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Free Instagram Story Maker Templates via online

Beyond 500 million users active on Instagram daily. That gives you a great chance to promote your brand. You can level up...

Free Instagram Story Maker Templates via online-ba8a5ff7

Beyond 500 million users active on Instagram daily. That gives you a great chance to promote your brand. You can level up your Instagram stories to link with your followers and attract more traffic to your profile. The Instagram Story maker templates app can give you a boost.

Instagram story maker apps are changing the social media narrative. While Instagram is about a decade old, it has become prevalent. As your day progresses, you want to share those good moments or stories with your followers online about your brand. The platform helps you to achieve that with ease.

Are you seeking the best ways to create Instagram stories? Instagram story maker templates have eased everything for you. You are sure to come up with high quality and exciting stories with the best apps.

Best Instagram Story Maker Templates

Over for text graphics

Do you want to share inspirational quotes, tips or you seek to add a creative twist on your campaign? Over offers you the best way to execute that. It is an Instagram story maker that will allow you to overlay your text and vital graphics into your videos and photos.

Do you have a brand that you wonder where to begin to create brand content? Over has gazillion photos, tools, templates, and graphics that you can choose from. It will enable you to upgrade your stories without much hassle.

In case you would like your on-brand content to have little movement, the app helps you add that. Your brand will do more with some videos. Overstock video library offers you multiple animations that can help you to bring life to your content.


Whatever content you create about what you offer need to attract your users. With the Storyluxe Instagram story maker, you have been assured to create eye-catching content. The app provides you many different and dynamic Instagram story templates. It has the most modern and creative templates well suited for your brand.

If you are looking for Instagram story templates dedicated to events, Storyluxe is the best choice. You are sure to capture many memories at once with this template. Getting started with it is quite simple. Choose one template from the packs, and embed your videos and photos.

You can then move on and enhance your story using the provided colors, background textures, and filters. That way, it will suit your Instagram aesthetic.


If you seek to align your brand as a whole with cohesive content, go for an unfold Instagram story maker app. It has a library of modern and clean templates that gives you the best. It has all you need to make your brand stories stand out.

For every brand you create, you have the best template ever. You are going to enjoy the unfold app crisp, clean frames, and the cute layered polaroid. Since it is easy to use, you will not require any professional designers to create your stories.

The story mode of the unfold app helps you to preview your story. Isn’t that great? You got an opportunity to check how your story will look like on your Instagram before posting.

Do you seek an easy and quick way to make your Instagram story have a better cohesive look? Unfold is going to be your favorite app. Make it your choice app, and it will take your Instagram stories to that next right level you aspire.


You may be seeking an Instagram story maker that adds professional-level animations to your stories. Go for Storyboost. It will offer you seamless transitions and is full of slick.

Would you want to hook your audience in a way that they will not move from your post quickly? Use Storyboost Instagram story maker. It will help you create slides with smooth, lively, and engaging transitions that can last for a few seconds for each post.

Besides, the app has animated text choices than can assist you in bringing your post to life. That makes your brand photos dynamic and extra engaging.

Later to schedule app

Your audience will always be waiting for you to give news about your upcoming brand. That will need you to undertake regular posting. With this app, you can draft your Instagram stories the same way you arrange other social posts within your content calendar.

You don’t have to create new stories every day. It is easy for you to add your texts and photos directly into your stories scheduler. Planning helps you to come up with well though stories. That is why, later, to schedule an app is the best for you.

If you schedule your stories in advance, it will become easy to be consistent in posting. There is power in being consistent. You can always stay at the top mind of the users.

Previewing your Instagram stories is possible with this app. You can check the design of your content even before hitting the post button. That saves you from sharing an off-brand post that may scare your readers.

Getting on board with this Instagram story maker app is not hard. You drag and then drop your content on the storyboard tool. The next step is to re-arrange it. Ensure it fits the order and brings that look you desire.

Next, you can include captions or add links to your scheduled content. It will be copied to your gadget during the right posting time. But you will get an alert on your phone at the exact posting moment.


You will never worry about the size of the video you post if you have this Instagram story maker app. InShot video editor has been designed to enable you to edit videos and photos and make your content perfect.

But before you can use to edit your work, you are required to select canvas. It is essential when it comes to adjusting the size of your Instagram stories.

It is the most useful tool you can use to change your existing video into different aspect ratios. It permits you to crop and resize your content to fit the Instagram stories.

Are you looking for more from this app? It will help you to take your video in the background. After that, you can pick a plain colored background found in the app. That implies your amazing footage won’t go to waste, and you can share it with followers on the Instagram stories.

Mojo Instagram story maker app

If you are looking for a hot trend now, it is in embedding animation to Instagram stories. It is a fantastic way of creating excellent and eye-catching content. You are using the right Instagram story maker if you wanted the one with hundreds of animated templates that suit all kinds of content.

You can customize the templates offer by mojo. Do you want to change color, speed, and title, add effects, or trim your content? All these tasks are done with the mojo app. The app is best suited for creating the most engaging Instagram stories.


Are you seeking to give your followers creative flexibility? You can use the Canva Instagram story maker. It offers you a super simple way to come up with beautiful Instagram stories.

The app helps you to create templates from scratch. You can then go on and customize the layouts, colors, images, and fonts. It gives you many ready-made templates you can pick from. Besides, there are millions of background options you can apply as you customize your content.


Instagram story makers will take your content to a notch higher. Take advantage of the advancing ways of creating engaging content and promote your brand on Instagram. Millions of people are active on Instagram offer you the best chance to get more customers. With Instagram story makers, you will attract them with exciting content.


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