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Big Data vs Business Intelligence: Know How These Technologies Are Different From Each Other?

Business Intelligence (BI) and Big Data are both key players in the world of data processing. But both of these have different...

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Business Intelligence (BI) and Big Data are both key players in the world of data processing. But both of these have different processes and strategies that occupy unique roles in the market.

Well, it’s really easy to get lost in business-related terminology, but knowing the exact difference between Big Data vs Business Intelligence is very crucial as this will only help you make adequate use of and get benefit from both technologies.

Let’s move further and know how Big data and Big Intelligence are different from each other. To know this thing in a better way, it’s really important to first understand what exactly Business Intelligence and Big Data are.

What Is Business Intelligence (BI)?

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Business Intelligence (BI) includes strategies and technologies that help enterprises analyze business data. Using BI, you can import massive data streams and utilize them to produce meaningful information focusing on specific use-case or scenarios. 

Moreover, data visualization, data quality management, and self-power BI services are the top Business Intelligence trends. If you want to make effective use of BI in your business, then I will recommend getting connected with Business Intelligence consultants. This will benefit you to get solutions and know about Big Data services meeting your business demands and needs. 

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-Worldwide, the Business Intelligence market may hit $29.48 billion by 2022. (tech jury)

82% of Power BI adopters pick Microsoft Azure to get reliable and top-level cloud-based BI services.

51% of enterprises are gaining better financial performance with the introduction of BI. (ValueCoders)

HelloFresh, REI, Coca-Cola Bottling Company, and Chipotle are few popular organizations using Business Intelligence.

Benefits of using Business Intelligence

  • Fast & accurate reporting
  • Helpful business insights
  • Competitive analysis
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Recognizing market trends
  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Making accurate decisions

What is Big Data?

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Big data is the hottest topic running in the business world. Most people ponder that Big Data is just nothing but a massive amount of data. But it’s not a reality as Big data is also about the structure of the data, processing the data with the intention of abandoning valuable information to the enterprises.

-Worldwide, the Big Data analytics market is valued to reach $103 billion by 2023.

97.2% of companies are spending on big data and AI. (FinancesOnline)

Utilizing Big data, Netflix saves around $1 billion/year on customer retention.

American Express, BDO, Capital One, Miniclip, Netflix, Next Big Sound are few famous companies using Big Data.

Big Data vs Business Intelligence

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Benefits of using Big Data

  • Cost optimization
  • Better efficiency
  • Foster competitive pricing
  • Boost sales and retain customer loyalty
  • Focus on the local environment
  • Control and monitor online reputation

Business Intelligence vs Big Data: Similarities in Business Intelligence and Big Data

Both Big Data and Big Intelligence are involved in analyzing the information for generating valuable insights for various industry verticals such as healthcare, retail, eCommerce, travel & tourism, finance, and more. Moreover, using these two technologies, you can support your firm in making an adequate business decision within a short time frame.  

Big Data vs Business Intelligence: Major Difference Between Both Platforms

Big Data vs Business Intelligence

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Here I have mentioned the various pointers which will help you know how Power Business Intelligence (BI) is different from Big Data. Well, if you are having any kind of query related to BI, you can get connected with Microsoft Power BI consultant; this will get you to get the correct answer to the query.

1. Based On Fundamental

BI helps in making decisions by finding an answer to a question posed by the “known” company, whereas Big Data employs the MPP approach and can reveal questions, answers, and as well perspectives that may not be available unsuspected until then.

Additionally, Business Intelligence technology is more interested in questions including “what and where” type words. On the other hand, Big Data analytics provides the answer to the “why and how” sort of queries.

2. Talking About Data Storage

If I talk about BI, information storage, then it is stored on a central server (data warehouse), whereas Big Data includes a shared file system, which improves operations, makes it more flexible, and also safely stores data.  

Moreover, BI uses historical data to make future judgments, where Big Data solutions can look at both past data and real-time data sources.

3. Dealing With Data

Big Data deals with both structured and unstructured data originated from various sources, including external to the company like social networks; this thing is not possible with Business Intelligence as it just analyzes structured or semi-structured data for the organization’s internal. The formats are mechanically less varied.

4. Components

Business Intelligence (BI) involves various components; some of them are data warehouse, EPR databases, operating system, and dashboards, where Big Data includes hive, spark, R, Hadoop, and HDFC components.

BI makes better decisions and abandons highly authentic reports after extracting the accurate data from the direct source, whereas Big Data benefits in enhancing customer outcomes by capturing, processing, and examining the data.

5. Features

Big Intelligence and Big Data both include different features and also have different functionalities. Let’s view what sort of features Big Intelligence and Big Data include.

Executive dashboards, location intelligence, ranking reports, and interactive reports are the key features of BI.

Whereas; raw data processing, identity management, fraud management, version control are some of the Big Data features.

Big Data vs Business Intelligence: Popular Big Data and Power BI Tools

BI and Big Data tools help in sorting the processes; moreover, both support in completing analytics, examining, and other tasks faster. Let’s move further to know the names of famous Big Data and Business Intelligence tools.

Top 10 Business Intelligence Tools

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  • MicroStrategy
  • Oracle Analytics Cloud
  • SAS
  • Tableau
  • Microsoft Power BI
  • Tableau Desktop
  • Dundas BI
  • Sisense
  • Zoho Analytics
  • Datapine

Top 10 Big Data Tools


Big Data vs Business Intelligence

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  • Xplenty
  • Apache Hadoop.
  • CDH (Cloudera Distribution for Hadoop)
  • Cassandra
  • Knime
  • Datawrapper
  • HPCC
  • Storm
  • MongoDB
  • Lumify


After going through the Big Data vs Business Intelligence comparison, I hope you understood the exact difference between Business Intelligence and Big Data. If you need to know more about Power BI and Big Data and want to make correct use of both technologies in the business processes, then I will recommend you to connect with Big Data and Business Intelligence consultants working in the best Power BI and Big Data development company.

Doing so will help you know the various more interesting things about both technologies and get innovative solutions to boost up your business growth. 


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