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Top WordPress Trends to Watch In 2024

First of all, let’s get out of the bubble that WordPress is just for blogging. It got started from blogging but after...

WordPress Trends

First of all, let’s get out of the bubble that WordPress is just for blogging. It got started from blogging but after some time developers comprehended that it can be used for much more purposes. Let it be a basic website for small businesses or be it for a gigantic online store with thousands of products, WordPress covers it all. If you are still not impressed just so you know high profile brands like CNN, Reuters’, Forbes, and The Wall Street Journal build their blogs on WordPress. The New Yorker, the Next Web also operates on it.

So, now when you know how big is WordPress and how cool those WordPress development companies must be! Now you must be wondering what all is new in it, so let’s not waste time and quickly jump on to the latest WordPress trends.

1. Mobile-Friendliness Is Must

The year 2016 year experienced an increase in the number of internet users on mobile than desktop comparatively. This clearly stated that now the websites need to be more mobile-friendly and responsive. This also meant that WordPress websites needed to be more optimized and smooth for mobile phones. The WPtouch plugin can create a mobile theme according to your site which you can customize too. One more plugin named Jetpack is good for creating a website in no time. The Elementor plugin is a good choice too and it also helps you to understand how your site would look on mobiles, desktops, and tablets.

Virtual and Augmented reality has already made waves in the digital world and WordPress developers have already been working on it to create plugins that help to insert a 360-degree element on WordPress websites. We can also expect more VR/AR insertions on WordPress websites. With the help of VR/AR makers can also represent every inch of their design holistically.

3. Drag and Drop Is the New Tool

The best thing about WordPress is that it can be used by anyone and you don’t need to be a web development expert. The AMP pages are also preferred by Google because they are lighter and take very less time to load also most of the traffic comes derives from mobile devices.

4. Animation Says It All

Animation always looks good and when it comes to attracting web users then it is one perfect way to get them. The improved CSS3 and HTML5 have helped the developers to make the user interface and experience better and more vibrant. Rather than using images and videos, most of the WordPress websites are using particle animations because they are easy to create JavaScript because of the abundance of libraries.

5. Videos Express Perfectly

You must be aware of the fact that videos are an easy way to show a lot of information in a short span of time. Videos can express what you are trying to do in the easiest way possible. If you want to present the most influential content on your website then a video of that will be your way to go. The video headers are one important part and the version Vaughn 4.7 WordPress can easily help you out with looping the video headers. It helps feature decorative options that are innovative too and it even supports customization.

6. WYSIWYG Is Not As Threatening As It Sounds

It can be still tough for some developers to create a website and that’s why website builders are helpful. WYSIWYG stand for “What You See Is What You Get” and that is true when it comes to WordPress because it enables operators to quickly customize the way pages look. It is good for inexperienced users to help them create a good design. Beaver Builder and Elementor are some prominent WYSIWYG builders created for WordPress. In 2018 it also released the Gutenberg Editor which features a drag and drop interface that enables users to customize their posts and pages easily.

At last, I can say that 2024 would be a great year to see what all trends different websites adopt and I am sure that it will get more popular with new features, plugins, and functionalities.

One factor of WordPress that is commendable is the simplicity and smoothness it provides the users. As I already said that even inexperienced developers can easily operate it and gain experience in it. But one thing is clear in the coming years WordPress Developers will be in high demand. It has been popular since it was released and now it has gained a lot of popularity with its latest trends. It would be an enthralling experience to witness the updates WordPress makes in 2024 and also how more WordPress Development companies emerge.


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Written by Robin Khokhar
Robin Khokhar is an SEO specialist who mostly writes on SEO. Thus sharing tips and tricks related to SEO, WordPress, blogging, and digital marketing, and related topics.

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  1. Great read! These are indeed helpful, most especially now that I will be starting my own blog. 🙂 Thank you for sharing this, very informative!

  2. Such a great article about WordPress trends. Good thing I’ve read this. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Hey Robin
    Great List Indeed. The video is the content type of 2019 and AR VR is really trending these days. In WordPress, Gutenberg is the new thing of course. But I think there would be too drastic changes and updates in the WordPress market after the Gutenberg launch.

  4. Hi Robin,

    Excellent post. Mobile Friendliness is a must I believe with more and more people using their mobiles to surf the internet. Videos are great form of expressing yourselves and connecting with your audience.

    Thanks for sharing, have a good day.

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