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Link Building for SEO and How to Do it Right in 2024

Content creation is an all-important way of making a marked online presence today, whether you are a business, a brand, or an...

Link Building for SEO and How to Do it Right in 2021 - Tricky Enough

Content creation is an all-important way of making a marked online presence today, whether you are a business, a brand, or an influencer. However, it does not single-handedly guarantee jaw-dropping results. With a massive increase in the variety and volume of online content in every niche you could imagine, there is an urgent need to market yourself better so the audience can see you first in the crowd.

This is what makes it so important for brands to work on areas that can increase their content’s visibility online, garnering top spots in search engine results. This involves ensuring your content is promoted across platforms and channels for better Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and more people to see your content. While there are several ways to do this, nothing matches the ease and impact of link building for SEO. You could prefer taking professional assistance from a link-building agency after understanding some basics of how to do it right.

Watch out for your Competitors

Competition is not always bad, especially when it can teach you so much. When it comes to digital marketing and link-building, your competitors can act as a brilliant resource for gauging techniques and models for high-quality backlinking. Simply refer to a dependable search and analytics hub and find out all the backlinks of a website you consider your rival (read inspiration).

This manner of research will not just help you get better at understanding the best-performing link-building strategies but also lend you in-depth audience analysis. You will understand better where you have been going wrong and where you need to improve. This can also shape your future campaigns, leading to improved SEO over time. 

A very interesting way of link building for SEO is by targeting broken ones around the internet. Very often, blogging sites end up having one or more broken links on their site, which display 404 errors instead of the designated content. A little investment of time and effort can help you draw up a list of sites relevant to you with such broken links.

What you can do is politely inform the blogger or the website about these broken links, and your content to build the same. Alternatively, you could ask for a little favor of adding backlinks to your website in their content in return for informing them about the discrepancy on their website. Although there is no guarantee that the blogger will agree to promote you, then chances are more on your side. After all, they have nothing to lose, you have just informed and offered to help them and collaborations are always welcome in the digital world. A win-win situation for both sides, broken link building is a great way to get better at SEO in 2024.

Working on Infographics

The best way to improve your content’s SEO is to understand how it works. Google’s algorithm, for instance, prefers that web content which offers high readership value, is unique and of great quality. These are the kind of content it displays on the top in search results. Now, wouldn’t it have been so great to have a single solution to get all these merits in one? Well, there is and it’s called an infographic.

When designed well and offering unique information, infographics can work wonders for your website. They not only have the potential of being shared more on social media than normal photographs but can also be collected by infographic directories for their value. The result is that infographics gain higher popularity in lesser time. Therefore, when you leverage this power of an infographic by automatically creating a backlink whenever the item is shared or used by someone else online, you are chalking out a great way to build links for SEO for your website.

Making Resourceful Content

On the same lines as the previous basis of performing well in Google’s search engine results, making content that is not just entertaining but also resourceful is a great way to ensure high-quality link building for SEO. The more informative and unique your content, the more valuable it becomes for Google. This is because your content becomes a hub for people seeking information online, whether for personal, institutional, or B2B motives.

Besides, people will share or refer your content to others more often, increasing the number of backlinks for your website across platforms. This is the reason most leading companies today are setting up blog posts to offer unique content to online readers, receiving 97% more backlinks than before with this single step.

Collaborating with Others on the Internet

Talking about how to extract usefulness from competitors, another way is to collaborate with them for link-building motives. You can approach both well-established and emerging platforms relevant to your content or style, requesting them to allow you a column on their page. In this guest blog, which must be about them or suited to their style, you can comfortably insert links to your content, products, or services.

With social media being such an important part of our everyday lives, you can think of extending these collaborations from blogs and websites to social media pages. People are creating guest posts through videos, photoshoots, music, product launches, influencer marketing, and so on to cross-collab with each other and mutually increase their audience base.

Final Words

Backlinks have never been out of vogue, no matter what a few online opinions say about them. Link Building helps impact SEO positively in a very short time when done right. Search engine optimization is all about catering to the search engine’s algorithm, let’s say Google, which favors high-quality, more-talked-about, and more engaging content. The right link-building agency focuses on all these factors, thus ensuring your content manages to end up on the first page of search results every time. 

Written by Robin Khokhar
Robin Khokhar is an SEO specialist who mostly writes on SEO. Thus sharing tips and tricks related to SEO, WordPress, blogging, and digital marketing, and related topics.

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