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The Cheapest Ways To Develop Your Instagram Page: What to do in 2024?

Nobody doubts the fact that over time the social media marketing sphere has changed and grown a lot, and today you can...

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Nobody doubts the fact that over time the social media marketing sphere has changed and grown a lot, and today you can find online numerous hacks on what works and what doesn’t work, how much a service should cost, and what results in you can get completely for free. The prices vary, and the methods vary as well, and because of that, anybody can find something that will suit their budget and be very beneficial and efficient.

In this article, we’re going to talk about the cheapest ways to develop your Insta page: what to do in 2022, why the possibility of buying Instagram followers shouldn’t be underestimated, and what else you can do inexpensively or totally for free to boost your profile. 

What is here for you for free?

1. Learn how to use hashtags correctly.

Some people think that it is a good idea to insert up to 30 tags under a post and don’t even suppose that they could do something wrong and yet they don’t see any results from this action. The truth is, you should learn how to use tags first and do it thoughtfully, not just pull together 30 random words and think that you’re done. To form the list of tags correctly, try to think as your potential client or reader would think to find your content what words would they use to describe it? Collect from 5 to 10 words and try to organize them from the widest term to the narrowest one, make them as specific and precise as possible and use them under each publication that you’re making.

2. Use geotags with creativity.

What do we mean here? You see, most people are using geotags as literal locations, to show people where they are right now. However, in some cases, it is not needed, and in some not necessary you might have a location shown in the bio, and in this case, you can use geotags to increase the number of your posts views. How? Well, think of the locations nearby or in your city (or in the capital of your country even) that people use to monitor events, shops, or any other places that might be related to the topic of your page. Use them as your new locations this way you will be able to showcase your content to people who are searching for something similar.

3. Join activity chats.

But only if you have time to be online. There, content creators exchange help and share the links to the posts that they need to get supported. People are leaving likes, comments, views, and subscribing to pages, but only for a favor in return. You can find such chats in WhatsApp and Telegram, but if you won’t be following and liking people back, you will be banned straight away. So use it with precaution and always do everything that chat rules demand from its members.

4. Comment on the posts of bigger bloggers in your or neighboring niches

There you will be able to interact with the people who are potentially interested in the content that you’re making, but remember that you have to be friendly, and open and never try to discredit anything that the blogger says don’t try to get attention like this. You also have to have a very clear and catchy main pic that will be speaking for itself and a username that is also going to give users a very clear understanding of who you are and what you’re doing on the platform.

Okay, what about buying subs?

This is a great service that suits everybody. No matter if you’re a beginner or advanced, you can buy real Instagram followers and solve the problem of not gaining enough subscribers. Turning to help from a third-party service will solve all of your problems and will help with being able to concentrate on more important things, such as generating quality content and interacting with the audience.

However, you have to keep in mind several important points, one of which is you need only real subs on your page. Fakes and bots are going to become a dead weight on the shoulders of your page, and you’re going to run into troubles with the technician team of IG. The algorithms see very clearly when a page has interactions with fake pages, and when there are too many of them, they begin to perceive the page as fake too. It can lead to you being shadow-banned and not having an opportunity to spread the word about your content furthermore. 

But if you purchase real subs, things are great: you’re not only increasing the number of your viewers, but you’re also gaining a chance to attract more people to your page because of having more real interactions and algorithms starting to showcase your posts as recommended way more often. 

Bonus part: this service is cheap, like, really cheap on Instagram App. Even when you buy real subscribers from a very decent website. By the way, if you don’t have time to search for one (and check what quality services they deliver) make sure to use the links that we have given in this text. 

What other paid methods are there? Preferably, inexpensive

You can also apply for PR from bloggers (paid and free one) and targeted ads from IG itself. Both of these options can be cheap and can be expensive, it totally depends on the audience reach that you want to achieve.

In terms of influence PR, we’d recommend you to try and organize free and paid action running at the same time. To get free mutual PR, find and contact people who have approximately the same number of subs as you do and offer them to exchange the audiences by telling about each other on your pages (in stories). 

At the same time, contact a big blogger from your or neighboring niche and buy an ad from them: here you can set the conditions and make adjustments, and also have guarantees that your money is going to work in your favor. An ad from a big blogger will definitely bring you a certain number of interested viewers; it only depends on the audience reach that this blogger has (it should be talked through at the very beginning of your cooperation). 


So, in 2024 there are many free hacks for Instagram pages that the social media marketing sphere offers we have listed the ones that really work above and offer you to use them all at the same time. But you should also realize that it doesn’t stop there: investments into the profile are necessary if you want quick and tangible results. Without it, you won’t be able to move anywhere further than having several hundred subs or you will be, but it is going to take you literally years. Today people aren’t interested in following anyone just because they either need strong motivation and interest or a reward. And this is exactly what third-party promotional services offer.

Combine all of the hacks that we have given you and make sure to check the links from this article: those are going to save you lots of time, money, and nerves. Rely on high-quality services only and always check the reviews from previous buyers; in terms of influence PR always make sure to talk through the conditions of your cooperation at the very beginning.


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