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Is Your Website Ready To Attract Sales In 2024?

As we reach the end of 2019, you look forward to celebrating the end of the year with your family and friends....

Website Ready To Attract Sales

As we reach the end of 2019, you look forward to celebrating the end of the year with your family and friends. It is not surprising if you have already started thinking about your New Year resolution. However, among all this, as a website owner, it is easy to lose focus on your website and become distracted. However, it is a known fact that a website owner can never afford to do that. You have to update the site regularly to maintain online traffic while hoping to attract new customers. Similarly, AU Top SEO Companies update their websites regularly to keep their rankings while generating traffic simultaneously. Since the new year is already upon us, it would be better to follow the techniques listed below, so that your website is ready in time for next year while you can enjoy the celebrations without any worries.

Voice Search is an interesting method that is becoming popular with time. According to a survey, the market for voice searches was worth $1.8 billion in 2017 in the United States, which will potentially grow to $40 billion next year. This feature makes it feasible for users since they can conveniently look for the content they require instead of opening multiple websites until they reach their required destination. Voice Search commands are now being fixed with new technology to make them as accurate as necessary. This is to meet the demands of the users instead of presenting search options like traditional search engines. For this purpose, it would be better to update your website to increase your visibility while users are using the voice search feature on Google. The effects of Voice Search can be seen already since the rates of online shopping have increased drastically over the years, apart from impacting digital marketing strategies. To get the maximum benefit of the feature, your content needs to be accurate and qualitative, apart from having fancy keywords.

2. Desirable Content:

As the majority of us know, content is the most critical aspect of a business that is operating online. If your content does not meet the standards, the traffic will decrease no matter how attractive you make the appearance of your webpage. In recent times, video content, apart from blogs is trending in the market. It will be ideal if your website’s focus lies on video content. You can try either one of these two, blogs and video content. Your content will then get published and ranked based on product reviews, marketing strategies, and employee operations. Such content will help differentiate the website from others. It will also help acquire product feedback and other useful information required by someone not working in the company. However, you must try to maintain a balance between videos and written content if you want to attract relevant traffic and improve your business rankings. Since the majority of internet users are young, having a boring or sloppy content will be a major turn off for them and will not attract much traffic.

3. Social Media:

Social Media is perhaps the easiest tool you can use to market your product and make your website visible on the search engine. Although there is no direct relation between Google and social media, the correlation cannot be ignored. If you use it effectively, you can engage users with your products who will likely spread a positive word about you. You can also interact with your followers online and can find out their preferences which you can use for marketing and other purposes. Your posts should have meaningful content instead of posting unnecessary ads on your page, which would result in spamming. Having creative content is also an advantage since users will remember your ads and hopefully purchase some of your products out of curiosity.

4. Enhance User Experience:

While making your website relevant to attract traffic, you also need to include some attributes that are interesting for the users. If your page appears interesting for a user, it is likely to be visible on the search engine. According to currents trends, the performance of companies is also being judged by the number of shares on their Facebook page. If you seek the help of professionals, you can also increase the visibility of your site. This can be made possible through simple methods such as the speed of the internet, how easy it was to navigate and the clarity of your content. Following such tactics can ensure your website a high rank over a considerable time. One of the reasons behind this is due to the positive reviews that your site may get if it is user-friendly. So as long as your page is getting likes and appreciation, Google will not be taking it down on the rankings.

5. Rich content for the snippet:

Although trends are considered to be important but overdoing it will be disastrous. Google is now emphasizing quality rather than a paragraph stuffed with keywords. The content should be rich, but it also does not have to be too difficult to comprehend. According to the SERP feature, the content should be summarized in 100 words for it to be used by Google. Being concise is a good idea if you want to generate traffic, but Google uses snippets that possess great quality and raises the rankings of such sites. It is an efficient technique since many clicks on Google are because of the featured snippets that users come across online.

6. Artificial Intelligence:

Artificial intelligence is being used today in different ways. Many applications, such as the automobile industry are using robots to perform complex tasks which would be difficult for humans to perform. If we follow the trends, algorithms will be operated by themselves. One such algorithm named Rankbrain is being used by Google, which handles new queries that are made for the first time. Artificial Intelligence will probably be used for everything in the coming decades due to its vast potential. But for now, quick user information and data analysis are highly valued. Since the takeover of Artificial Intelligence is expected to happen, the internet sector should be better prepared, to avoid any complications that might occur later on.

7. Smartphone Orientation:

The IT industry will never be at its full potential without involving a simple smartphone. No matter how effective your features are, they cannot be implemented without taking a look at its adaptability to a smartphone. Several methods are used to analyze the accessibility of websites on smartphones. Search engines usually direct the traffic through mobile phones to sites that have high adaptability to the smartphone. The individual factor is worth remembering when considering smartphones such as the location of different buttons and visualizing texts and other media contents.

The Final Word

Search technologies are now being commonly used for promoting various brands. You can search for different products online, and you will likely come across a famous brand that is selling that particular product. One of the reasons is that websites with positive reviews and effective advertising generally get high rankings in the search engine.

Although artificial intelligence has been successful in identifying purchased reviews which in turn do not affect the rankings, it is not being implemented currently across all sites. Search engines also analyze brand reputation through various elements such as the relation with different firms, trust factors of customers and customer care efficiency. In simple words, your brand image lies in the fate of your website.

Written by Robin Khokhar
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