8 Traditional Advertising Strategies Still Work

Digital advertising is the trend of the day. New trends in online advertising have taken advertising to a higher level. But, we...

Digital advertising is the trend of the day. New trends in online advertising have taken advertising to a higher level. But, we can’t avoid traditional advertising. The reason is traditional advertising still has its voice in the world of advertising.

Traditional advertising methods for small business owners are budget-friendly. They are also effective in the long run. Signage, flyers, and billboards are traditional advertising strategies that prove to be effective even today.

Let us now look at eight traditional advertising strategies that still work better.

Billboards and Signages

Traditional Advertising Strategies

Small and medium-sized businesses always look for cost-effective ways to advertise their products and services. Billboards and signages can fit in their budget. With less text and more images, billboards can be displayed from hallways to highways. Similarly, signages with digital photos can achieve wider reach from walls on buildings, malls, and shop-fronts to mobile taxis.

With digital communication taking the upper hand, billboards and signages may not look like a fitting tool for the present-day scenario.  But it is not like that. Billboards and signages prove to be effective if they are used along with other digital advertising methods.

Every business looks for the highest ROI with their investment. Billboards and signages help sales grow and increase brand awareness. A recent report has found out that every dollar spent on billboards and signages returns an ROI of 497%.

Phone Calls and Telemarketing

Traditional Advertising Strategies

With the spurge of digital communication, emails, chats, and messengers have become quite common. But, recent studies have shown that customers prefer phone calls over emails when they want to know about businesses. 

A 2019 research study by BrightLocal showed a 28% increase in phone calls from 2016, and 60% of customers wanted to contact local businesses to get details by calling them. 

Another 2019 research study by Forrester found that 84% of the respondents considered phone calls as an important aspect of their communication strategy. 

To establish client communication, telemarketers prefer to pick their phones rather than send emails and wait for responses.

Events and Face to Face Interaction

Traditional Advertising Strategies

In this pandemic era, virtual meetings and events have helped to reach prospective customers. Video calls and online forums have helped to interact with them. 

Organizing events where businesses can meet customers face to face has been happening for a long time. A recent study has found that 90% of customers who attend live events have positive opinions about the brand and its product and services.

In-person interaction is more powerful than virtual interaction. Even if you have an interaction with your customers virtually, meeting customers face to face will help to understand thoroughly what they prefer and how they want your products and services to be.

Effective Direct Mail

In this era of digital communication, emails can reach prospective consumers within a short time. So, sending newsletters or letters using traditional posts has become much less.

A 2019 research study by Pebble Post had found that consumers make a purchase when they receive newsletters, postcards, and direct mails regarding products of their choice. The study also found that prospective customers prefer to receive promotional offers than newsletters or postcards or brochures or catalogs.

Postcards, brochures, and newsletters as direct mail work best with the existing customers or those who prefer that brand. The study also reported that 68% of prospective customers throw away direct mails received by traditional post if they don’t know about that particular brand or they are not interested in purchasing that brand.

Brochures and Flyers

Brochures and Flyers

A recent study conducted at Temple University has found that printed brochures and flyers help prospective customers recall the brand name and better advertisement recognition.

Brochures and flyers have proved to be effective across all age groups when displayed in malls, streets, and brick-and-mortar organizations.  Distinctly placed brochure holders with elegant brochures in public will catch the attention of prospective customers and bring more business.

Digital brochures and flyers induce “digital fatigue,” but consumers remember products and services better with prints. A recent 2019 study has found that 33% of net users choose ad-blockers not to view product ads online, whereas 62% of consumers read brochures and flyers in hard prints.

Efficient Networking

People Doing Handshakes

Efficient networking with existing customers will help businesses to strengthen their future relationships. It also establishes beneficial relationships mutually between businesses and potential partners also.

Networking between businesses helps to share both knowledge and ideas. It helps to identify new business opportunities, to get referrals, and to share information.

Regular networking will build your confidence and help your business to be more visible. Attending networking events regularly will help you notice and build your reputation.

Print Newspapers

Women reading newspaper

Ads in the digital world will not last long if the budget for ads runs out. But print ads have a much longer lifespan. They will last until the paper crumbles. 

It is true it takes time for print ads in newspapers to get published and reach the prospective user. But they have a long life and we may not be able to tell till what time the effect will last. 

Printing newspapers has been evolving. They are visible on digital mediums and they are still now distinct and remarkable.

Catchy Radio and TV Advertising

watching television

When compared to radio advertising, television advertising is the most expensive form. Whatever advertising you choose, you must keep the target audience in mind.

Though many use the latest gadgets to stream music and listen to it, still some people listen to the radio regularly.

Advertising on the radio will help you share information about your product with the public. It will help you generate more revenue by increasing the sales of your product. Choose an early morning time slot when radio listeners commute to work. You can make use of this time to promote your brand and its products.


Traditional advertising has existed for hundreds of years. Digital advertising seems to overshadow traditional advertising. But traditional advertising will also exist in the years to come.

People who trust traditional advertising must learn to use it effectively along with digital advertising. This balancing effect will help businesses to be successful.


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Written by Mark Anton
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