Top 7 Twitter Feed Examples Using Which You Can Embed On Your Website

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If you are on the lookout for Twitter widget examples that you can display on your website, then you have landed at the right place.

If you embed a Twitter feed on your website, you can easily grow your engagement with the users and gradually increase your business and sales.

Since Twitter is one of the most highly used social media platforms, many brands and businesses understand the potential of Twitter for marketing their products and services and use this brilliant social media platform to maximize engagement, brand visibility and gradually increase conversions and sales.

However, various sources are using which you can collect Twitter feed and embed it on your website platform.

Top Sources Using Which You Can Embed Twitter Feed On Your Website

In this blog, we are mentioning the top 7 examples using which you can drastically improve your brand visibility by embedding Twitter feed on the website platform using the social media aggregator tool.

1. Hashtag Feed

Hashtags play an important role in Twitter. There will hardly be any tweet without a hashtag on this social media platform. Hashtags make the content easier to discover and act as keywords using which users can spot the content with ease.

If you have run a hashtag campaign on Twitter and garnered a lot of attention from your followers then, you can select a hashtag as a source and seamlessly collect and curate the feed at your convenience.

Mostly the branded hashtag has all User-Generated content and if your brand also has a particular hashtag, then you might as well collect content and embed it to build a social proof of your brand.

2. Profile (@) Timeline Feed

A profile timeline on your website can prove to be an excellent marketing tool as it displays all the feed from the profile. 

You can leverage the profile timeline connection type to publish all your tweets in a unified form.

Suppose you are running a giveaway or have published a new blog and are talking about it on Twitter, then you can embed the content easily on your website using Profile as your source. 

3. Mention Timeline Feed

If you are looking for the perfect solution to instill faith in your followers about your brand, then you can collect tweets from the mention timeline feed and collect content from what your customers are saying about your brand.

Using this example, you can seamlessly collect tweets consisting of User-Generated Content and what your followers experienced with the brand.

Collecting the content from this source is a brilliant way to build your social proof.

4. List

Using List, you can easily collect the group the tweets which more or less fall under the same category and have something in common.

You can easily create a Twitter list and embed it strategically on your website for maximum brand exposure.

5. Favorites & Advanced

Favorites are the source using which you can collect content from the tweets you have liked and have been added to your favorite list. 

You can pick up content using Advanced as your source too in which you can filter the content by typing keywords and collect and curate it according to your preference and style.

Best Options To Make Your Widget More Attractive

1. Slideshow Widget

While embedding the content on your website, you can select the slideshow widget as a theme to beautifully display your content which will result in more engagement from your users. 

You can utilize the carousel option or the horizontal twitter layout to display your widget and improve the overall look of your website. 

Even though Twitter does not have the option to display your feeds in the form of a slideshow, you can utilize other platforms which offer various themes to choose from before embedding a widget.

2. Sidebar Widget

This is a great option if you wish to showcase your Twitter widget on every page. You can easily embed the widget on the sidebar of every webpage. 

Adopting this method, you can easily increase user engagement as well as your brand visibility.

This is a great way to generate curiosity amongst the visitors on your website about your brand as well as to beautify your website. 

Wrapping It Up

Over the years, Twitter has emerged as a microblogging platform where people openly speak and express their opinions about different topics. They may be speaking about your brand too and if they are liking your business, they may be talking about your brand on their tweets.

Leveraging the User-Generated Content in the form of tweets can instill more faith and confidence in your existing and potential customers and build solid social proof about your brand as well. 

Embedding a Twitter feed on the website can do wonders for your business and drive more traffic to your website as well as your Twitter account.


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