Top 10 Best Frameworks For Android App Development In 2024


In the race of developing the best application in the trending market, Android holds the maximum market share. Its flexibility, usability, and popularity make it ideal for app development.

Do you know? The number of users with Android-powered devices is increasing day by day. Today, over 2.5 billion active Android users span over 190 countries.

Therefore, building an app for Android is the best choice you could make. And, luckily there are many Android application development frameworks to choose from for the development processes.

But which Android framework will best fit your business needs?

In this article, we’ll discuss the ten best frameworks for Android app development in 2024 and look at what they have to offer.

List Of The Best Android Frameworks In 2024

#1. React Native- A Cross-Platform Framework

best framework for android apps

React Native is the ultimate framework for building native apps with JavaScript and React. The library was introduced by Facebook in 2015 and enables developers to share the same codes for building apps for Android and iOS (2 of the most popular platforms for mobile app development).

Cutting costs is necessary when developing an app, but so is the code quality. React Native allows you to optimize the former and decrease development time without compromising quality.

What’s more? It’s one of the best frameworks for testing your app, which means increased productivity while using a single source of code throughout different operating systems. You can hire android app developers from top app development companies to build a high-performing and scalable app within your budget.


  • It has a hot-reload feature that allows developers to update files without disrupting the app’s current state.
  • React Native includes UI components and native API access, allowing Android apps to have a sophisticated look while performing well.

#2. Xamarin-Free And Open Source Mobile App Platform For Building Android App

best framework for android apps

The Xamarin Android Framework allows developers to create cross-platform native applications using C# and .NET. The framework enables code sharing between iOS, Android, and Windows platforms.

It will enable developers to use one programming language for their projects across different platforms. This is why it ranks among our best frameworks for android app development in 2024.


  • Xamarin has a sophisticated toolkit that allows developers to collaborate on shared code written in C# or XAML.
  • This development framework makes use of Microsoft’s cloud testing service, making it possible to test apps on a variety of devices.
  • This code-sharing feature reduces developers’ coding time and the number of bugs encountered during the development process.

#3. Flutter- Open-Source Mobile UI SDK Framework

best framework for android apps

The hottest new thing in mobile development is here. Google released its Flutter framework in 2017, and it’s going to change how developers build for Android and iOS. While cross-platform frameworks have been around since apps began.

Flutter’s unique widget set allows you to create a native app using only Dart code, no Java or Swift necessary. You also get high-performance graphics, embedded or third-party SDKs and plugins, and much more!


  • Flutter also proves to be an effective testing framework for UI, unit, and functionality testing.
  • Furthermore, this development framework includes the well-known hot reload feature, allowing seamless testing without restarting the app.

#4. Appcelerator Titanium- Allows Creation of Native Apps On Platforms Including Android, iOS

Titanium is a flexible platform that can develop a wide range of cross-platform apps, including iOS and Android. Titanium allows developers to write code in JavaScript or another language like Objective-C or Java and packages it into an app that runs on any mobile operating system.

Besides, Titanium provides high performance and a great user experience by leveraging native APIs. Through its capabilities, it brings your JavaScript-based mobile app to life on your users’ devices all while using a single code for all platforms. So, reach out top android app development company in India to get your next project running with Titanium.


  • A unique feature distinguishes Appcelerator. Developers can create multi-platform applications by reusing approximately 60% to 90% of the existing code.
  • Appcelerator-based Android applications benefit from the use of hardware-specific features.
  • Furthermore, it supports native API access for operating systems such as iOS, Android, HTML5, Universal Windows, and Blackberry.
  • Android OS-centric controls, platform-specific notifications, and menu buttons are examples.

#5. Android SDK- Best Android App Development Kit

The Android Software Development Kit (SDK) contains a wide range of tools that allow you to develop applications for Google’s mobile operating system. It is one of many different software packages that let you write apps for Windows, macOS, and Linux computers.

Like Adobe Photoshop or Autodesk Maya, an advanced graphics software package, developers use SDK to make their jobs more accessible by providing code libraries and tools that simplify app development tasks.


  • Provides a rich Android app development environment
  • Useful for debugging your apps
  • Manages access to various hardware components in your device
  • Encrypting your app
  • Ability to run an emulator on your computer so that you can test your app without using an actual device

#6. Sencha Touch- Top-Notch Web Framework

With such a wide range of functions, Sencha Touch is one of our favorite frameworks. It’s optimized to work smoothly across devices and has extensive support on forums and websites.

If you’re looking to develop an HTML5 app, Sencha Touch is an excellent choice because it offers so much more than just standard UI elements. Its extensible features include controls like charts, media players, geolocation tools, and more.


  • This new Android framework aids in the development of captivating and eye-catching mobile applications by including over 50 UI components and native themes.
  • It also enhances the apps with unique features like the richness of fluid animations and smooth scrolling.
  • Several large corporations have praised Sencha Touch for its high compatibility, responsive touch features, and rapid execution.

#7. Corona SDK Framework

Since its inception in 2008, Corona SDK has enjoyed a meteoric rise to become one of today’s most well-known cross-platform mobile development frameworks. This is not surprising given its open-source and free-to-use nature, coupled with being backed by award-winning development firm Zimpleware.

Its popularity has grown exponentially since it developed the Burger Chef Tycoon game, an early example of gaming on an app on the Google Play store.


  • Corona SDK can create apps and games for mobile and desktop platforms using a single code base.
  • It comes with over a thousand feature-rich APIs pre-installed, a plethora of plugins, and a dynamic advertising platform for developers.
  • Corona’s app backend framework is built using Lua. Lua is an easy-to-learn, lightweight, and robust multi-paradigm programming language.

#8. Ionic- Complete Open-Source SDK

best framework for android app development

With Ionic, web developers can easily develop mobile apps. This framework is based on HTML5 and provides designers and developers with a comfortable workflow by building rich applications with little effort.

Also, it o comes with pre-made libraries and a starter kit to get users up and running quickly. It is open-source, making it even more popular than ever before; why is it one of our favorites?

best framework for android app development


  • In addition, the framework includes a simple CLI that provides access to emulators, live reload, logging, and other useful features.
  • Ionic is one of the best new Android frameworks for mobile app development because of this CLI and its flexibility.
  • Ionic easily integrates with other libraries like Cordova and AngularJS.
  • The plugins for Cordova enhance the framework’s functionality by incorporating various components such as a camera, GPS, etc.

#9. NativeScript Android Framework

This framework supports mobile and web applications and uses JavaScript as its core language. Other languages are also supported, including Java, Kotlin, TypeScript, and JSON. This is a community-driven framework that has been in development since 2012 and is open source.

It claims to be feature-rich and allows developers to build Android apps without knowing Java. The main benefit of NativeScript Android Framework is that it doesn’t require an IDE (integrated development environment) because all components run inside your favorite browser.

best Frameworks For Android


  • NativeScript operates differently than most other Android frameworks, resulting in time and money savings during the app development process.
  • The framework provides developers with complete access to all iOS and Android APIs.
  • It also allows for the easy reuse of CocoaPods and Android SDKs and the search for free templates, plugins, and app samples.

#10. SproutCore- JavaScript Web Framework

best Frameworks For Android

Popularized by Apple, SproutCore is a lightweight JavaScript framework that helps in developing 2D mobile apps. Its notable features include NodeJS support, optimized animation, and property binding.

Although it’ s mainly used to develop native apps, SproutCore is considered a front-end JavaScript framework because it uses HTML to construct views and has simple capabilities compared to other frameworks. Additionally, its JS engines can execute code on both the browser and server sides.

best Frameworks For Android


  • In contrast to other Android frameworks and libraries, this framework includes a large collection of over 50,000 tools.
  • These tools, including routing, UI components, testing, and deployment tools, are perfectly capable of building desktop-like applications in a browser.
  • The framework has emerged as one of the best in its field due to its maintainable application code and well-thought-out business logic.


Hopefully, you have found a framework that will serve your needs. These are just 10 of what we consider to be the best. Many other frameworks can help get your app off to a good start in 2024.

The decision of which one is right for you depends on what sort of Android app you are developing, your business objectives, and more. So, take a closer look at each of these frameworks and determine which one best suits your needs. Although, you can take help from a top android app development company in India to choose and implement the best framework for your app.


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