Best WooCommerce PDF Invoice Plugins For Your Online Store

Best WooCommerce PDF Invoice Plugins For Your Online Store

Are you in the process of setting up an e-commerce enterprise based on the WooCommerce platform? Or do you already have an existing WooCommerce site? Either way, you need to be providing your customers with accurate, professional-looking, and easily accessible invoices. It is through the invoices that you get to list the goods sent to customers (or services delivered) – and the amounts of money due for them. Check out the list of best Woocommerce PDF invoice plugins you starting a new online store.

The invoice usually also serves as the document through which you get to state the expected payment terms. Although WooCommerce does possess some inbuilt capability to generate invoices, many find WooCommerce’s inbuilt invoice system to be too limited in certain important aspects. But don’t worry, we have got you covered!

Fortunately, there are numerous PDF Invoice plugins that you can use to generate better-looking, professional, and organized invoices for your customers. In this blog, we will be discussing some of the best WooCommerce PDF Invoice plugins to help your store!

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Introduction to WooCommerce PDF Invoice Plugins

You must be wondering, what are WooCommerce PDF Invoice Plugins? Well, WooCommerce PDF invoice plugins are best described as pieces of software that extend WooCommerces inbuilt invoice generation capability. They also add new functionality in the area of invoice generation, beyond that which WooCommerce has by default. Most of the WooCommerce PDF invoice plugins are available in free and premium versions. For the free versions, users get basic features. Then for the premium versions, users get advanced features. But some WooCommerce PDF invoice plugins are only available at a fee, with no free versions.

Why Use WooCommerce PDF Invoice Plugins?

Earlier, we said that WooCommerce does have some inbuilt capability to generate invoices. You may then wonder, why not just rely on the said WooCommerce’s inbuilt invoice generation capability? Why take the trouble of searching for and installing WooCommerce PDF invoice plugs? As it turns out, there are several reasons for using the plugins, despite WooCommerce being capable of generating some invoices by default. So what exactly are those reasons for using the plugins?

For one, WooCommerce’s inbuilt invoices system doesn’t offer much in terms of customization. It can only generate basic invoices. Yet owners of WooCommerce websites often desire to have more leeway, in terms of being able to fully customize the appearance of (and the information in) their invoices.

Further, WooCommerce’s inbuilt invoice system comes with very little automation capability. Yet WooCommerce site owners usually desire to automate most aspects of invoice generation, to make the work easier and to enhance accuracy.

It is also worth noting that the inbuilt WooCommerce invoice system has limited features for tracking and reporting. It also has limitations when it comes to integration.

Therefore it is on account of these factors that website owners yearn for good WooCommerce PDF invoice plugins.

Features of a Good WooCommerce PDF Invoice Plugin

Before proceeding to look at the best WooCommerce PDF invoice plugins in 2023, we first need to know what goes into making a good WooCommerce PDF invoice plugin. So, what exactly are the features of an ideal WooCommerce PDF invoice plugin? In that regard, there are 4 key features, namely:


An ideal WooCommerce PDF invoice plugin should be compatible with the version of WooCommerce currently being used. It should also be compatible with other tools that are commonly used in the enterprise where it is to be deployed – including the payment gateways.


A good WooCommerce PDF invoice plugin should allow the user to fully customize the invoices it generates. Remember, one of the purposes that these plugins serve is that of addressing the customization limitations that WooCommerce’s inbuilt invoices system comes with. Therefore the plugin should grant the user complete leeway, in terms of customizing the appearance of (and information in) the invoice.


A proper WooCommerce PDF invoice plugin should be capable of automating the tasks associated with the generation of invoices. Thus, for instance, the plugin should be capable of doing something like automatically generating an invoice the moment an order confirmation email is sent. It should also be capable of automating things like sending invoices to customers and printing the same. There are even some plugins with the capability to automatically backup the invoices on spaces like Google Drive or Dropbox…


A good WooCommerce PDF invoice plugin should be easy to use. That depends on things like how its dashboard is structured and how it handles user input. Remember, the plugin is meant to make things easier – not harder.

The Best WooCommerce PDF Invoice Plugins in 2023

1. WooCommerce PDF Invoices, Packing Slips, Delivery Notes, and Shipping Labels

WooCommerce PDF Invoices, Packing Slips, Delivery Notes, and Shipping Labels plugin gives you all the documents needed for the order fulfillment process. This remarkably helpful plugin is available for free, but there are premium features you can access upon making some modest payments (if you wish to). Most of the people who have used and rated it give this plugin 5 stars: meaning that it is a pretty good plugin.

Features available for free

  • This plugin allows you to fully customize the invoices (and other order fulfillment documents it generates), by adding logos, store names, VAT details, and so on.
  • The invoice is printable right from the My Account page.
  • There are classic and standard invoice templates to choose from.
  • The invoice number can be auto-generated.
  • When processing free orders, you can disable invoices.

Premium features

When you sign up for WooCommerce PDF Invoices, Packing Slips, Delivery Notes, and Shipping Labels premium versions, you get additional features like:

  • A greater variety of templates you can use for invoices and other order fulfillment documents
  • Greater layout customization leeway -through both visual and code editors
  • Faster (premium) support that is time-bound
  • Invoice number customization
  • Ability to add custom fields to the documents

2. PDF Invoices & Packing Slips for WooCommerce

This easy-to-use plugin makes it possible for you to automatically attach invoices (in PDF) to order confirmation emails. It also generates packing slips, which typically go hand in hand with the invoices. It is available for free, with a basic template for the invoices. Those who want more templates have the chance to buy them from WPOvernight. As of the time of this writing, out of the 1554 people who had rated this plugin, 1525 gave it a 5-star rating – an indication that it is a truly effective plugin.

Features available for free

  • One basic template for PDF invoices
  • Automatic attachment of PDF invoices to order confirmation emails
  • Generation of bulk PDF invoices and packing slips
  • Sequential invoice numbering
  • Available in 34 languages
  • Full customizability

At an additional fee, you can procure PDF invoices and packing slips with premium templates.

3. Challan – PDF Invoice & Packing Slip for WooCommerce

This is one of the most feature-rich WooCommerce PDF invoice plugins. It automates almost all aspects of invoice generation, making the work truly stress-free. This plugin comes with a rather easy interface and easy customization. It is a plugin you can download and install for free. But there are also premium features you can tap into upon making payments. Notably, over 85% of the people who have rated this plugin on the WordPress website give it a 5-star rating: which is evidence of the plugin’s helpfulness.

Features available for free

  • Customizable invoice numbers
  • Currency code display in subtotals
  • Customers can download the invoice from their Orders page
  • The invoice format is fully customizable
  • Invoice automatically generated for every order
  • Also generates packing slips in PDF

Premium features

  • Allows for selection of custom paper sizes
  • Lets you include product images
  • Allows for attachment of signatures
  • Shipping list generation (using date range criterion)
  • Stamp duty payment inclusion
  • Option for attachment of other documents (like T&Cs, user manuals, refund policies, and so on)

4. Sliced Invoices

This is one of the simplest-to-use WooCommerce PDF invoice plugins. It comes with lots of customization options, invoice and quote numbers that work on an auto-increment basis, and inline items that are predefined. It is worth noting that for this particular plugin, to get the invoices in PDF, you have to use the ‘ PDF Quotes and PDF Invoices’ extension – which is available at a fee. Nonetheless, if the other features in the plugin are helpful to you, that may turn out to be a small price to pay…


  • Allows you to ‘ clone’ quotes and invoices that are already in existence
  • The templates in it are fully customizable using CSS
  • Lets you import quotes and invoices in bulk via CSV
  • You can name the invoices it generates whatever you want (like bills, tax invoices, and so on)
  • The invoices can be in any currency
  • Allows for advanced invoice reporting
  • Compatible with both online invoice payments and offline payment methods

5. Yith WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips

This is arguably the most flexible of WooCommerce PDF invoice plugins. Through it, you can greatly speed up the shipping process: as it generates invoices automatically and then creates packing slips. The invoices from this plugin are easily downloadable from the My Account page. However, unlike other WooCommerce PDF invoice plugins that have free versions, Yith seems to be only available at a fee. But it does have features to justify its pricing.


  • Allows you to specify whether you want to generate all invoices automatically, or if you want to do some of them manually.
  • Lets you select/set up an invoice numbering scheme of your choice
  • Comes with a dedicated dashboard for monitoring and managing the invoices
  • Also capable of generating receipts and proforma invoices
  • Allows for easy management of refunds
  • Creates automatic backups (in Google Drive or Dropbox)
  • Lets you insert tracking data into the delivery notes for the invoices it generates

Selecting the Best WooCommerce PDF invoice plugin for your needs

There are quite several good WooCommerce PDF invoice plugins to choose from. A key question then comes up: how do you select the best WooCommerce PDF invoice plugin for your specific needs? In that regard, you first need to work out/visualize exactly how you’d want your invoices to look. Next, you need to figure out what sort of information you want to include in your invoices.

Also, consider how you’d want your invoice generation and order fulfillment workflow to run. Then pick the WooCommerce PDF invoice plugin that best aligns with these aspects. Just ensure that the plugin you settle on is reasonably easy to use, and which gives good-quality output. If you can’t find the exact features you need in a free version of a WooCommerce PDF invoice plugin, consider opting for a premium version. The fees are typically modest – almost negligible – yet on their account you often get access to many truly helpful features.

How We Settled on the Best WooCommerce PDF Invoice Plugins?

In the next section below, we proceed to look at the 5 best WooCommerce PDF invoice plugins. At this point though, you may wonder, just how did we pick these as the ‘ best’ plugins? What criterion was used to pick these particular plugins over the others? And as it turns out, there are 3 main things that we considered, before settling on these as the best WooCommerce PDF invoice plugins:

Firstly, we looked at the features in the respective WooCommerce PDF invoice plugins.

Secondly, we considered the types of ratings and reviews the respective WooCommerce PDF invoice plugins have gotten from people who have used them.

And thirdly, we considered the popularity of the various WooCommerce PDF invoice plugins – as evidenced by the number of people using them.

Based on that criterion, we now go ahead to highlight the best WooCommerce PDF invoice plugins.

A Final Word

As we have seen, there are several good WooCommerce PDF invoice plugins you can make use of to generate highly accurate, professional-looking, and easily accessible invoices. These plugins serve an essential purpose because WooCommerce’s inbuilt invoicing system is not always sufficient.

With the WooCommerce PDF invoice plugins, you can get invoices that look exactly how you want, and that contain all the information you want them to convey. If all you need are basic features, it may be possible to find them in the free versions of the various WooCommerce PDF invoice plugins. But if you want the more advanced features, the premium versions of WooCommerce PDF invoice plugins will typically have them.

Just remember, you don’t have to struggle with (or compromise on) any aspect of WooCommerce invoice generation. There are plugins to help you easily generate the best possible PDF invoices for your WooCommerce site.


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