Where AI Meets Branding?

AI Meets Branding

There is no denying that artificial intelligence i.e. AI has become of the most popular technologies today. It’s readily used in chatbots, recruitment tools, self-driving vehicles, and drones, etc. and now it’s also seen in brand building. The question is, “how AI Meets Branding”?

AI in Visuals

Visuals are certainly an important part of a brand. For instance, we are able to recognize famous brands like Apple and Nike by their logos alone. This is why tools are being created that can use artificial intelligence to design visual assets for different brands. A product that serves as a quintessential example is Tailor Brands. It’s an AI-powered logo maker that can understand the design requirements of a user with inputs like brand name, industry name, design preferences, etc. It essentially works like a human graphics designer and you can even try Tailor Brands logo maker for free.

AI in Customer Experience

According to a report by Forbes, by 2025, almost 95% of customer interactions will be supported by AI. This is because companies are realizing the advantage of using AI in customer service. For instance, the widespread use of chatbots in different industries is a clear indication that AI can be an alternative to traditional customer support that’s limited by human resources, time, and financial constraints. Efforts are also being made towards creating programs that can understand voice and speech mainly to pinpoint the emotions that are being reflected.

Apart from customer service, AI is also used in improving customer interactions. For instance, eCommerce companies are using AI to improve sales by offering personalized recommendations. This is also helping in branding as better recommendations lead to better shopping experiences.

Reputation Management

Branding is all about building a strong reputation and AI can help in its protection. For instance, a major problem that’s taking center stage lately is fake reviews and comments. It involves unethical brands incentivizing fake online users to post fake and negative comments/reviews about other brands. This negative publicity can hurt the brand’s reputation and in turn, sales.

AI can be used to design systems that can help companies i.e. brands to protect their online reputation from negative publicity, reviews, etc. They can leverage AI-powered analytics and social media monitoring techniques to help brand managers keep tabs on what others are saying about their products and services.

How Can You Use AI for Brand Building?

The following are some of the ways AI can be used for brand building:

Company Culture Development

Company culture is at the core of every brand and AI can help create and maintain the unique culture of a particular organization. For instance, there are AI-powered recruiting systems like Harver that can automate the hiring process and identify candidates that will fit within a company’s culture. It can run a series of tests that can detect select personality traits and talents that have been set by the user company.

Customer Conversations

Customers that get excellent service from a brand are more loyal towards it and they also have more respect for it. Again, this is where AI can help.

By using appropriate and innovative chatbots, brands can fuel conversions with their customers. They can ensure that support is available 24/7 and that their concerns are addressed without long waiting periods. This can go a long way in building powerful brands.


As you can see, AI has come a long way today and it’s readily used in all kinds of branding areas. Forward-thinking companies have already realized its potential and it’s only a matter of time before we see even more advanced branding solutions that can protect online reputation, facilitate customer interactions, and improve brand image in public.


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