is ensuring that you can keep and engage your target audiences if they visit the website. However, without having a stellar pillar page, that may not be easy to achieve. Pillar pages are more or less like web pages that give a thorough summary of everything about a particular topic your business specializes in.

Within a content hub, pillar pages serve as the main landing page, and they allow users to have an idea about the topics they want to learn about. Sometimes, pillar pages can end up being longer than normal blog posts and range between 2,000 – 3,000 words. And for your website to succeed, having more than one pillar page is essential. This is because multiple pillar pages boost your business’s chance of achieving excellent SEO ranking.

Are Pillar Pages Synonymous With Landing Pages?

Since pillar pages are designed to engage potential guests or visitors, most business owners have often thought they are similar to landing pages. They may be correct, but pillar pages differ significantly from landing pages. Pillar pages help guests to have a good overview of what your business is all about while landing pages ensure that they perform an action that is available in the CTA (Call-to-Action) provided in the content.

If you aim to ensure that your brand has excellent authority and standing on a particular topic, then pillar pages are your best bet. However, landing pages can help you gather leads to ensure your marketing campaign succeeds. Another thing about pillar and landing pages is that while the former is comprehensive, the latter only needs a few words, as they are basically created for calls to action. Although you can effectively use both in your marketing strategy, it’s essential to look deeply into both pages and see which one will work well for business.

What Pillar Pages Can Do for Your Business?

In order to improve your website’s chances of ranking well on search engines, you need to incorporate pillar pages into the SEO content strategy. That’s because pillar pages benefit business owners seeking to attract more customers through their websites.

Well, let’s take a quick look at some of the things that pillar pages can do for your business:

  • Good Content Structure

Pillar pages can ensure your website contents have a cohesive and better structure. This helps guests quickly find what they want when browsing content pages. Asides the fact that people can easily find the content they want on your website, search engines also can do that, thereby increasing SEO ranking. 

  • Increased User Engagement

When folks visit your website and can easily view a particular content, they’ll always come back when they need to access other content. This occurrence can lead to users engaging with your business for a longer period. And when it becomes constant, you can build trust and credibility with them over time.

  • Generate Quick Leads

 Well, one thing about SEO is that once you can improve your website ranking, it becomes easier to generate leads. That’s what pillar pages bring to the table, as they can help you to generate leads if SEO is enhanced. Also, an increased rate of engagement can result in more customers, which is a good sign of progress for your business.

How to Create Better Pillar Pages?

For any content marketing campaign to succeed, you need to maximize the use of effective pillar pages. Pillar pages are comprehensive contents that can serve as valuable resources for users. Creating a better pillar page can increase the chances of your business website staying at the front of the competition in the industry.

So, let’s move further by glancing at some of the following tips that can help you create better pillar pages:

1. Perform Deep Research

To create an effective pillar page that offers accurate information, you need to conduct deep research. You can use many resources to aid your research, including industry reports, good pillar page examples, and reputable websites. This helps you increase your content credibility and know topics to include on the pillar page.

2. Select the Best Topic

Getting a good topic covering various sub-topics your business specializes in is always challenging. That’s why you need to use tools that include Ahrefs or Google keyword planner to perform keyword research which can help get a great topic. Remember that your selected topic should align with your audience and target members’ wants.

3. Use Clear Call-to-Actions


Although pillar pages are known to be housing detailed content, you need to ensure it has a clear purpose. You can set clear goals for your pillar page by including call-to-action words that are relevant to the content. Including CTAs on your pillar page can make them read related content and take further action.

4. Focus on High-Quality Content

Well, no one wants to read boring content that lacks edge and is unattractive to the eye. That’s why you should ensure that your pillar page has high-quality content since it will be comprehensive anyway. Ensuring that your pillar page consists of high-quality content can help you to be a go-to resource provider for people who need knowledge about a particular topic.

Summing Up

Digital marketers want to engage customers and gain traffic to their websites. This is to increase their business chance of generating revenue and building a better business. As a business owner, you can begin creating pillar pages by performing deep research, selecting the best topic, and using clear CTAs.



Angela Ash is a professional writer and editor, focusing on business topics.

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