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Best Tips for Automating & Innovating Insurance Business

If most businesses, especially the online ones, are growing rapidly, it is because they tend to experiment a lot and use innovative...

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If most businesses, especially the online ones, are growing rapidly, it is because they tend to experiment a lot and use innovative technologies and tools to develop their business. Simply said – these businesses are more likely to take risks. And the complete opposite is insurance businesses that rely on certainty.

First of all, insurance companies don’t trust new innovative ideas and technological solutions that easily – they need to calculate and evaluate everything. And secondly, these kinds of companies might be quite frugal and tend to invest their budget money in different spheres of development, rather than innovation.

But on the other hand, a fact that does not slip through the minds of those who run insurance businesses is that automation and innovation will help save and earn more money. Given all that, companies could invest the money they save from automation – to even more automation and innovation. Today we will share some tips on how to automate and innovate an insurance business.

Tip #1: Use a Specialized Software Service

Looking for insurance software solutions is probably the most efficient and trustworthy way to increase the levels of automation and innovation in your insurance business. As you might have heard, the online business market is currently striving and has never been as successful as it is now. And one of the main reasons for that is a successful automation strategy.

Automation will help you save money on the workforce – you may no longer need such a big team, or you could refocus your employees on doing much more important tasks. For example, developing the business and increasing the customer satisfaction rate.

More it, with the insurance software solution, you will have access to the technical expertise for the insurance industry. This means it will help you expand your current knowledge about the market – you will be much more able to come up with ideas for expanding and developing the business afterward.

Tip #2: Automate Standard Processes

Best Tips for Automating & Innovating Insurance Business

If using a software solution is not something you would like to invest in or you just simply want to understand the ins and outs of your insurance business better, you should start with the automation of basic, standard processes in your company.

Take an insightful look into the basic procedures of your business – it won’t be long until you notice there are at least a few processes that are just one step away for being automated. It should be simple, uncomplicated tasks that are usually performed manually but, if automated, would consume less time to accomplish.

If you need an example of such a simple task that could become your target for the start of innovating and automating your insurance business, a perfect one would be invoice automation. Instead of having a separate person to create invoices, you can easily automate this process.

Tip #3: Have Added Value

Best Tips for Automating & Innovating Insurance Business

If you had a deeper look into the inner processes of your insurance business, you would notice that customer service eats up quite a lot of time. So to avoid that, you can automate different parts of customer service. First of all, you need to have proper user documentation on your website.

This way, your website visitors will be able to find needed information by themselves without bothering your employees that have to answer the same questions over and over again. Also, make sure that the user documentation is easy to locate on the website. If some visitors don’t manage to find it, it still saves a lot of time for customer service – because they can simply send a link to a specific page of user documentation.

Another way to create added value and save time is to use chatbots for customer service – both on your social media business pages and your website. If s customer really needs a live consultation – he won’t hesitate to call you. And automating customer service will make it possible for website visitors to receive faster solutions for their questions and problems.

Tip #4: Innovate & Automate Decision Making

Best Tips for Automating & Innovating Insurance Business

With all of the new technologies and tools that we have today, we can easily automate such processes like claims processing, underwriting, and fraud detection. This would save a lot of time and trouble for the business. 

Also, it would give the ability for your team to receive filtered requests from potential customers and devote more time to quality relationship building between the company and the customer.


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Written by Robin Khokhar
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