Top 5 Plugins To Improve Customer Retention On WooCommerce


Most eCommerce stores use WooCommerce plugins to expand their stores and give their store a professional look. Apart from these, a well-built plugin can help you improve customer retention, boost your sales and take your brand to the next level.

Over 2.9 million websites use WooCommerce plugins, and among them a top million e-commerce sites worldwide, it is the most preferred option. You may run a startup or any type of store, but you can always customize and individualize your website by choosing your fit using a wide range of plugins.

This blog will further enhance why customer retention matters. There are the top five plugins to improve customer retention and encourage customers to choose your store over and over.

Why does Customer Retention matter?

One important reason customer retention matters are that existing customers purchase more products in greater quantities, which will help you generate more revenue. Existing customers know more about your store and the product and service you offer than new customers. You can use a well-built plugin to encourage repeat purchases and run a loyalty program that benefits customers.

Another important reason to improve customer retention is repeat customers are more likely to spread words about your brand to their friends and family. Word-of-mouth is crucial because it gives your brand strong credibility and brings in new customers at free of cost. Existing customers believe in your brand more than new customers. So, you must always find a way to retain customers.

To get even more clarity on how to improve customer retention, let’s look into one example:

Lume is a brand that sells body care, laundry, and full-body deodorant products. Lume offers regular delivery at lower costs when customers subscribe to particular products.

Customers who order from Lume are informed through email that their subscription shipment is due to arrive. In this email, the customer can choose to delay or cancel their order and view the list of included products and shipment dates. The mail will sometimes hold offers and discounts for customers who add additional one-time purchases to their orders.

Now the question is how Lume retains its customers and what approach they use to do so.

The way Lume executes product subscriptions differs from other brands’ loyalty programs. Lume offers discounts on its products when you sign up for automatic delivery every one, two, or three months rather than providing customers the choice to earn loyalty points and exchange them for a discount.

The subscription has a policy of “switch, skip, or cancel anytime”. The brand won’t charge if you modify the dates, postpone, or cancel your subscription. Lume also gives their customers five days to decide, encouraging them to make repeated purchases at their store.

Top 5 Plugins to Improve Customer Retention on WooCommerce

Here’s a list of the top five plugins to improve customer retention on your WooCommerce store.

Discount rules for WooCommerce

Customer Retention on WooCommerce

With Discount rules for the WooCommerce plugin, you can not only retain customers but also increase sales & revenue, and a must-have plugin for your eCommerce store. You can provide various and personalized discounts for your customers based on discount rules.

Using this plugin, you can create many WooCommerce discount rules with numerous features and a user-friendly interface designed to boost your sales & conversions. Other interesting features include,

  • Creating bulk discounts, advanced discounts, dynamic pricing, product-based discounts, tiered discounts, and more.
  • Another feature consists of the discount table on the product page, the Sale Badge for products that are on Sale, and Exclude products on Sale.
  • With WPML’s compatibility with Woo Discount Rules, creating discount rules in various languages is easy and simple.
  • Woo Discount rules allow you to add additional conditions to your rule based on subtotal, purchase history, category combination, particular user role, and more.

WPLoyalty – Points and rewards for WooCommerce

With WPLoyalty, you can reward, nurture and retain customers quickly. This plugin helps you to build strong relationships and loyalty with your customers. Make your customers feel special by offering them exciting rewards from the first signup.

Not only signups, but you can also reward them with points or coupon discounts based on the dollar they spend, order goals, whenever they refer a friend when they refer/share your products on social media. Additionally, WPLoyalty has unique features too.

  • WPLoyalty is user-friendly, easy to use, and has an integrated connection with WooCommerce.
  • This plugin also has the capacity to design an unlimited number of loyalty campaigns and rewards.
  • Another excellent feature is its chat-like Launcher widget. With the widget, customers can easily discover your WooCommerce Points & Rewards program and explore all the rewards you offer in a chat-like window.

Retainful – Abandoned cart recovery

Retainful is a user-friendly email automation tool that most WooCommerce stores use. As the name suggests, Retainful helps you improve customer retention and generate more revenue. You can send automated cart recovery emails at regular intervals, reminding your customers to recover their carts.

You can convert more cart abandonment into sales by sending a certain number of emails. Moreover, Retainful is considered to be the perfect fit to automate your store. Some other features include,

  • Adding dynamic coupon codes to the emails to encourage customers to recover carts and build a professional-looking email with a drag-drop editor.
  • Configure the campaigns in just a few clicks and launch them. Get started with our pre-built automation.
  • Track the activities, get reports based on the campaign performance, and make improvements.
  • Increase customer engagement by connecting retail with your favorite platforms.


LiveChat is an application that allows customers to interact with the customer service team. Moreover, LiveChat is easy and efficient to use, and it helps to improve customer retention, boost sales and improve customer engagement.

All you have to do is add live chat to your website and listen to the queries posted by the customers and give them a solution. LiveChat features also include,

  • Chat widget customization – You can create a personalized experience to interact with your customers.
  • Apply pre-made templates to create advanced workflows customized to your brand.
  • Engage many chat conversations at once, send pre-written statements to frequently asked queries, highlight your chats, and use the chat widget to send customers files.


Popupsmart is a no-code tool that boosts sales, builds email lists, and engages your customers in just five minutes. You can easily connect Popupsmart with your website and increase your conversions. Popups in a website have a high chance of improving customer retention.

This plugin is also compatible with every website you use without installing apps; no coding is necessary. Moreover, this plugin makes your website smooth and easy to use. Also,

  • With Popusmart, you can build personalized popup campaigns.
  • Since Popupsmart is a no-code popup builder, it offers an appealing and simple-to-use user interface.
  • Popups you create are user-friendly and do not disturb the customers during their shopping.


These top 5 plugins mentioned in the blog will improve customer retention for your WooCommerce store. Not only that, each plugin has different and unique features that give your customers an amazing shopping experience.

Each of the plugins helps you recover sales, makes your website automated, easy way to reward points and coupons/discounts, stays connected with your customers, and helps you build customized pop-ups. So, what are you waiting for? Choose your best-fit plugin and take your brand to the next level.


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