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5 Essentials for your Company’s Website

It can be hard to build a new website for your company from scratch, especially if you’ve never done it before. There...

Company's Website

It can be hard to build a new website for your company from scratch, especially if you’ve never done it before. There are many things to consider, such as whether the pages are suitably interactive and whether the site design will appeal to the right audience.

Want a leg up? You’ll need to know which tasks are essential for crafting a professional website and what’s not important for SEO.

Here is a list of 5 essentials that every good company website simply can’t go without.

1: Strong SEO Performance

If you’ve spent time and money putting together a fantastic website, you’ll want to show it off and make sure that potential customers of people get to see it. Therefore, having a powerful SEO (search engine optimization) is essential to boost your website’s traffic.

To do this, you must pay close attention to the content on your website. Is it clean, concise, and optimized with relevant keywords?

You should also hire a solid SEO consultant in your country, whether in Norway or Canada. They will analyze your web traffic and offer solutions for improving your search engine results ranking.

2: Customer Approval Ratings

Strong customer satisfaction can be one of the biggest drivers of sales to your website. Customers are much less likely to trust your business if they see notable signs of customer dissatisfaction or no signs of customer satisfaction at all.

Therefore, consider setting up an effective customer feedback function on your website. When a customer is happy with their purchase, invite them to give feedback.

3: Live Chats for Customers

If you have the resource to do this, consider setting up a live chat function. Live chats on a company website are likely to increase sales as they build consumer confidence on the website with fast answers to their questions.

Live chats are an efficient customer service option for your business. A live chat operator can speak to multiple customers simultaneously, which means the services will cost less than if you used a call center alternative.

4: A Modern, Stylish Finish

If your website looks dull and disorganized, customers may be put off purchasing from your business. However, if you’ve got a website with a stellar complementary color scheme, modern fonts, and a clear layout, customers will be reassured by the contemporary feel and find it easier to navigate through the pages.

With each new page, you create on your website, make sure it passes these tests:

  1. Does it look impressive?
  2. Is it clear what the purpose of the page is?
  3. Is it straightforward to move around the page and to navigate to other related pages?

If your site passes these three tests, it will meet the approval of your customers, too.

5. Multiple Payment Methods

Your customers like to pay in different ways. Therefore, it’s important to have as many payment options available as possible, or you risk accidentally turning some customers away.

Some customers can’t pay all the costs upfront for larger purchases and prefer to spread payments over time. Websites with a ‘buy now, pay later option can increase conversions and boost sales more than businesses that only have one payment option.

Make Your Website Flourish

In today’s competitive digital climate, businesses don’t succeed unless they have a strong online offering. Therefore, you must have an impactful website that attracts a high volume of traffic to your business and shows that you’re worth checking out!

Make sure your company’s website is easy to understand with a clear message, and you’ll set yourself on the right track for a great site.


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Written by Robin Khokhar
Robin Khokhar is an SEO specialist who mostly writes on SEO. Thus sharing tips and tricks related to SEO, WordPress, blogging, and digital marketing, and related topics.

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    As you mention strong SEO performance is very important because if we have spent time and money putting together for a fantastic website but it is make sure that it can attract readers to our post so for this a powerful SEO is essential to boost our website traffic.

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