5 Website Design Mistakes That Adversely Affect SEO

Website Design Mistakes

While website SEO is one of the main focus factors for most companies, building and maintaining a website that is SEO friendly is like walking on thin ice. You can’t always know what may go wrong.

This is the reason why it’s crucial for businesses to be careful while designing websites in the first place.

Helping with the same, here’s a list of some common website design mistakes that adversely affect SEO.

1. No Content on the Homepage

Wile you may be dreaming of making your homepage as aesthetic as can be imagined, the idea of not including textual content can backfire.

The reason is simple. When SEO is concerned, textual content is required. It indicates what a web page is about.

So, if you are planning to erase text from your website’s homepage, think again. This can get search engines to turn your website down.

2. You are a ‘Flash’ Fan

Barry Allen may be your favorite superhero, the fandom won’t help you while building websites.

‘Flash animations’ is the fish here.

While these animations may come off as attractive in the beginning, they reduce page speeds, increase page size, pull down the user experience and hence are looked down at by search engines.

Do you still think using flash can help you?

Think smart and decide smarter for your business’ website.

3. Too Many Small Images Contributing to Weigh Up the Page

This can be bad news for websites using small images in place of various on page elements.

A number of websites do this. Image for the navigation menu. Image for various buttons. Images for information that is better when displayed as text. All of these images add up to the misery.

And while they are incredibly small in size, they bundle up and make the web pages heavier than they would normally be.

So, understand this. Try to steer away from making this mistake, as it may be common, but it can be brutal for your site’s SEO.

4. You’re Using Pop-up Ads

First of all, pop-up ads are plain lame.

Second of all, they kill user experience like nothing else ever can.

The lesson of the day? Using pop-up ads cannot get you anywhere.

Asking your users whether they want to subscribe to your newsletter using an easy to close pop-up is fine. It always was and will be. However, ads that get triggered and keep popping up after every single click.

So, keep them away as you design your website. There’s a whole bunch of other monetizing options that you can go after. Pop-ups will ruin your web reputation and hence your search rankings.

No wonder why no marketing companies in Greenville SC recommends using pop-up ads.

5. Poor Navigation

Navigation is one of the most important factors affecting user experience on a website.

And then, it also affects the way web crawlers crawl a website’s code. These are the reasons why it’s important to pay attention to navigation menus.

Basically, anything that can confuse users or the search spiders should be avoided while designing a navigation structure.

So, make sure you know this and keep this in mind while designing your site’s navigation menu.

Final words

For the best SEO, website design mistakes need to be spot on. And as we understand this, in this post we talked about how that can be made possible by pointing out 5 most common design mistakes that affect SEO.

All website designers in Greenville SC make sure they don’t do these mistakes.

Hopefully, this article helped you.

Robin Khokhar

Robin Khokhar

Robin Khokhar is an SEO specialist who mostly writes on SEO. Thus sharing tips and tricks related to SEO, WordPress, blogging, and digital marketing, and related topics.

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