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How to become a better writer?

Do you want to become a better writer? or do you want to hone your writing skills? Mostly, there are two things...

How to become a better writer?

Do you want to become a better writer? or do you want to hone your writing skills?

Mostly, there are two things that affect me the most while becoming a better writer that is reading and writing. This is the only possible way for you to become better at writing. Write more often will definitely increase your grammar and vocabulary. Moreover, you need to define things in a more descriptive and subtle manner. While reading you should always take care of how most of the writers engage their audience. Most of them make use of catchy headlines to make the readers indulge, most use a descriptive note and some are involved in a more fictional world. All these genres of writing definitely have a creative mind behind them. However, there are some suggestions that will help you to develop your writing skills.

List of suggestions on how to become a better writer?

If you want to get success as a content writer or a book writer or simply a writer, There is a list of things that you can consider doing and that will contribute you to becoming a better content writer.

1. Make a habit of writing daily

When you dream to become a better writer, you should write daily at least one article. This will enhance your vocabulary, writing styles, etc. This healthy writing habit will continue to improve your personal growth and skills. If you don’t have enough time to write, you can just write down points in a small paragraph and scan the content created by you in Grammarly to clear the grammatical errors.

2. Reading everyday

If you are a book lover, then writing will be easier for you. Reading will make you learn about new styles and new prose. The way writers use different styles. The type of content you read has a great influence on the way you write. There are many different types of writing such as fictional, creative, web writing, etc. All those writing styles need strong grammatical knowledge and a great vocabulary.

3. A feedback

Feedback helps the most in case of improving your writing skills. Feedback is a type of response that one gives in response to something. Show your piece of writing to your friend then ask for their loyal feedback about your work. The response you get will help you accomplish your desired result. Be open to criticism which helps a lot in enhancing your writing.

4. Eliminate distractions

Writing work should always be done in a peaceful environment. The environment in which a person feels relaxed and calm to think and write about the new ideas coming into your mind. Eliminating noise and disturbances will help you concentrate more on your work giving you quite a better result. Always keep your phone away while writing because the smartphone is the biggest distraction. You can also move to the mountain area if you are really serious about writing tasks. This will help you to write in a better way.

5. Always review

Don’t ever forget to review your work before you show it to someone. You need to first satisfy yourself with the content you created, then look for another person’s review. Aiming for more clarity you should always go through your writing once to get to know spelling mistakes, unnecessary words, confusing sentences, etc. Most writers hate writing but actually, this is the most critical part of your writing enhancement.

6. Concise

A writer needs to eliminate every unnecessary line that makes your writing quite boring. Instead of writing more, you should always aim for writing better. Using powerful words, and sentences that make your impact on the readers. One short and clear message would be more effective than writing long and confusing statements.

7. Be more conversationalist

Readers love to read those content that fulfills the reader’s demand. They love when the writers are more friendly, and supportive. Writing exactly to the point question is the only thing every reader wants rather than giving speeches about unnecessary things. While reading, readers relate themselves with the characters or whatever the situation is.

8. Start and end part

Be more creative with the introduction and conclusion. They are the most critical part of any writing. You should write like if the readers start reading they can’t quit. Make them more engaged in a conversation by asking questions or any exclamative sentences can help. The more eye-catching topic will help you to increase your reader for your content.

9. Pen down your ideas

You need to pen down your idea anywhere anytime. You might not be writing every time or you are busy with some other work but your mind always pops ideas doing the most unusual thing. In those times you can write ideas and save them before skipping to your mind. This will help you to never lose the greatest ideas your mind has thought. Hence, you can also make bullet points and afterward, you can write those points in detail.

10. Never use complicated words

Sometimes writers write some words which are hard to make an impression on because of having great vocabulary. But, this makes a reader unable to understand properly. Thus, making a reader getting bored. As it is advised to never use such words which are complicated to describe. The writer should always take care of the readers of what they want or what they want to hear. This makes a great impact on the reader and makes them more engaged. If you are thinking of getting into technical writing that is always going to be there.

Final words

To become a better writer you need a skillset and determination regarding your work. Whatever you do make sure you do it by giving your 100%. Always be open to criticism and don’t forget to change that criticism to positive action. This will really benefit you not only as a writer but also in every aspect of your life. Never stop learning life experiences, it can give you the best times to change yourself as a better human being.

Moreover, there’s no doubt writing is a difficult task. One cannot become a better writer in a day or two. It needs a lot of practice. Therefore, firstly analyze yourself that to which level you are at and at which part you need improvement. Further, make a habit of reading and writing in consequence you’ll be able to sharpen your writing skills.


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