Why Do Businesses Use Press Releases To Gain More Leads?

Press Releases

Press releases are stories or statements reported in newspapers, news websites, and social media that give information regarding a particular event or matter. The goal of every press release is to get attention and attract more business. Publicity from the press release will allow you to be more visible and increase awareness of your business. In turn, this kind of visibility and brand awareness will generate more leads or, in other words, turn a person into a client. Besides that, here are some reasons why businesses use press releases to gain more leads:

1. Exposure

With a press release, it won’t take long to spread the word to everyone about who you are and what you have to offer. For any kind of business, it’s important that people see your brand and company so that you’ll be at the top of their minds. Press releases are one of the easiest and fastest ways to get more eyes to see your brand, logo, and products, thus making your business more popular.

Press releases are a key part of effective marketing. With more exposure from press releases, more people will start talking about your products. Increasing your visibility will allow your business to tap new customers. Consider working with a press release distribution service like Pressat in order to make your press releases more effective.

2. Legitimacy

Press releases are typically produced and broadcasted by news channels or websites. With strong backing from a legitimate source, your brand and products become more trustworthy, credible, and reliable. More people will believe in your products and brand since it was recommended by a news outlet, which is often seen as a credible source of information. In turn, more people will be more compelled to buy your products. Press releases also give you more authority and build a relationship with your customers.

Trust is very important for customers. Having a recognized media outlet write about your company and products will establish your credibility. Without trust, you won’t be able to sell anything or build any kind of relationship with your customers. This is why press releases are important in generating new leads.

3. Establish Relationships with Journalists

In the news industry, a good press release will make you hit the ground running. By providing a well-written, informative press release, you can get connected and build good relationships with journalists. As they are always looking for newsworthy stories, a well-crafted press release that gives value will surely attract the attention of journalists. Over time, you can build your relationship with journalists, making it easier for you to contact them to cover your story.

This collaboration with journalists can mean more visibility and exposure for your brand. Getting journalists to write about your business will also influence lead generation and possibly turn someone who is not a client of yours into a loyal customer.

Backlinks are links that are placed on another website. So, whenever a website links to another site, that’s what you call a backlink. Pages with lots of backlinks tend to have higher ranks on major search engines.

Press statement provides you with powerful backlinks, which triggers a high rank on Google. The thing is that the more legitimate links that you have on your website, the higher the rank it gets on search engines. If your press release is published on credible, legitimate websites, your business’ website’s rank will also start to rise through backlinks. The goal is to have your website on the first few pages of the search results of any search engine. By being on the top pages, you will be able to generate more leads for your business.

5. Global Reach

Press releases, nowadays, are not only found in newspapers or through the mail. Press releases are out on the internet, where anyone in the world with internet access can read them. People can also read your press releases from their smartphones, so it’s so convenient to get the word out about your company.

When you do a press release, your company can broadcast it to the entire world, wherein millions of people will get to know about your company and brand. This is very impactful, especially if you are a local company. Going global will open you up to many opportunities. For example, someone in another country sees the press release about your products, which gets them interested enough to decide and make a purchase. Once this happens, your local company will have the opportunity to start exporting your products.


The publicity, credibility, and legitimacy that you get from press releases are very important to gain more leads for your business. Press statements will be able to generate leads that extend farther than your own country. The results from press releases are phenomenal regardless of the industry or size of your business. Depending on the content that you put out, you could bring great results to the growth of your business.

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