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7 Ways Your Business Can Enhance Post Purchase Support

The relationship between an organization and a customer is not limited to sales. There’s a lot that a brand needs to offer...

Post Purchase Support: 7 Ways It Can Boost Your Sales!

The relationship between an organization and a customer is not limited to sales. There’s a lot that a brand needs to offer post-sales to ensure optimum customer satisfaction. Here are the best ways your Business Can Enhance Post Purchase Support.

In fact, a strong post-sales strategy is one of the most promising ways to boost business revenues. It plays a pivotal role in retaining existing customers and converting first-time buyers into loyal customers.

Essentially, post-sales service is the support you offer your customers after they’ve bought your product. It might include additional advice on how to use the product, its features and involves checking in to see if the customer is satisfied with their purchase.

This process of offering additional help ensures the longevity of your business, improves the image of your brand, fosters word-of-mouth referrals, and much more.

Here are seven simple, easy-to-follow tips to ensure your after-sales services are as effective as all the other services you offer:

1. Thank-you notes

A simple thank-you note to every customer that invests in your brand’s products and services can go a long way in retaining a customer.

For instance, you can include a small note within the invoice that says ‘ thank you for shopping with us or ‘ we’re happy to be there for you’, etc., or send a similar message via SMS or email to show gratitude towards your customer.

Moreover, technologies like bulk SMS can help you reach out to a large volume of customers simultaneously without costing you a fortune. All you need to do is include the name and details of an agent who can be reached out to in case of queries and concerns.

You can even personalize these messages for better customer experiences to enhance Post Purchase support.

2. Customer feedback

Customer feedback is one of the essential components to understanding your customers. It determines the relationship that you are about to build with your audience and helps you improve your services to suit their needs.

Feedback, if collected by human agents, can make them feel burdened and frustrated by redundant work. Therefore, solutions like Interactive Voice Response (IVR) can be used to reach out to different customers at the same time in formats that are quick and easy to use.

In simpler terms, IVR is a telephony menu system that offers users the option to submit feedback about their products or services and further routes them to a relevant agent.

You can later listen to these calls and implement solutions to enhance your business operations.

3. Post-service check-ins

A check-in apart from a customer feedback call is always a good idea to add to your brand’s customer experience. Reaching out to inquire if the customer is satisfied with their purchase a couple of weeks after investing in your company helps them feel heard and respected.

Additionally, you can ask questions like:

Do you have queries that you may be hesitant to ask?

Did you enjoy our service?

Do you trust us and the services we offer?

However, it is important to remember that such check-ins should not be exhausting and overly time-consuming.

Furthermore, if you plan to check-in via email, customers are 90% more likely to respond within a day or two of receiving it.

4. Post-purchase offers

Marketing campaigns that center around customer loyalty and retention help in increasing the after-sales engagement of most buyers. And, some of the prominent ways of gaining loyal customers are additional discounts, coupons, and rewards.

Post-purchase rewards typically focus on offers that complement or upgrade the item that was just bought.

You can either offer discount codes that apply to a minimum purchase of X rupees or provide customer points that can be redeemed on the next purchase.

5. Important occasions

Keeping in mind days such as customer birthdays and anniversaries and wishing them on their special days can help impress your customers. It also strengthens the bond between you and your customer.

You can call your customers and offer special discounts on their birthdays to foster long-lasting relationships with your customers. Moreover, offering deals on festive occasions can help you in converting more leads.

Such actions not only bring customers back for a second purchase but can also hugely impact the way every buyer talks about your brand to their friends and family.

6. Easy to use communication channels

There should be multiple ways and communication channels that a customer can use to reach out to you after buying from your organization.

And, every buyer must be given the repeated assurance that the brand they choose to associate with will always be present to guide and help them in their customer journey.

Today, social media is increasing its presence in people’s lives. Therefore, having active social media channels that offer quick responses to customer queries is vital.

Not to forget a good call center system for customer service is how you can enhance your customer’s experience and generate better sales. It helps you offer instant solutions and get ahead of the curve.

Put simply, communication should be an omnichannel experience with a high level of first-call resolution rates. It allows customers to reach out to you in ways that they feel the most comfortable in.

7. Asking for referrals

A happy client serves as the perfect channel for reaching out to potential customers.

In fact, a brand’s credibility automatically rises when customers recommend it to their friends, family, and other close circles.

Once a brand builds a healthy rapport with its clients, it can even assume the liberty to ask them to refer it in their circle.

Most customers understand how important referrals are and how good publicity can add to a brand’s success. Hence, they are usually more than happy to help.

Some ways in which effect follow-ups benefit every business are:

Increased customer retention: The better the after-sales customer service, the more customers want to return to you for business.

Competitive edge: Following up is not a tactic that all businesses use to their gain equally. Effective follow-up customer services, therefore, give a competitive advantage to your business.

Innovation: As more and more customer feedback and data are collected, you are bound to get new ideas for upcoming products and services to work on.

Customer testimonials: Preparing customer testimonials based on experiences that buyers have had with your brand can attract many more prospective clients.

Wrapping up

A well-thought-of after-sales service strategy is crucial for both you and your customer’s journey. It helps you convert the browsers into buyers and facilitates customers to seek solutions to all their queries.

With the help of the seven tips mentioned above, you can take your post-purchase service to the next level.


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