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Ways to immediately improve SEO ranking of your website.

From year to year, due to the development of technology, new trends and peculiarities in the area of SEO come around. The...

immediately improve SEO ranking

From year to year, due to the development of technology, new trends and peculiarities in the area of SEO come around. The following article is a review of the new world’s tendencies for business owners. Let us see what is necessary to consider in a website promotion this year.

Decades of experience with clients give a clue that web business owners should stay on top of the latest tendencies of the branch. Because if such monitoring is a key for successful work accomplishment for an online agency, then for a customer it is an opportunity to get to the bottom of what and why SEO specialist offers to improve positions of a website, which is to promote.

Technical problem solving of a web resource is preparation for promotion only. The promotion itself consists of a strategy (namely a complex of specific actions, oriented to end of purpose), which considers the main trends. Trends are changed in accordance with technologies appearing in a life of people.

1. A website optimization for mobile devices

«Mobilegeddon» is how developers called an update of one of Google algorithms launched on April 21, 2015. Its peculiarity is about the fact that those websites, which have a version for mobile devices become a priority in results. Since then, the significance of mobile slicing for promotion has risen.

The main reason due to which such changes in Google algorithms is connected with the growth of mobile traffic. As a result, developers took into account the peculiarities of using web resources even on 5-inch screens.

2. Work with clients and a website’s inner optimization

Uniqueness and relevance of content, as before, is the basis of promotion in Google. However, in 2018, due to competition in the area of e-commerce, requirements for content quality will be growing.

It is not enough to optimize texts for keywords today. Each article should be:

  1. Unique. The higher level of an article uniqueness is, the higher its value is for a user and, therefore, for a search engine;
  1. Easy to read. The material is to be human-readable and focused on a targeted audience;
  2. Knowledge-based. Meaning to cover the waterfront, a visitor of the web resource is interested in cover the waterfront.

Special requirements for text quality appeared after an output of the Google Hummingbird algorithm on 26 September 2013. With its help, a robot began to estimate the relevance of content and its correspondence to search queries.

At that time approximately a new method of writing texts became popular, which is called LSI-copywriting and it is the next step in development after SEO copywriting.

It is not enough to rely on a specialist experience anymore when it comes to an understanding of what content should be on a website, how much of it is required, what keywords are to use. Today, text writing is also about a detailed analysis of specific articles results. New (interesting and useful) articles of high quality are written based on such an analysis, based on reliable information, with labor synonym intensive, appropriate key addition, and correctly structured text.

In 2018, LSI-copywriting has become extremely popular. It has to be considered in order to promote one’s website on Google TOP.

Speaking of content, consider one more kind of material, interest for which increases rapidly. It is about a video.

Many web resources already have vlogs using videos as an addition to the textual content of their pages. Back in March 2017, Cisco studies predicted that by the year 2021, video content would make 78 percent of all the traffic on mobile devices.

Apparently, in 2018, the number of video content in the format of reviews, interviews, comments, training videos, webinars will grow.

It is worth noting individually, that back in 2016, Google bought two startups in the sphere of work on recognition and interaction with video — Moodstocks and Eyefluence. So, it seems like we are to expect improvements in search optimization in the nearest future.

However, speaking of future SEO development, it is worth remembering that a website with the content of high quality cannot be competitive in search results without inner optimization. This is why, before using innovative techniques of a client and implementing new marketing strategies, a web resource is, first of all, to be fully optimized.

3. Role of semantics significance in a website promotion

A semantic kernel of high quality, as before, is the most important component of SEO, without which is impossible to imagine further website promotion.

It bears reminding that semantics gathering is the first condition in the process of content optimization. A semantic kernel composed in advance allows developing an effective structure for a website at the stage of projecting. Groups of queries are divided in accordance with the type of pages are they meant for: home page, categories, articles, fly page and so on.

In the following steps, a content is made, which we already were talking about. Expansion in the number of landing pages, even optimized for long-tail queries, will indispensably make it to increasing of their attendance.

Besides the point, it is necessary to pay attention namely to what long-tail key queries, as long as there is less of competition. Phrases, which consist of more than three words are called «long-tail requests». Significantly, that conversion rate is the highest.

4. Impact of behavior factor on promotion

During the few latest years, Google takes into account behavior factors at making a page and a website rating.

A bounce rate is one of the key metrics. This factor speaks of a visitor number, who left a web resource on a login page (meaning visiting one page only).

Of course, the lower bounce rate is, the better rating of a website is.

A website download speed is another factor affecting behavior factors. It is an open secret that visitors leave pages download speed of which is more than 2 seconds.  Optimum speed is 1.5 seconds. Under the conditions of competition between web resources for a user’s attention, this factor remains one of the most important ones.

No wonder that optimization of a web resource downloading speed is still as important for SEO in 2018. There are many options how to solve this issue: you can move to a faster hosting on SSD-storages, decrease an image volume, to remove unnecessary graphics, to work more over scripts, let alone to analyze many other website’s components, which affect productivity.

A web resource credibility hinges on quantity and quality of backlinks. Times, when bulk purchasing from spam resources were dominating in SEO are gone. Google Penguin 4.0. algorithm (the latest updating from 6 October 2016) was designed to follow provenance, leading to every website, excluding the possibility of artificial rate.

Even though promotion with the help of buying links will keep on going, the task of SEO is to select reputable sources, preparation of right anchors and, which is especially important, a phasing-in a link mass.

A few links of high quality are able to make more for a promotion than hundred placed somewhere in free catalogs. It is to be considered while making a budget for buying a link mass, the given expense item is one of the most expensive in SEO.

Why is it risky to promote one’s web resource with the help of backlinks? Because a specialist understands, the existing rules and limitations of the Google Penguin algorithm and a newbie can get his/her website sanctioned. A fast growth of backlinks, same-type «artificial» anchors, unnatural position, and many other peculiarities a web robot can consider as «search spam». At the best, a web resource will be dropped down on the rate, and at the worst, excluded out of the list in search results.

The rate of increase in search results also depends upon a region and business area: if in one instance, it is possible to increase links and to get into TOP 3 during half a year, then in other, it might take the whole year to get into TOP 10.

6. A growing role of local search in 2018

One of the strategies of Google search results development is about a strengthening of local search in 2018. Internet users look for goods and services more often within a place they live in, while tourists use a smartphone as a pocket guide.

Google My Business platform helps to engage clients of a place you live in. A search engine is not simply provided with information on districts but also suggests options on stand-alone locations.

This is why, if your business is focused on a targeted audience in the nearest part of a city, pay attention to local SEO necessarily.

7. Knowledge graph growth in popularity

Beginning from the year 2012, when such an element appearance was announced in Google, a frequency of such blocks with answers appearance in search results keeps on growing.

If before information in this format was provided for websites only, which contain encyclopedic, today the best materials from other reputable sources as answers are suggested more often.

What is the advantage of the knowledge graph and why this trend will keep on remaining on the front burner during 2018? Information about such a block appears in the first line of search results and tells about a source to be reputable and trusted.

In order for a part of the information to get into a knowledge graph, structured markup is to be used on a website, and to prepare an article of a high quality, which for sure corresponds to a search query. Google robot will come to page fragments by itself, information about which will be shown to a targeted audience in the form of a Knowledge Graph.

8. A voice search growth of popularity

Interest in a voice search is connected with the sales growth of Amazon Echo and Google Home smart dynamics. Smart dynamics are devices, which do not produce sound only but are also able to catch voice commands. An opportunity to search for necessary information while listening to music appears with the help of such a device. Accordingly, website optimization for voice search is the next step in SEO development.

Written by Melisa Marzett
Melisa Marzett is a twenty-something blogger and a writer who currently works for Royal Editing - Best Online Paper Editor looking for online resources to get her articles published. She has a strong passion for writing. It is something she wanted to do for a whole life. She resides in Phoenix, Arizona and loves her hometown very much but at the same time, she feels as if being a citizen of the world. She thinks big and is not afraid of challenges.

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  3. Big brands also find it harder to take advantage of ‘domain authority’ in 2018. Its harder for most businesses because low-quality content on parts of a domain can negatively impact the rankings of an entire domain.

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    SEO plays such an important part in bringing in more audience to your site. You have shared excellent suggestions to achieve good seo ranking. Responsive website are so important since more than 50% of the search is from mobile devices.

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