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Google Web Stories Plugin for WordPress

The Google Web Stories Plugin Google introduced a new WordPress plugin to enable publishers to get more traffic across on the Google...

Web stories plugin

The Google Web Stories Plugin

Google introduced a new WordPress plugin to enable publishers to get more traffic across on the Google Web Story format. When both the WordPress theme as well as the Web Story network are all in beta version. A full and latest version of a Web Story plugin for WordPress will be published later in the month, 2020. The new version of its plugin lacks support for the animations and page connection. The final edition would include all the enhancements which will be better than that of the beta version. 

Google Web stories plugin for WordPress

Google Web Stories plugin was designed to be used by mobile phone users who choose to access the content at such a look. Google Web Stories (GWS) is a new version of Acceleration Mobiles Pages (AMP). Google explains the basic information of the customer as being. Google Web Stories (GWS) seems to be free and one of the best open-source software.

Following Features of Google Web Stories WordPress

  • Almost every Web Stories has a specialized URL. Google lists online content in Google News, Google Photos, Search, and google services.
  • All the Web stories allow all the users to implement a variety of animations, the ability to interact with others, and it also has features to add affiliated advertising links.
  • Publishing companies must use audio, video clips, GIFs, text, photos and images, and so on. from their beautiful web stories.
  • every page would have been less than 30 words of textual content to maintain that as well as small and very meaningful.
  • Google Web story that allows all users to include captions on images used in tales.

Benefits of Google web stories plugin 

  • This also helps in enhancing the way to add someone google ads to your stories. This is an updated method of marketing endorsed advertising and goods.
  • Google Web Stories plugin for WordPress that uses the social media technique to effectively create a great and content strategy through a simple drag and drop method.
  • It is seen as a going to revolutionize the latest means of offering information for existing viewers.
  • If you don’t have ideas, it will provide them with pre-built story models for rapid developments.
  • You could also start sharing one’s site stories along with a variety of all other services and social. It means that you plug into a whole new traffic source.
  • Although Google Web Stories is also an enhanced variant of AMP that you and our viewers are ensured of fast loading time.
  • The Web stories plugin created by that same plugin could be simply determined and documented using the base for developing.
Download The Plugin


Users of WordPress will start to experiment with this google plugin to check this feature. one thing that you all Keep in mind Google web Stories plugin has released a beta version and it does not include all functions and features. And it seems to be a high risk that it could contain some bugs. It is important to test that same plugin on any live site.


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  1. Google web stories is a nice addition to WordPress. Creating eye-catching stories with the help of photos, videos or GIFs will add an extra element to market your content or product

  2. Web Stories are becoming popular this plugin will be helpful. Thought it would have been easier if wordpress provided this web stories inside wordpress software itself.

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