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Killer Tips For Writing Better Blog Posts That We Need You To Read By Today.

The thought of writing better blog posts day after day can be frightening to most bloggers whether they are complete novices or...

Writing Better Blog Posts

The thought of writing better blog posts day after day can be frightening to most bloggers whether they are complete novices or are seasoned veterans.

Writing a great blog post is not an easy thing, I can assure you that, it should be precise, concise, and to the point.

We don’t have the time nor the attention span to fully read anything, we usually just skim, yeah that’s what we do. Surprised?

Not really, huh, Okay.

Let’s get right to the point then.

Oh wait, I almost forgot, do you want to know more about the different kinds of blog content styles?

Choosing a great blogging style that suits you can really tip the hat in your favor.

Carry on my lads.

Tips and tricks for writing better blog posts every time

Writing better blog posts is not as easy nor as simple as you might have thought it depends upon a number of factors that range from the beginning to the end.

Over and above, the quality of the content is the crucial part. There are lots of familiar free online Grammar and Spellchecker tools available. Those help you to a greater extent.

And knowing that factors are the key to unlocking the mysteries of writing a great blog post that satisfies the reader.

Therefore, I have put together a few pointers that can help you on your way to the blogging hall of fame and make you a legend.

Here they are.

Be one with the audience

To be a great blogger you have to see everything from the perspective of your readers. You need to know what they want and how they want it.

Knowing these can really help frame your posts to better suit the reader’s appeal than just aiming in the dark.

As an added bonus, this framing approach can greatly increase the chances of your blog posts having being read.

So I recommend that you look to your audiences before you decide on a topic to write on, it can surely make a world of difference in the long run.

The king of the Hour is Title

They say don’t judge a book by its cover but unfortunately, in the blogging world, we do judge them by their cover, and by the cover I meant Title.

The title is what the reader uses to determine what the content is about rather than going through the hassle of reading through and through.

So having a title that accurately reflects what the post is about is as important as the topic on that you are writing out those posts, So take extra care and effort when you are forming a title because it can really make or break a post.

The title should be punchy and attention-grabbing, for example, look at this article’s head title, precise and to the point right?

This kind of effect is what you should be aiming for when creating a title for your article.

Here comes the fabulous…..Introduction

The introduction is everything, if you botch it up there is no chance that your post will see the light of day, it should be captivating, it should arrest the readers’ imagination and it should leave a lasting impression.

If the introduction is dull and boring, then god himself can’t save that post from collapsing in on itself. I, personally hate this kind of article, they make me sleepy, man.

The introduction is your only chance, apart from the title, to really connect with your readers in order to make them read your post with the gusto and care it deserves.

The trick here is to use an introduction that is so awesome and great, that it automatically lure the reader to the content it houses.

The first sentence is crucial because it is what catches the readers eye first, so it should be intriguing, punchy, and emphatic to make the reader be interested in its content,

The bottom line: make the introduction great.

Do not make it messy, please

Filling up your blog post with unnecessary information can be a bad thing in fact; it can literally make your post lose its charm.

Therefore, I recommend that you keep your posts as crisp and clean as possible without compromising on the quality of course.

A lengthy post full of info can be good for your business but it can really scare off a casual reader who is looking for a bite-sized good post to sink his digital teeth’s into,

The key here is to organize the data you have in your posts in such a way that it is clear to the reader as he breezes through it


Writing a great blog post can take some time and even more if you don’t have a solid game plan, so always have a plan in hand before you put the pen to the paper.

A good well-planned blog post outline can steer you forward efficiently in your writing process, in fact, it really helps maximize the writing rhythm.

It also makes all the steps buttery smooth, plus it helps build your focus and develop better blogging habits, that’s not bad for a bit of planning, eh

Many people think that they just need a creative mind to start blogging, but we know that isn’t the case, sure, creativity does help but in order to let the juices flow efficiently, you need a great plan.

Therefore, I urge you to make a guide plan before you churn out those blog posts because ultimately the quality is what counts, and plannings are paramount for it.

Unique topics can grab you the attention

Always go for a unique topic that is intriguing and captivating to the reader, it should pique the imagination of them and the writer himself because, in the end, the writer is a reader too.

Going against the norm is the key, if you too are writing about the same things as others then you might never get noticed and this can be a bad thing if you are into serious blogging.

When you are a writer the “shock factor” is your ally and you have to use as much of it as possible to build your reader’s interest, the same approach can be applied to the topics too.

A good blogger chooses a topic that is current and controversial to grab the attention of its readers but I would advise you to take a passive approach when it comes to such topics.

The writer himself should be interested in the topic that he is writing, if he isn’t, then it will reflect negatively on the article itself and that can be a bad, bad thing.

Do your research, dude

Most people think that we bloggers are kind of like a walking encyclopedia just because we write about everything out there.

I can tell you, that is not the case here,

We usually depend largely on old-fashioned research to know what we need in order to make an article out of it.

As a blogger you have to know how to write authoritatively about a wide array of topics even if they are alien to you, this is where research lends its helping hand.

It is appreciable to do at least basic level keyword research to bring a real audience to your page. There are so many online keyword research tools available that will boost your site traffic.

So whatever the topic that you chose, research the living hell out of it before you take the plunge, it will do you good, in the end, I promise you that.

Always be on the lookout for information from credible and trusted sources such as official websites and government portals, trust me, doing a little proper research can go a long way in the end.

The following sites are great for bloggers who are looking for ideas and inspirations to write on

Pinterest (my favorite)




Add a bit of personality to your posts

Citing your personal thoughts and ideas in a post can really take it up a notch; because it will help the readers connect with it in an intimate and personal way.

You have to admit that nothing holds better attention than a well-told personal story, so a few personal anecdotes here and there can really elevate the post in the eyes of the reader

Beware of using them too much because it can really be counterproductive. You don’t want that right?

If you are into using personal anecdotes in your posts, then I suggest you do it with honesty, never try to mislead the reader because he is like Liam Neeson and he will hunt you for it.

The conclusion is not the END

Finally, you have written a killer post that is awesome in every way, now all that you have to do is give it a proper conclusion,

When you think about it, the conclusion is what gives the post a shape, it gives the post something to anchor itself on to.

So writing a killer post depend upon writing a killer conclusion to go along with it, it’s as simple as that.

Consider the conclusion to be an opportunity to interact and convey your thoughts and ideas to the readers.

So a proper ending is as important as the post itself. keep this in mind when you open the creative cranium next time. Okay?

Final thoughts

I hope the above tips and tricks blend helps you in writing better blog posts every day, I really do, and blogging is an awesome choice if you have the heart and willingness to pursue it. Even updating your blog post on the regular basis will help boost your traffic.

A little bit of talent can’t hurt much either,

God, after elaborating about the conclusion this much I definitely feel the rising pressure on me to end it with a great conclusion that does it justice

Ok, well this is rather humiliating, but I got nothing, nothing at all.

Happy blogging,


Written by Sathish Arumugam
Sathish Arumugam - a professional blogger, web designer, entrepreneur & digital marketer. It's my great privilege to share that I am the founder of this Traffic Crow & SGS Mediasoft. I have been in this blogging field for more than 8 years.

12 Replies to “Killer Tips For Writing Better Blog Posts That We Need You To Read By Today.”

  1. Informative post.
    I would also recommend researching on the kind of visuals you would want to include in your post. Visual elements aid the consumption of information, hence should be included in the research.

  2. Hey Sathish,
    Worth reading it. For writing blog posts that people can’t ignore, you need to be the best in the business, try experimenting and keep changing things as industry is updating day by day. So, considering everything your tips are vital for all those who are learning.

    ~ Donna

  3. Informative post.
    I would also recommend researching on the kind of visuals you would want to include in your post. Visual elements aid the consumption of information, hence should be included in the research.

    1. Thanks for your suggestions. I will make a note. Will do research and add appropriate visual presentations henceforth. Hope this will make the readers to have pleasant reading.

  4. Great post Sathish,
    Content is always the king of internet marketing, but I’m not talking about any type of content here, but high quality, engaging, and interesting content.

    I strongly agreed with all the tips you shared about writing killer content, and I’m sure this article will help a lot of people to master the act.

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks for your compliments and valuable time spent here. Happy to see your confident that this article would be beneficial for the readers for their betterment.

  5. Hi Robin,

    Thanks for accepting and publishing our Guest Post. Hope, this page will be more helpful for your readers. I am glad to help with ideas for writing better blog posts. I would appreciable if any other suggestions from experts and if any clarifications from newbies. Happy to receive!

  6. Hey Robin!

    Great tips man!

    One important part of writing such great blog posts is the intro. This is a recent lesson I’ve learned – and this is what will either make your new visitor read your entire blog post or leave immediately. Your intro has to grab your visitor’s attention very very very well! 😉

    Thank you for sharing these tips!

    Best regards! 😀

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