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TeamViewer is a well-known executive pick for Tele guidance for outside solution providers so to get all the members of the team who is located in vivid locations who come together for virtual meetings. It is the eminent key player, TeamViewer, which has its set of limitations, specifically when it comes to image quality and security. But there are tons of other apps and software which can best Alternatives to TeamViewer. Also, TeamViewer is best software which brings people together and makes communication easy

Here we will today discuss the alike programs and why they stand as the TeamViewer substitutes:

1. Mikogo

Best Alternatives to TeamViewer

If it so happens that you have been a regular user of TeamViewer for virtual meeting purposes, then Mikogo is a good option to go with. But the catch is it does not come for free. There is no need of downloading any additional software to start using this application and is accessible directly from any web browser. Can be accessed through iPads, macOS, Android, iPhones, Linux & of course Window devices. The application can permit 25 remote best users to use it simultaneously. An additional feature that allows a user to switch roles which have been authorized by the teleguided administration on all computers.

2. Ammyy Admin

Being the first substitute and one of the best Alternatives to TeamViewer, here we have Ammyy Admin as a mechanism for remotely controlled desktop and remote-based administration. The multi-featured remote-based application is perfectly crafted to cater to large industries. An individual can swiftly administer remote access through servers and networks. It surely takes the lead for the sophisticated working process and the truth that it does not ask for any kind of additional software installation as just a compact-sized file is needed to be installed. As also the security aspects of this application are quite easy to perceive and the application averts from using any kind of complex router settings or firewall.

3. AnyDesk

substitute to TeamViewer

A few founders of the AnyDesk development wing were there when TeamViewer was being designed. The main objective was developing a TeamViewer but a better and more advanced in terms of feature reach attributes. Also, they wanted to design the application in such a way that it supports quicker data transmissions. The remote-based link through the AnyDesk must be quicker and smarter than TeamViewer, and lesser evens of it being frozen while being used. According to the developer who designed this application, there are chances that the frame-rate would be twice what it is in TeamViewer which means that the delay in data would be 1/4th of what it takes in TeamViewer. Also, the developer asserts that AnyDesk is the quickest substitute to TeamViewer and its performance scores are way better than any other substitutes.

4. ThinVNC

The application ThinVNC lets its user to not just share screen but allows a remote feature of controlling desktop along with the basic functionality of file sharing. On the other hand, the application is known for giving a user-friendly interface which is great for the ones who are new to using this application. It comes packed with a sophisticated installation procedure and a quick and easy to get download feature. On the other hand, a user can make use of its remote desktop functionality right from all models of windows OS and does support HTML 5. It also if free from browser plugins. Data transfer is quite easy and quick on the ThinVNC. Theoretically, one will just need a normal PC or handheld device to get started with.

5. Chrome Remote Desktop

Best Alternatives to TeamViewer

This is one of the best Alternatives to TeamViewer because of the remote functionality as there is no need of depending on complicated applications. A faster and simple to use an extension from Google. It can be used right from a desktop web browser and is easy to use when a user already has a Google account, if not one can create an account right away. The application lets the use of remote access computers via the internet and teleguide them. The services can be used across all platforms on any browser which a search engine may support. Additionally, there are particular applications for both iOS and Android devices. So, to let a computer to be remotely accessed and administered one needs to authorize the access.


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6. UltraVNC

This publicly available application is a remarkable substitute to TeamViewer primarily for Windows users. It was distributed and designed in terms of liberal license GPLv2 certification. Also, the application packs a portion from the client and remote PC. It takes into consideration the VPN computing on the grounds of Remote framebuffer decorum. The teleguided links that it has been making use of such elements that permit, amid numerous aspects in a simpler way as also it lets the text messages and numbers authentication techniques which could be useful in data transmission.

7. LogMeIn Pro

Best Alternatives to TeamViewer

The fundamental logic and notion of this affordable remote-based access mechanism are to maximize resource sharing and offer anywhere anytime availability in absence of compromise on security parameters. Using this application, a user will be availing one TB of Cloud space to accumulate related applications, projects, and files in a unified location. On the contrary, it also offers numerous apps for macOS, Windows, mobile OS such as Android, iOS along with a multi-platform web browser app that lets a user have a remote-based connection in the native system online.

8. WebEx Meetings

Best Alternatives to TeamViewer

Back in the year 2007, the telecom organization, Cisco acquired this company. And the company has ever since been a sub-brand and has evolved into a firm that specializes in the development of numerous web-based software proposals for amalgamation in organizations. Along with WebEx meetings, the firm does make a great substitute to TeamViewer which stresses more on web-based conferencing. Similar to all the products that were designed by WebEx this meeting software is exclusively available by the Cisco Cloud WebEx which is based in different centers of data exchange throughout the globe so to offer an optimum availability and bandwidth for every user.


substitute to TeamViewer

The firm LogMeIn is an application that works as the best substitute to TeamViewer, the online tool to include in the list. This great substitute less implementing and organizing web/virtual meetings easy. Hence for this purpose, the application actively gives a user unrestricted or unbarred access to the administrator space where one can without any hindrance manage to hold and schedule all virtual or web-based meetings. So, all the meetings which were conducted in the bygone days are archived in an automated manner hence no need to do it manually. This is a great feature if you wish to recall what happened in the previous or earlier online meetings or keeping a tab on what the users that are invited to the meeting are doing at the moment. In the demo version of this internet app for a user, it is easy to administer regular/ordinary meetings having up to seven to ten participants along with the video data transmissions. The only requirement is that one will have to download the application and enroll for the same. Additionally, it offers various features such as VoIP, video and chat functionalities. does allow screen & data sharing.

10. VNC Connect

substitute to TeamViewer

The VNC Connect is a Cambridge originated application firm that has offered some of the most forceful remote-based applications for the past 15 years. Yet another one to be added in the list where VNC stands as one of the best substitutes to TeamViewer for commercial or personal use. Comprising of a server application for the PC which you want to administer along with a viewer app which is started and installed on an official device. This executive application offers a user with all the features one will ever require to control remotely all other various systems. And they are found on the web with no requirement of a particular router setting or firewall. This is so that a remarkable grade of security could be achieved, as the session are not just protected but they are encrypted with unbreakable passwords.

11. Splashtop

Along with the remote-based apps, Splashtop was initially developed and designed for users to leverage the maximum ease when it comes to having legitimate access to the files, projects, applications – irrespective of the gadget they are using at present moment. The firm also conjoins high relevance to the mobile industry specifically. Relying on what product from Splashtop you pick, there are a whole lot of features to be offered by the company depending on the type of plan you opt to go with. Hence making it basically a free to use app which is anytime a better substitute for TeamViewer. In the demo version, a user will be offered all features which can have at least 5 devices in a native network. although, this variant is exclusively for non-official use. Additionally, remote access is offered through the web is chargeable as in such a scenario along with several client applications for specific devices.

Final words

Choosing between similar applications that have the same features and functionalities can be really difficult. Though TeamViewer is one of the most widely used applications for online meetings, still with some limitations there comes a need to upgrade with a better application choice. So out of the above-mentioned substitutes to TeamViewer, you can go with whichever application that suits your needs.

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