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6 Types of content you need to be creating and why

Never consider content as only one thing. In reality, it’s a whole kingdom. It is the truth that many components combine to...

Types of content

Never consider content as only one thing. In reality, it’s a whole kingdom. It is the truth that many components combine to form one great thing. This kingdom runs with not only one rule but with multiple strategies and content techniques that have been changing continuously with the time. So, you must be knowing the types of content and why content is still the king.

To stand out in online marketing, it is necessary to keep up to date with the latest and best social media trends. Such content techniques are used to get connected with the audience.

When you plan to write content, make sure that you include the following mentioned 6 types of content:

  • Video content
  • Reviews 
  • Blog post
  • Instructive material
  • Listing the Email content
  • Use infographics

Let’s discuss the types of content in detail:


Several businesses are creating reviews as the sole purpose. Reviews can be used for several purposes but depending on the niche of your business

Compare and contrast reviews are two types of reviews, becoming more popular especially in the IT field.

Reviews can lead your business to the next step and make your customer’s satisfied.

Video content

Are you not using video content

No use of video content means you are missing an easy and efficient way to get potential customers. Each industry has its niche and uses video content to explain the services or products, demo videos, etc.

The viewers consider video content an easy way to get instructions. You can also add CTAs in the video content. It builds a trust relationship with your potential clients.

Some channels require an investment that helps to get more leads. No one can doubt this powerful medium.

 Blog post

Do you know the core part of content marketing?

Yes, you’ve guessed right it is “blog post”. It not only allows you to go any direction but also provides you with a chance to perform strong SEO activity.

The types of content

It also helps you to get more visitors through guest articles and engage them to generate the sales of your business.

Listing the Email content

There are several reasons why people find lists in any content. Lists in content make easy the content to read and let the people spot their interesting parts.

Content lists are not only easy to read but also gives a better and tidy look/format to your content.

Instructive CONTENT material

When you do not know the solution to any problem what would you do?

Yeah, you certainly pick your phone and type in search engines like Google to find the right answer.

In a recent analysis, we came to know that people use the internet to find solutions or get instructions. If you post some instructive content then it will help people and build a trust relationship between your business and the customers.

Instructive content is known as one of the best content techniques to become visible in online marketing in 2020. Due to this Digital Marketing is important in 2020.

Never forget to add diagrams and images to instruct the people for example what is the recipe for the Thai soup.

Use infographic

Hey! We are going to explore the use of infographics but wait!!!

Do you know what the infographic is?

It is an image that tells the story of your business/brand. We can say that it is a visual implementation of the ideas/facts.

Types of content

The question is how you can make an infographic look good?

Complementary color and easy to read fonts can enhance the facts of the infographics.

Now, infographics have become so popular because people use it in blogs and on the social media platform to convey the message to the customers. Infographics are one of the basic elements of social media marketing services.

Now it’s your turn to start

Content marketing is recognized as one of the powerful strategies of digital marketing. We’ve discussed 6 types of content that you need because it is a simple way to get visitor’s attention. Always stay updated with the latest content trends that can keep your game on in online marketing.

Written by Robin Khokhar
Robin Khokhar is an SEO specialist who mostly writes on SEO. Thus sharing tips and tricks related to SEO, WordPress, blogging, and digital marketing, and related topics.

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