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Go Pro!: 5 Of The Best Tools For Professional Outreach Managers

A professional is a person engaged in an activity considered as his or her occupation. A “Pro” does their job with higher...

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A professional is a person engaged in an activity considered as his or her occupation. A “Pro” does their job with higher qualities and standards than those of amateurs. Engineers, Doctors, Nurses, Military, and all other employment opportunities are by profession. If amateurs do jobs intended for professionals, the quality of work may be substandard with dangerous consequences.

Every professional comes with their tools. For example, a doctor has his scalpel, while a soldier has an M4’s. The tools a professional possesses can distinguish them from other professionals in their field. For example, a police enforcer has lower caliber weapons more suited to civil law enforcement wherein military personnel have tools and arms geared for international conflict and extreme conditions.

In the world of SEO, there are also professionals known as Outreach Managers. These people come with several jobs. As an overview, here are some of the tasks of Outreach Managers, or OM for short.

  • Outreach managers plan and deliver campaigns that cause traffic, leads, and brand credibility towards a particular niche or product.
  • They also do research about possible content partners such as media, blogs, influential people, and social media giants. OM’s also initiate the contact between these potential partners.
  • It is also the responsibility of the Outreach Managers to nurture and monitor these relationships.

These are just some of the tasks of an OM. Just like other professionals, for an outreach manager to do his/her job properly, they would need the necessary tools. Here are five of those tools that OM’s most likely prefer to use.


Digital Marketing and Online solutions websites such as link vista digital use automated platform software like Pitchbox to build relationships with target markets, bloggers, influential people, and Public relations opportunities.

Pitchbox enables OM’s to create projects and campaigns. Several campaigns need a particular overarching purpose or goal. Backlinks are essential for campaigns because it provides credibility to your website by acquiring a link back to your own site from someone else’s website.

As for writing Templates, Pitchbox also makes it easy for OM’s to reach out to bloggers in their own respective fields. For those prospects that don’t reply, follow up emails can also be set up. As with overall processing, Pitchbox can handle campaigns by streamlining it and removing information that can get lost in an OM’s inbox.

Gmail or Google Mail

As basic as it gets, OM’s need to have their own email address intended for work related purposes such as gathering respectable content producers, initiating the partnership, and monitoring relationships with those prospects.

Google Mail is an incredibly useful tool as it provides a ton of space necessary for saving and loading large data from gathering. For the purpose of creating entries such as link prospects and other valuable data, Google mail allows the creation of spreadsheets, documents, forms, tables, and even drawings.

Google mail is also versatile since a lot of people use the platform. Using Gmail is not only limited to being used just as an email. Gmail is essentially a one-stop-shop for all things on the internet because a Gmail account is prevalent to internet users. It can be linked to several other accounts such as Facebook, Pinterest, and other tools and sites that OM’s use to further advance their work in SEO marketing.

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Even ordinary people use Google to find something they want on the internet. The same goes for OM’s who want to find topics and potential sites intended for partnership. Google web searches also make it possible for them to check their effectivity by a site’s ranking.


Moz is a SaaS or Software as a Service company that produces tools related to SEO marketing. These tools are essential for OM’s because they provide an in-depth view and understanding of keyword suggestions, SEO competition, and competitor trackings.

Another tool they provide is Open Site Explorer which enables OM’s to explore previous links used, internal and external links, opportunities, and link analysis. These tools are necessary for companies with SEO marketing services.

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Outreach managers prefer to use SEMRush when looking for keywords that are profitable. Using keywords is often vital if campaigns are to flourish and become successful. SEMRush also works with longtail phrases that sometimes give advantages because of the lack of competition that comes with it.

SEMRush also analyzes content which can determine if it can provide significant traffic for a particular site.

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When people do a particular job for a living, they are called professionals. These professionals come equipped with the necessary background and education needed to carry out their task. Although professionals do an extremely well job over their amateur counterparts, they do need certain tools to accomplish that task. The same goes with the OM or Outreach Managers.

Outreach Managers use a lot of tools like Pitchbox which make pitching topics a lot easier. Pitchbox also enables OM’s to start and plan campaigns. Gmail and Google search are another set of tools used by an OM. They make OM’s jobs easier by making them more reachable to their prospects.

Written by Patrick Panuncillon
Patrick Panuncillon is an entrepreneur who has a lot of experience in the field of business and entrepreneurship. As a writer, Patrick likes topics that are more on advertising and marketing, which made him establish LinkVista Digital Inc. He also loves to travel around the world to meet new people and experience the new cultures that come with it.

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