Find Hidden Apps On Android Using Contrasting Tricks To Follow

Find Hidden Apps On Android Using Contrasting Tricks To Follow

This article helps you to reveal camouflaged apps on humanoid devices. In this article, we will master ourselves to find hidden apps on Android. Additionally, it doesn’t matter that the device you use belongs to which brand of mobile. There are many phones available in the market that supports the App-hiding Feature. Companies like Samsung, Xiaomi, and many others manufacture such types of smart devices. The following facts will reveal secrets such as finding hidden apps and files on your device:

Find Hidden Apps On Android With the Help Of App Drawer

To see apps on the Android home screen is good to go. Nevertheless, it does not mean that the apps shown on the home screen are the ones only installed on your device. Some apps are hidden as well. To view the full list of apps that are stationed on your device make use of the App Drawer by clicking the icon available the beneath core division of the screen with a circle containing six dots in it.

Once you have clicked on this icon, a list of hidden files and station files will come in front. This will show you most of the apps presently available on the device, some of them perhaps hidden. To find all of them follow the steps given as under:

  1. Arising out of the app drawer, click on the three dots in the top-right region of the screen.
  2. Click on Hide Apps.
  3. The hidden apps will display on the screen, also keep in mind if the screen is vacant none of the apps is hidden.
Picture shows about how to find hidden apps on Android. Also highlighting the apps which are hidden.

Find Hidden Apps On Android Within The Settings

Click on the icon like a gear i.e. Settings of the Phone. After doing so, go for the Apps and Notifications. Now click on See All Apps.

Showing Apps and Notifications option in Settings, and also all the files that system possesses.

See the above image showing the option Apps and Notifications.

Look Over For The Trick Apps On Android

There are several kinds of apps on the Google Play Store developed for hiding apps on Android. These apps are capable to hide pictures and other vital data contained in your devices. The most prior app used by numerous users is Smart Hide Calculator App. It looks like a basic calculator but in fact, Smart Hide Calculator App is designed to hide apps and other data. The calculator User Interface is fully operative, but it brings out its true colors when the user enters the password.

To cross-check the real specification of an Android app, below are the steps you need to follow:

  1. You have to click the app icon till a mini menu appears on the screen.
  2. Click on the Info icon i.e. (i) placed next to the Pencil icon right in the upper-right corner.
  3. Another page will appear on the screen containing all the information about the app like app storage, data, etc. Now click on App Details.
Showing info button, app details and reviews of other users that help to find hidden apps on android

4. Consequently, a new page in the Google Play Store will open on your screen. This page consists of all the information that is related to the app, it also enables you to read other users’ reviews about the app.

Grasping Humanoid Files And Display

Similar to all the other devices, Android devices trait a home screen that extends evenly yonder what you view while turning the device on. Other sections of the home screen are used to apart apps and widgets. To see them all, swipe the screen from left to right.

You can also make folders to hide files. These are viewable on the screen and contain four small app icons. You can give it a click to see the apps.

Not To Exclude Web Apps To Find Hidden Apps On Android

We cannot exclude Web apps from this situation. Most companies add full utility to their website, resulting in the user now needing not to install and access the app. Instagram is one of the major examples of such kind.

To have a look at what site the user has accessed, open the browser and go in for the browser history. Taking this step, you can have an idea about what sites the user visited a few hours or days ago. Although it can be deleted, that means it isn’t a full-proof way to do so.

Often Queries

  • How to find hidden apps on your iPhone? Go to the app store and go in for your profile picture, after that click on your name. Now in Cloud, click on Hidden Purchases under iTunes. Additionally, you can go into Account Settings and then click on Purchase History.
  • How to dump hidden spyware from Android? If you have such a situation go in for List of Admin Apps, subsequently, disable Admin rights and uninstall or delete the app.
  • How to be sure that there is no hidden tracking app on my device? If the camera or mic indicator lights get on when you are not using your phone, then you perhaps have tracking software. To be sure go to Settings> Apps&Alerts> App Permissions. Now just click on Camera and Microphone, then you can see what freeware is retrieving these gadgets.


I hope that the above article will give you some useful information about ‘How to find hidden apps on Android. Henceforth, if you have any issues in such a scenario as mentioned above feel free to share your feedback in the comments section below and we will try to help you with the same.


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