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Basic Tricks To Get Your Comments Approved

Comments play a major role in a blog. Good comments boost up the blogger and encourage the blogger to keep on writing...

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Comments play a major role in a blog. Good comments boost up the blogger and encourage the blogger to keep on writing good content. Being a blogger, good comments also encourages me whereas spammy comments irritate. But just let’s forget it and focus on how to get your comments approved. When I was a beginner, I use to comment like “Nice post,” “Great post” but these comments were considered as spam by the admins of the blogs and never got approved, which resulted in wastage of time and effort. So I started writing long and suitable comments which changed the whole and helped me to increase my blog’s traffic.

Here are some basic tips and tricks from my experience which could help you to get your comments approved:

Read Comment Policy (Privacy Policy):

A commenter must read the comments policy before making the comments. Because comments get approved only when commenter comments according to the law or policy set by the blog’s admin. Moreover, almost all the blogs may have same commenting policy except some, so read the commenting policy of one blog, and you are ready to comment.

Value Your Content:

By commenting you are giving value to the content, so do it perfectly. Do not use one or two words which will be a waste of time for you and blogs admin. Do not use words like:

  • Great post
  • Good post, keep it up
  • Nice post
  • Fantastic post
  • Thanks for sharing
  • Thanks for the article

Bloggers want some well-written comments. And these one word or single sentence reply helps them to know that you are a spammer and haven’t read their post. So comment wisely by reading their post first.

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Use links within the comment wisely:

First, I suggest you to not to use links in the comments because it will only be considered spam by the admin, and might put you on the list of spammers. But if you still want to put your link in the comments, then give a wise reply and make sure that you are leaving your link for the sake of admin and other blog readers. It will help the blog admin to approve your comment with a link and not to put you on the spam list. You can also use commentLuv Blogs for leaving links in the comments because that is why they are using the commentLuv plugin. Many bloggers use commentLuv for getting Dofollow links, so I also use it but without doing any spamming.

Do not comment too many times on the same site in a single day:

It usually happens when we find a site with good page rank and domain authority with Dofollow comments. What we do is leave multiple comments on the website with our links in a single day. Now, what happens when the admin sees the comments he deletes all comments thinking that comments are being made by some bots or are just spam. So I suggest you comment once in a day on one site and keep it or subscribe it for further more comments on some other day.

Don’t add keywords instead of your name:

Always use your real name while commenting. This way your comments will look real, and you can make good relationships with the admin and in future, he or she may quickly approve your comments without reading them.

Agree with the Blogs Admin or Author of the post if possible:

When you are posting a comment, agree with the author because he is there to approve your comments, and if you are going to write something inappropriate for his blog post, he will never approve your comment. If the author is providing any wrong information or had made some mistakes, comment politely with reasonable changes which don’t hurt the feelings of the author. Moreover, do not use harsh words to comment which may lead you to block from the commenting section.

Don’t use too long comments:

Having a long post is Good for search engines, but a long comment of the same size of the post cannot help. People usually post long comments so that their comments get approved. But sometimes forget to write about the post they are commenting on. What authors or admins want is that the commenters must comment on what is relevant means stick to the topic on which they are commenting. Writing stories about something else or about yourself will only lead to disapproved comment. So I would say be relevant and write a comment about the post only.

Never use Affiliate links in comments:

I know that affiliate programs are amazing to earn a lot of money. But the only thing to do is not to use the affiliate links in the commenting section. You can use your own blog for the same.

Prohibit the use of Bots:

Comment manually to get the quality links or for getting your comments approved. The use of bots like scape jet, Comment Kahuna, Scrape box and commenting demon, etc. will do nothing but down ranking of your sites.

Proofread your comment before posting:

Before you post your comment, proofread it. Check your grammatical errors and make spelling corrections. Because admin will allow those comments which have perfect sense and are easily understandable. Before you hit the post button, do proofreading perfectly because once you hit the post button, then no changes will be made. I am using Grammarly for Proofreading and will suggest you use that.

Use unique comments, don’t reuse the same comment again and again:

Be unique, doesn’t mean to check the uniqueness of the comments before posting, it means do not use the same comment again and again. Like some people make a commenting template and use it on different sites that result in disapproving their comments. Because they don’t write according to the post and will lead to deleting the comments.

So I suggest you comment after reading the post and according to the situation.


List of Blog Commenting sites For referral traffic.

Some more valuable tips to get your comments approved:

  1. Create a list of blog commenting sites with the same niche where you can blog comment regularly.
  2. Subscribe to those blogs which provide good content and good domain authority.
  3. Try to read the whole post before commenting.
  4. Comment manually instead of using any paid software.
  5. Make the bloggers admins your friends.
  6. As I mentioned earlier, follow the rules of the websites for commenting.
  7. When someone comments on your blog, do reply with appropriate answers.
  8. If you are leaving links to other bloggers, allow them to leave links on your blog too. This can be another trust factor which will help you.
  9. Another important thing, use the of the gravatar image.
  10. If someone comments on your Blog Post, try to return the favor of that commenter by leaving a comment on his Blog’s post if possible. This will help the commenter to revisit your site again and again.

Hope this post of mine helps you in getting your comments approved. And if have any questions or any query feel free to tell us through comments.

Written by Robin Khokhar
Robin Khokhar is an SEO specialist who mostly writes on SEO. Thus sharing tips and tricks related to SEO, WordPress, blogging, and digital marketing, and related topics.

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